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Organizing my tv

Discussion in 'On the Screen' started by Floris, May 5, 2017.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    I found a few more hard drives with my backups of tv series, and I have been spending a few good hours tonight just going through them. Throwing out what I do not want to watch again. And putting episodes into a folder and tagging it as a cancelled show or if I have seen the episodes etc.

    Maybe I will go find all my dvd's and see if I have everything on my system, it's just so much easier to run things straight from your hard drives than some slow dvd player with trailers and menus and what not. VLC as a media player and Plex to stream it to any device that doesn't have a dvd player in it (hello iPad), it is all so handy.

    Stuff that I have watched on Netflix or can still watch on Netflix, I have thrown that out. I will go watch that in better quality than the dvd on netflix, and then I will just cancel my Netflix.

    Sometimes I wish I had a huge archive of /media/ on the network with all my stuff from the first day I watched tv online to today. Never throwing anything out. But backing up my dvds and all that stuff takes so much time, and space. And I just don't think if I pay for a movie in the cinema or the dvd, that I want to pay for stuff again by getting another hard drive, or another copy on another disk, etc. But for feeling that things are complete, it wouldn't be a bad thing to know it's there, always. But it's not, I just have to live with that (stupid copyright rules, etc).

    Anyway, 1TB drive is full, it has a few gigs free space. They are cancelled tv series. The other drive is full of stuff I still want to watch one more time. At least it's not spread over a few drives anymore.

    I have at least another drive to put a time-machine backup on.
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