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Need motivation to write? Here are some quick ways to get started again

Discussion in 'Awesome Media' started by Floris, May 10, 2017.

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    How to get motivated and stay motivated to write is a topic that comes up often with writers. For those who are looking for an effortless motivation boost, implementing these quick and easy tips may help. If you try the basic stuff, you'll find it works.

    Find something exciting – If it's an uninspiring and boring chapter you must write that is unnerving you, don't write it. You may never need to put this chapter in your story, and it may be better without it. You can always find ways of making a scene more interesting and exciting. Move it to a more interesting place or bring in an extra character who stirs up everything. This could mean beginning with a discussion, escalating it to an argument and then into a fight.

    Write half the time – If your writing hour is after a difficult day of work, this may seem quite daunting. Half an hour of writing may be a better way; even 15 minutes is better than nothing. Give yourself half an hour off even if you have plenty of writing time. This will help you ease into your writing and be enthusiastic about it. You may become inspired and end up writing for far longer than you imagined.

    Reward Yourself – Set up rewards for completing a specific number of words or length of time. Treat yourself for an extra boost. You may want a long relaxing bath, dinner out, a peaceful walk, a new book, coffee, wine, or chocolate. Whatever works! For the greatest benefits, try all the above or try at least one and see how it works.
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