Introducting to Voting for 1MB.

On this website you can learn what voting means, how to do it, where to do it, and what rewards you get in exchange for your support.

Basically, it's explained on the forums.

What does voting mean?

Word of mouth is important in the gaming community. Inviting your friends is one thing, showing support for a server is another. Through voting you are spreading word of mouth about the server. You show others that you enjoy playing here. Hopefully this helps others find the server with an awesome community that they're looking for.

The Internet has many Minecraft sites with hundreds of server listings, and we're using a bunch of them. However, only on six of them you can vote as a player.

How can someone vote?

This is basically how voting works. You find the six servers where we're listed. They are websites, with a sub page where you can enter your minecraft username. Never give them your password! There usually is a captcha you have to fill out to show that you're human (and not a bot).

Voting is allowed once per day. The website itself tries to keep track of it, but our Minecraft server also tries to keep track. A successful vote will get counted, it will go through, and you get notified that it worked.

Best practice: Go into the game, go to your home in the /general world. And make enough space in your inventory. Then go to the first website, enter your in-game Minecraft name, fill out the captcha, and submit the form. It will inform you on the website if it worked or not. And in-game you will get notified if things went well.

While it's possible to vote while you're not in-game, it's not recommended. If your inventory is full, any vote-items might drop on the floor and could potential get picked up by others, or potentially despawn. Voting while being in the wrong world can have unexpected side-effects as well.

Where to vote?

In-game: Go to /general, be in a safe spot, and you can vote properly.

Websites: Go to the page marked SERVERS, or type in-game: /vote (or /votelink, or /votelist)

Rewards for voting?

Yes, as a thank you for showing support for the server, we give you some fun stuff, check the page marked REWARDS to find out what you will get. It ranges from in-game exp/money to some unique tokens.

I have like 64 emeralds, can I exchange these...

Yes, but .. most likely, no, Tier 3 is not unlocked until you complete tier 2 completely. And Tier 2 isn't unlocked until you complete Tier 1 completely. Check the TIERS page for details. Also, regular emeralds can't be exchanged, they have to be special vote-tokens.

The short answer is yes: If you have enough vote tokens of a certain kind, you can exchange them for the available tier item unlocked for Your account.

How do I get vote-tokens if I don't want to vote?

Everybody in-game is allowed to use /trade, or /market to exchange/sell the special vote-tokens with other players. From time to time we also include a token in loot boxes from events, or as a prize from a temporary mini-game. Always keep an eye on the /market, or just ask in-game if anybody has a certain vote-token they want to share/gift/sell. Note that I have seen a single vote-token be sold on /market for up to 45,000 /money

I have more questions!

You can contact us in-game, on discord, or on the forums