iOS 15.7 and 16 includes security updates


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Jan 1, 2001
Apple has released iOS 16 finally, you can safely update, just make sure you go to system preferences and backup to iCloud first of course.
If you can't get 16, it will (especially on iPads and old phones) display 15.7.
If 16 is available, it might still show 15.7, scroll down, it might say "also available to you.. 16", click that and then upgrade.
For the macOS there's no security update for Catalina apparently, so let's hope the issue is Monterey only, and version 12.6 should be available for it.

Will 16 comes out for the iPadOS? Yes. Either 16.0 or 16.1, I've heard some news it might skip to .1

Will macOS go to version 13 this fall? Yes, Ventura will be out this fall season 2022.
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