Have you checked what Facebook has on you?


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May 29, 2021
There is an option somewhere on Facebook that allows you to download all of your content, as well as every like, follow, comment, message etc. They have it all saved on their servers. You can request this info be sent to you, but they still have this content. Do you feel comfortable about that?

It's why I suggest people not put personal photos on their facebook as often. I especially tell them not to share pictures of their children, because technically those photos get saved onto Facebooks servers, and to my knowledge, will have it for as long as they're around. But, I could be wrong. Correct me if so.


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Jan 1, 2001
Yes, I go to facebook accounts and export my gdpr compliant data thingy to see what's in store on their system that they decide they want to share with me, i am confident it's not the whole profile (those fuckers).