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Minecraft Rules

Discussion in 'MineCraft' started by Floris, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    We run a public server, as a service. Joining it means you agree to our terms of services, our rules, and they include, but aren't limited to:

    Keep it family-friendly. We allow people of all ages to join and enjoy Minecraft.

    We have no problem with certain mods, or clients. As long as they do not give you an unfair advantage over regular gameplay, to cheat, or to exploit, spam, or bot-flood, etc.
    An example: Optifine: OKAY, some cheat mod: NOT OKAY

    No cursing/swearing, racism, bickering, or continuing a conversation when the staff asked to drop it.

    In the game you can type: /rules,
    which should display something like this:

    ---- Rules -- Page 1/1 ----
    [1] Be respectful
    [2] Be ethical
    [3] Use common sense
    [4] This is a family friendly server:
    [5] No swearing, no bypassing filter
    [6] No stealing, or griefing

    But this extends to a lot of common-sense things, like command flooding, spamming commands or messages, misbehaving just because you're having a bad day. Picking a fight or jumping on someone just because you disagree with them and causing a general negative mood in the chat.

    We run this place to escape our real life, building and exploring a virtual life. We allow people of all ages, so being respectful and mindful of others is something you just have to do.

    if things go wrong for you, and you lose a big mob-fight and keep falling - don't rage and ruin gameplay for others, talk to a staff perhaps, maybe we can help.

    If you want to know if you can or cannot do something, just ask! For example:

    I have to go get dinner, can I idle in the game for a few hours?
    Sure! We don't mind that you idle. We don't actually kick you for being idle.

    We have players from all around the world, therefore we require everybody to speak English in the global chat.

    Can I use the iOS app MineChat to join the server and chat to my friends?
    Yep, that particular app is allowed.

    I have a family, we are a group of five that join from the same IP, is this ok?
    Yeah, I guess. As long as you own the account, and you're not cloning, you can connect a couple of times from the same IP.

     *  Thanks for joining our family-friendly community.
     *  The 1MB server is a community with players of
     *  all ages from all around the world. &o"Hi!"
     *  Please keep it clean, and be nice to eachother.
     *  Play fair, this includes no misbehaving or cheating.
     *  Please read, understand, and agree to our rules.
     *  You can click on this link for detailed info:
     *  https://omgboards.com/threads/260946/
     *  Or click on &2>next> below for a quick summery.
     * If you disagree to our rules, please disconnect.
     1.  No Griefing or stealing of any type allowed.
     2.  No Spamming/flooding with text or accounts.
     3.  No Excessive shouting in caps, please.
     4.  No Swearing, bullying, trolling, or flaming.
     5.  No Racism or sexist remarks and such either.
     6.  English only in the global chat, please.
     7.  No begging for OP, Ranks, or Items.
     8.  No Advertising or other-server discussions.
     9.  No Banned Blocks/Items, or duping allowed.
    10.  Fair-play; No game exploiting or cheating (this includes abusing bugs/glitches in the game!)
    11.  Respect all Players, including Staff.
    12.  Listen to the Staff, their word is final.
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
  2. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    The above rules are updated on the 31st of December 2019, and are into effect immediately.

    Note that due to typos, improvements, updates, etc. that we at any time might update the rules without notice. Each time you connect to the server, you automatically agree to these rules (if you wish to not do so, please disconnect)
  3. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Using Game Bugs / Exploits / Mods / Fair-play / Unfair-advantages

    We had a couple of questions in the last few months about glitching and game-bugs, and such. I hope this answers those questions, this is not a new rules, this is a clarification on years long existing rules.

    Are macros allowed? No. Automated things such as macros or combat mods give an unfair advantage; ergo: not allowed.

    If there's a bug in the game, or a glitch, and a player could 'exploit' this to their benefit, such as jumping further or higher with imaginary blocks to get a boost: This is an unfair-advantage; ergo: not allowed.

    Another example: Players cannot break bedrock, this is the intended game behavior. Using a bug or exploit to break bedrock such as piston-explosion: This is not the intended behavior and gives an unfair-advantage; ergo: not allowed.

    If we give someone the access to /tpa and /j to teleport to other players, and/or jump further: This is an intended feature/perk that we provide; argo: it is allowed.

    Using anything such as ender-pearls to slide into impossible places that were by vanilla not intended to be used as such; we consider this a game-bug; ergo: not allowed.

    Anti-afking by using mechanics to trick the system into believing you are actually playing: Is abusing the game engine's intended behavior to get an unfair advantage (or at the least, you're abusing a bug to trick the system into thinking you are not actually afk), ergo: not allowed.

