Software to identify unique duplicate pictures?


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Jan 1, 2001
Hey everybody :)

I have a few directories with old archives, they have been an accumulation of backups of backups that were not complete, and some broken drives that were restored, etc. But over the years it's finally been completed. However, to guarantee that a higher resolution original version didn't get overwritten by a compressed alternative with the same name, or for example, year-2001 file 001.jpg with year-2015 file 001.jpg etc.. we've forced the files to be 001.jpg and 001-2.jpg etc..

So what I am looking for are programs for the Apple macOS (I am on High Sierra right now) that I can use that checks the current directory and reports that it found a picture that's in there apparently 3 more times, and the pixels, the names, the dates of creations etc are all indicators that they are "uniquely the same", but just a difference in filename or maybe picture size..

This so I can open the pictures and review them, and decide on which ones to keep.

I could manually do this, but because the data set is so large, it's unrealistic. There are thumbnails, instagram versions, bigger versions, originals, copies that were sent to web designers, or companies, and their responses, etc. But at the end of the day: they get reported back as the same.

Since these are mainly from restored data and backups etc, they've been dumped in a single directory and I would love to help organise them a little bit better.

Any app suggestions?