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Journal, Sunday Productshoot

Discussion in 'Design Den' started by Floris, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    After a late night (for me anyways), and spending some time on some other projects, it was time to follow up on my niece's request to meet up at my parents for lunch and to take a look at her new gear.

    Once I arrived, and surprised everybody with some chicken sandwiches, we had a chat and came to the conclusion that there's no time to waste and we should just do a spontaneous product shoot of her new gear.

    It was quite a grey day, drizzle and clouds, and the light wasn't perfect. But using a white backdrop and some test shots, we got to the point where we had taken a few good ones. And with what? Well, that's actually the fun part if you ask me. Her expensive new camera was the product, and my iPhone was the camera that took the pictures. That sounds a little backwards. But this is part of the fun and why we do this.

    Since it was spontaneous, we didn't have any ideas about how to shoot the gear, nor did we have any accessories lying around to bounce light or avoid a couple of obvious newbie photography mistakes. But it was the experience, it was spontaneous, and we had fun doing it. And I just kept saying: "Don't worry, we can fix that in post", hehe.

    Her new camera is a marvel of engineering if you ask me. The variety of lenses are dynamic and high quality. And sure, this is not a phase 1, but you get just as amazing pictures out of it if you know your gear. She does. But anyway, this is not a toy camera, it's quite expensive, and great for video. Fun fact, it's a firmware update away from 6K recording. Which means in great lighting a big canvas where post-processing the clips gives us amazing after-effects freedom.

    Back on topic, I took the pictures, she helped with the hardware and placement, and all that stuff. It's kinda silly how we switch those roles, and learn from each other, while helping each other - it's different each time we work on something together. Great practice for when we do this on a much more professional level. And that's the trick isn't it? Just shoot, .. just go out and take pictures. Wether it's using a product with your iPhone, or a movie with an expensive Panasonic, a timelapse with your iPad, or some crazy snapchat story with a group of people. Variety brings experience, experience brings expertise. Ok, maybe she is, I am still a noob.

    Shots done, HDR + Original, no live photo, forced focus, and fixed exposure. Some tricks of focus first, track later, and screwing up depth of field, etc. Just to get certain looks. And then it's time for me to get into Photoshop and Affinity Photo and take the pictures to the next level.

    Basic fixes like exposure, white balance, some healing, cropping and horizon alignment, etc. And then on a per photo basis figuring out what to do with it. From throwing it out, to keeping it and re-touching it for Instagram, or keeping it private and use it later for a website.

    With this camera in our bag, the next product shoot which will have a script, some help, accessories, and multiple angles, .. we will be a big more prepared.

    Hey, any pictures to show yet? Nope.. sorry, I can only give you a sneak preview right now. This is a little journal post, not the published end result.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 18.04.20.png
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