Most common question people ask to an astrologer? What will you ask if you meet one?


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May 30, 2021
Well i am a palmist and i know little bit about astrology too. Mostly people ask about success of their love story from me. But if i meet astrologers i ask about my health , offcorse kids and wealth too.


Just a little crazy!!
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Mar 30, 2009
Why? LOL So much crap in my life....just why?
Also the usual, love life and health. These are important too.
I've grown up being surrounded by the occult so to speak so it's normal for me. My Mum was a top psychic and psychic to a few stars/famous people in her time.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
It's a tricky topic, because I have become less of a 'believer' and more of a scientific-approach person. However, .. and it won't fit in this post to put it all in context. It's certainly interesting when we hear that there's not really gravity but that we have this force happening. How can things then not have an influence on us. When the moon causes the tidal waves because how it pulls and relaxes. Or how solar flares from 151.88 million km away from us have impact on us. Why wouldn't "power" or "forces" from other situations not have an impact somehow? Why would I rule it out?

If I could ask them to explain things better to me, as to how what I do as a person is a result from what happens in the universes we're in .. it might just explain to me more of who I am 'for real'. But in a way I also don't want to know.

I am not making sense, sorry, but it makes sense to me.