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More RAM is better? Let's discuss!

Discussion in 'Tech Talk & Web Things' started by CrayCray, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. CrayCray

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    There are enough other components that could be the cause. If something is slow, it means there is a bottleneck and that's what you have to find.

    You can put 64gb of ram in your computer and find hardly any improvement if it turns out to be your hard drive that's dying and it could have been a much cheaper upgrade than 64gb of ram.


    If you are on an older system and still have 2 or 4 gb of memory, it's time to get into 2017 and upgrade to at least 8gb. Get 16gb if you can!

    8gb might be enough for most, especially if you have an SSD drive. But if you got a cheaper system with 8gb of ram and an HDD drive, perhaps consider upgrading to ssd or upgrading to 16gb of memory.


    Find out what your bottleneck is. What is actually going slow, what's causing it, how can we fix it.

    upgrade-pc-ram-2.jpg 1200px-Memory_module_DDRAM_20-03-2006.jpg
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