    AFK-ing on our server IS allowed. If you are AFK for a while to help crops grow: This IS allowed.

    If you are AFK-ing to grind mobs using automated scripts, or combat mods, or 'pretending to be there while you're actually not, and your game character is still hitting things, or fishing things', that's unfair against those who are actually there; ergo: not allowed.

    From June 2019 onwards we consider afk-fishing to be an automated behavior, and auto-fishing is not allowed. Please note that we start checking for afk-fishing/aut-fishing, and will request you to stop.

    If an action is uncertain to be allowed or not, feel free to ask - before - you do anything. We are free to give a response and try to explain. Sometimes you will have to do with: No sorry, we do not permit this. And that means once we've told you and you continue, that we consider that 'breaking the rules on purpose', which: is not allowed.

    We are a fair-play server, bending the rules to get benefits you would otherwise not have, we rule in our favour and for the overall benefit of the community: and won't allow it.

    Doing anything to cause harm to the server, such as general TPS to drop, lag machines, tnt bombs, command flooding, or 'trying out new youtube videos showing tricks to crash the server', and other "obvious dumb things not to do" is simply not allowed.

    Sometimes, we will sanction the account with a warning, marking it as an infraction. Sometimes we double the infractions. Sometimes our automated systems append infractions until you stop (for a long long time). Sometimes we skip the infraction system and go straight to a temp (but usually) perm ban.

    To play fair, we simply ask in return of providing this server/service where you can have fun, a bit of basic respect to respect our team, players, community and set of rules.

    I run my own server(s) because I want to play with nice people who I could consider friends, who can bring their friends, childs, elders, to a safe-place where they are free from a toxic gaming community. This includes no swearing, family friendly content, advertising, invites, spamming, and no cheating, server ruining actions, and a bunch of friendly smiles and help.

    We provide resources, help, those friendly smiles, and extras such as events, op items, survival supporting and building supporting features, fun RPG and mini-games where possible, in one or more worlds. We cannot achieve that if we have to spend time on players who cannot play fair.

    Please apply some common sense and if this isn't what you want, please try a server that supports cheating and toxic communities and doesn't mind where players break the game to get unfair advantages: it's just not who we are, it's not why I run my server(s).

    Everybody is welcome, and welcome to learn from their mistakes. But we're not going to accept disrespect towards the community, including it's set of basic and easy to understand rules.
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  4. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Advertising / Mentioning Servers / Streaming

    We've received a few questions regarding discussing, mentioning, promoting, linking to streams, etc. of other servers. This June 1st 2019 update is to clarify and/or change a few points. This is included the following examples, but not limited to. We still assume people can understand we're trying to grow our servers, and that mentioning other servers (in)directly can have the opposite effect.

    - Mention you also play on other servers: allowed
    Example: "I only play on a few other servers.", or: "Played pvp elsewhere for a while, back to building on 1MB!"

    - Mention you're off to go play other games or on another server: allowed.
    Example (allowed): "Time to go, back later, going to play some PvP", or: "Ok, off to play league of legends".

    - Mention other servers by name will become completely not allowed to avoid confusion.
    Example (not allowed): "Leaving this server to play on Notch's server", or "I used to play on Hypixel, I have a high rank there".

    - Streaming other servers: obviously allowed; everybody's free to play and stream where they want
    Example (allowed): 'You go and leave our server, stream another server, and don't advertise it on our mc or discord servers`

    - Sharing your twitch/youtube/stream channel/url when it's got nothing to do with 1MB: not allowed.
    Example (not allowed): "Hey everybody, I am live streaming some Minecraft! (streams another server and not 1MB)' or, "Look at this guy playing on that one server".

    - Mention you're off to live-stream: allowed.
    Example (allowed): "Back later, gonna stream to youtube for a bit"

    - Mention you're off to live-stream playing on another server: not allowed.
    Example (not allowed): "Going to live-stream on twitch playing on Notch' server"

    - Mention you've uploaded a new youtube video of you playing on another server: not allowed.
    Example (not allowed): "Check out my new video (turns out it's got nothing to do with 1MB)"

    We do not want to entice people to go follow someone through our services to another server while we try to grow our own. This goes for both players, regulars, team and staff members.

    If in situations in the past this was permitted, moving forward June 1st 2019 we will not and point this out to players a bit more quicker.

    Thank you for understanding, if you still have questions please feel free to let us know.
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    Last edited: Jun 2, 2019
  5. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Taking from Chests / Stealing / Sharing / Duping Items

    Moving forward June 2nd, 2019 we will enforce the following changes to our rules. And are looking forward to constructive feedback from our community to further tweak these rules in case that's desired.

