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Some words about the novel Coronavirus

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Floris, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Floris

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    "Strange and scary times, huh?", and "How are you doing, you okay?"

    These are the daily phrases from the last few months as this has turned into a global pandemic, and they are not fun. People worry about themselves and others around them, well, most do.

    And yes, you shouldn't ignore it, and you should take precautions to properly help slow down the spread, etc. But please don't forget that with changes and learning about a new situation, our brain does a lot of the worrying for us. Our thoughts make things seem a bit more frightening, worrisome, or anxious than it's really worth your time. Don't let it get to you. Take a step back a few times per day.

    It's understandable that in the beginning when things change, when countries and even your city changes, especially on a global scale, that you wish to keep an eye on the news, on statistics, on stories, and information. But please do realise this can be rather overwhelming.

    We have to learn to let this go as well. To take a step back. To take a breather and do something else.

    You learned about it? Excellent. You took some precautions? Excellent. You made some changes to protect those around you as well? Excellent. Time to focus on your health, your free time, and your responsibilities. Life's already challenging enough at times.

    Wake up in the morning, do some yoga, go for a walk in a park. Prepare your day, read a book, have some tea. Go about your day, and spend 75% less time on articles, statistics, and things that can feed anxiety, your worries, and all that stuff can keep you awake.

    Tired in the afternoon? Take a nap! .... Relax, you do enough in life that if you have the time at home now to take nap.

    Spend some time socializing with friends, video call a loved one and let them know you're okay and ask them about the stuff that's going on in their life. It doesn't have to be about current affairs. I for one share on Twitter or Discord what my day might be about, and try to ask others if they're doing anything fun.

    My point is that if you spend your time to be there for yourself, so you can also be there for others, and you just think twice about the stuff that helps you stay safe and healthy, .. you've honestly done enough.

    You're not in jail, you don't have to scrub the house clean in one hour, you don't have to discuss covid19 with everybody all the time. There's really more to life. Just .. remind yourself of this.

    Spending time with others around you, being stuck at home with them is a change as well. Building a comfortable, cozy, relaxing living environment with less anxiety means less fights, less worrying, better sleep.

    And maybe in a week, review what you've changed, and slightly adjust again.

    Thank you for reading this! Feel free to leave a comment, or your opinion. Or just share what you have going on in your life to help you focus on something else and maybe it's motivation for us to do the same.
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