Security Reminder ~ time to cycle your passwords :)


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Jan 1, 2001
log4j and other issues from 2021 have us all running in circles, haha. But what you can do is keep current on your apps and resources, programs and services. And of course: reset those passwords.

New year! If you go to facebook later, just go ahead and review your account security settings, questions, turn 2fa on if it isn't yet, and reset your password.

Using your email tomorrow, no biggie, go to the account manager and review the account, security questions, settings, turn 2fa on if it isn't yet and reset your pass ..

If anything from 2021 or earlier leaks out, you know you've changed your most used stuff.

And throughout the year you can slowly update your entries in your password manager.

Yes, use a password manager, please. If you can remember it, a computer can brute force it before you change it again. Stop being fucking lazy people.

Alright, and if you change something it's easy to remember if you did because password managers also track when you last edited or changed something. But you can for convenience also change the title of your account entry in the manager to (2022) .. And then in a few years you can easily think : this still says 2022, i haven't changed in in a few years, time to do that now.

It's a few extra minutes, and sure, you get inconvenience: But what's worse, a minute of your time each day throughout the year, or all your data public later and nothing you can do about it? Exactly.

Best of luck staying safe! Because people are aholes and they don't care about your feelings when they act malicious.