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Hide some worlds in chat


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Aug 5, 2019
Some world should never have their secrets revealed to the public for safety reasons... Oops thats not quite right.

What I propose is that some world's that you can't enter (under most circumstances, anyway) should be hidden in chat, possibly with &k to obscure it's true name.
This would need many considerations for the edge cases, like how colour + formatting codes interact with discord, and the Minecraft client (it is shown In Plaintext in latest.log afaik). There is also the issue of automatically setting the world format (does it go off of permission? What if you want users to be able to see the name of an upcoming world, maybe as a sneak peak? And more.)


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Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
I've not found a way to do this with CMI Chat manager. if you know of a way feel free to let me know. And yes, even if we have a chat filter in game or world chat in game, in discord it will still all show.