GroupManager, PermissionEx, Ultra Permissions, or LuckPerms?


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Jan 1, 2001
tldr; LuckPerms

History, when we started the Minecraft server in 2011 we knew all the players, we gave everybody operator access and nobody was toxic, griefing, or whatever. Over the years as those friends played less, and newer people joined the server we would run into the question: How can we organize some groups, or grant or take away certain permissions.

We had one or two worlds. We had basically two groups. And we just wanted to make sure grief was not really a thing.

Not every plugin manager was around back then, and we've tried quite a few. And for our setup: We honestly didn't need much. They were a hit on performance, or bulky, too feature rich for our taste, etc. Or they had constant issues whenever they updated, causing other plugins to stop working.

The one that seemed to work from server to server, from setup to setup, from Minecraft version to version, was LuckPerms and GroupManager. But LuckPerms was still too much for what we needed, and GroupManager simply did the job.

We decided to stick with GroupManager up until version 1.15 of Minecraft.

In the last decade we've spent time keeping an eye on popular ones like pex (permissionex) and ultraperms (ultra permissions). But we noticed the same issues others have with it. And GroupManager would still do the same, and well enough. And when plugins update, GroupManager would keep working.

But in the last decade we also had more servers, a whole network, and a huge variety of desires. And Minecraft went from 'that old 1.8 feeling' to a more modern version. And GroupManager just doesn't cut it anymore for us in the last couple years. In the last 12 months we've moved to LuckPerms.

It has all the features from all those other plugins, but without their headaches. It is GroupManager, but it is kept active, properly developed, and can work much more smoothly with 1.15 and 1.16 of Minecraft. It has per world permissions, and dealing with groups is a lot easier. Just to name a few things.

I've spent quite a bit of time in the last 12 months to convert all the servers away from GroupManager. I've taken a good hard look if perhaps pex or ultraperms, or something else would be the answer: They're not. I've come to the same conclusion as everybody else that LuckPerms is basically the industry standard at this point.

We say goodbye to GroupManager, and after checking pex/ultraperms quite a few times we've added it to our network.policy page to not do that anymore.

If you wish to stay current, I personally do recommend LuckPerms as a permission manager for your java Minecraft server. If you are on another solution it's perhaps time to also switch and improve your community. It really has helped me at least.

I do miss the old days a lot, where everybody had full perms on the server, and you could just trust the other person.

Anyway, that's my little bit of history about us dealing with groups and their permissions, and I am glad that we've moved to LP completely now.

Let me know what you prefer, and feel free to share your story!