    Hoppers, shulker boxes, chests, furnaces, etc. are all considered 'containers', taking from them without permission is not allowed.

    By default when a player puts down a container it is automatically locked into their name.

    A player can right click to open these and this is done with the intention to prevent access to it's content by others, in any means. We have the general rule that taking from others one way or another without their permission is stealing/griefing, and we do (perm) ban for this.

    Private chests:

    If a chest is clearly intended to be private, then taking from it is considered stealing. This is regardless of a container has a lock or not. Players who wants a private-and-locked container are strongly encouraged to use the following commands to guarantee it's locked into their name:

    /cinfo (and hit the container) (this will show you who owns it, and as owner you can see who has access to it)
    /lock (and hit the container) (this will attempt to put a lock on the chest)
    /unlock (and hit the container) (this will attempt to remove any set lock (including access of others) from the chest)
    /cmodify <player> (and hit the container) (this will attempt to grant access to this particular container for that particular player)

    Private chests (or furnace, or ..) (even when sometimes unlocked) examples:
    - A chest with a lock on it: You cannot open it, do not abuse mechanics to try and get items out.

    - A storage room where most chests are locked, except one or more.
    In this case ^, assume user-error and that their intention was to have a locked chest. It's inside their build, inside their storage space, do not assume their intention was to leave it unlocked. Instead of getting sanctioned for taking items, report the open chest to a team member and the player.

    - A public chest with a sign on it along the lines of "do not take!" is considered private. Taking from an unlocked chest like this is still considered stealing. Instead, report it to a team member and the player.

    - Using any mechanical method to take items out of the containers of others is a bannable offense, including (but not limited to) using carts, hoppers, bugs/exploits in the game or a plugin.

    More private item examples:

    Paintings, armor stands, items on armor stands, item frames, items in item frames, items flowing through water in sorters, droppers and dispensers spitting something out to move it to another mechanic like a hopper.. ALL these sorts of situations where it's really hard for the server and the player to properly protect their items: It is considered private.

    Do not take from armor stands, from item frames, from hoppers, break dragon eggs, take items moving through water systems, etc. It's clearly there as part of a build, sorter, decoration, etc. It's therefor not your stuff: So don't take it! Seems pretty simple to me.

    Public chests examples:

    - Randomly placed open chests in a server-build-area such as the global /warp shops, these are share/trash chests, they're left open on purpose for decoration reasons and with the intention that people sometimes wish to leave some items behind for others to pick up. We do not consider this stealing.

    - A chest at a public grinder with a sign on it that says: "free stuff" or "public, you can take stuff", these are left there on purpose for those who use the grinders and others are free to take from it. Rule of thumb here is: If you're using it and someone teleports, empties it and leaves, then the items were basically yours and it isn't nice of them to take your work. However, it's not a bannable offense. So be mindful and avoid disputes: Take the items more frequently.

    - A chest in the wild somewhere such as NPC villages or Desert Temples, Jungle Temples, etc. The obvious places.

    NOTE: I say chest in the examples, but the same goes for hoppers, droppers, minecarts with chests in them, donkey with a chest.

    More about public containers:

    If you find a public container: Ask a team member for their opinion! It's that simple. You prevent yourself a ban, and you get team-permission to take. The team member is then NOT permitted to take the items, they came for a review as a team member, the items in the public chest you found are then all yours if they give you the okay.

    Duping items.

    I wanted to specifically point out that duping items under zero circumstances is allowed. If you accidentally run into a duped item in your inventory avoid a ban by contacting a team member. Reporting a bug in the game that you accidentally run into usually leads to a thank you and a reward, going out of your way to try them will lead to at least a hard to appeal ban.

    Final note:

    As always, I understand this all sounds like a lot of information and maybe "be careful or we ban!", but this thread is merely to give a couple of examples of an existing rule, with a bit of clarification. We've received some requests for information.

    Anyway: If you go to someone's build, you do not break through a roof or wall to get in, if the door is locked. You don't try out all their chests or take from item frames, etc. It's clearly their build, so it's all their stuff. Taking anything from someone's build is simply stealing. If they have a chest "free stuff, go take it", then it's fine to take from that chest. To me, this is basic common sense. It's disrespectful to the server, and to the player who worked hard on their build area; You'd be ruining their fun.

    You didn't make it? Don't take it.
    You didn't place it? Don't break it.

    Not sure? Ask a team member for clarification.

    Oh, and the same could be said for animals in someone's build area. Ask for permission first before you breed, take, kill them. They might just be there for decoration. They might have a custom name or be a personal pet. As you can see, this rule of "if it is not yours, maybe don't do stuff with it" extends to quite a few different situations; apply it with some common sense to your gameplay.
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