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Spring Update: New Worlds Planned

Discussion in 'MineCraft' started by Floris, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    March 23rd, 2020: (tl;dr: You lazy and don't want to read? Stop being lazy: read all of this)

    It's officially the Spring season for the year 2020, and we are officially running Minecraft 1.15.2. And we had some plans this Winter, but yes, those got delayed. And it's possible this happens again.

    Why did plans change?

    Offline life is tough, not just because of my albinism being a daily struggle, including causing depression. Especially after the loss of my father last year. But also because of the current global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, as well as having issues with family members (from health issues to problems finalizing testament, and heart surgery of my brother in law, etc.)

    Bigger items on the todo list would require many hours of my time in a day, something I simply cannot offer.

    Is everything on hold then?

    Not at all. The smaller changes and daily maintenance has basically continued non-stop. From a server restart, to plugin updates, to some reported bugs that we tried to fix. You can find our daily changelog for 2020 here: https://omgboards.com/threads/261770/

    We've updated Fishing and mcMMO to a big new version - but for example, without our regular in-depth testing, or extensive configuring and nerfing, etc.

    Okay, I am worried about my stuff, my builds, what's going on?

    Indeed, and you do not have to be. This forum thread is to help clarify that we have bigger changes coming, especially in regards to new worlds. I understand the concern. But to be clear: You will keep all your stuff, all your builds, and all your world access you have right now.

    So what then, give it to us straight!

    Okay, hold on. It's all okay. The worlds on the server will not change. We're adding new things on top of everything. I will get to that soon, let's start explaining what is not affected and won't change:

    - The /general world will remain the general world.
    - The /spawn world might change if we have the time, but the well known spawn will remain at /spawn (but maybe make it a bit cooler with more things to do)
    - The /legacy, /sanctuary, and /builders worlds will remain exclusive to certain groups/ranks.
    - And the /acid, /cave, /skygrid, and /skyblock worlds will not change either.

    We have a few more worlds, for Tier 3 voters, Event world-winners, and maybe some temporary event worlds like Halloween and such. We have no plans of touching these either.

    The above are basically all our permanent worlds.

    Our temporary worlds might change, they are temporary worlds.

    The temporary ones are our resource worlds: /mine, /nether, and /end.

    It's possible we reset these when we introduce the new worlds (that I will soon mention, keep reading!), even though we're on 1.15.2, but we will try not to touch them as long as possible.

    What is a guarantee, is that we will reset the mining-, the nether-, and the end worlds when we upgrade to 1.16.0

    WAIT: We are upgrading to 1.16?

    Yes, but that's a topic for another day. Mojang has announced it, including a revamp of one of their dimensions: The Nether. I will explain below.

    When is this going to happen? WHAT IS NEW!?!?!

    We are going to add a new world, we had this planned once 1.15.2 runs stable. But as explained, life's in our way, slowing things down. It's a new season, Spring! And we're hoping to realise at least one new world in Spring, and if Mojang releases 1.16 and we can upgrade, that we will introduce another new world.

    First new world: NAME_UNKNOWN

    The first new world is another /general like world. Only, instead of it being a 5+ year old world, it will be a 100% new world, generated with the latest Minecraft 1.15.2 engine (or whatever version we are running on that day). Meaning it will have a more beautiful world generation, it will have all the new overworld things, and mechanics, items, resources, and gameplay. It will have all the new villagers, villages, including zombie-overrun abandoned villages and pillager outposts.

    There will be some world-specific rules, as we have always had with all our worlds, that will help us turn this into a beautiful survival/build world, without much grief and with the option to expand it with newer chunks when newer versions get released. And yes, it will be permanent. You can will get another /sethome to make a new base! The details of these rules, perks, limits, etc will all be announced when the world goes public.

    Name_unknown? Yes, at this point in time we do not know what to call it. Do you have any suggestions? If we don't hear from our players we might just call it /wild, or /wilderness, or something obviously simple like that.

    Second new world: UNDERWORLD

    The second new world is another /nether like world. Only, instead of it being a 1.15.2 nether world where you shouldn't build a base in, this will be a permanent survival world! Generated with the new Minecraft 1.16 engine. Creating a unique new world where you can play survival, and build another base. I myself am already super excited to explore this new underworld with paths between cities and bases, and maybe even large towns. Even if it is a bit dangerous.

    There will be some world-specific rules, as we have always had with all our worlds, that will help us turn this into a beautiful survival/build world. Since we do not know 100% how 1.16 will end up, we cannot make promises about an additional /setworld, or if we require players to use a special portal, command, and/or home-beacon etc. Time will tell! The details of the new rules, perks, limits, etc. will all be announced when the world goes public.

    Underworld? Yes, at this point in time we do not know what to call it. Do you have any suggestions? If we don't hear from our players we might just call it /under or /underworld, or something obviously simple like that.

    New /rules?

    Indeed, like I mentioned, we want to make beautiful survival/build worlds. We want to give players the opportunity to make something they can show off in screenshots, videos, live-streams. And build together with the community, without worry of grief, etc. We want to offer new players something pretty to explore, and to feel motivated to be part of it.

    We've mentioned world-grief being a rule in 2019/2020, and with the introduction of the new world we will introduce an update to the world-grief rule. Including that we will enforce it more, and roll back where we see fit.

    These new worlds are not meant to be mining worlds. We will still have /mine and /nether, and strongly encourage players to use the resource worlds to get resources, or limit mining to their beautiful build area.



    As I've mentioned; real life is not fun, it's honestly really really tough. And now that it's Spring, I am motivated to try my best to realise some bigger changes. Including the introduction of a new world.

    I've already been prepping this for a few months. It really isn't a quick 'start world, done' situation. We're trying to make something that is fun for existing veterans, and new players.

    IF YOU MADE IT THIS FAR: Thank you for not being lazy and reading everything, or at least for glancing over it. I hope some sections answered some of your questions. And that you are excited of being part of a community that likes to get resources from the resource-worlds, and play survival in the survival worlds, and/or to enjoy some perks to help you be an awesome builder.

    Please don't consider taking down your /general world. It will be as lively of a world as ever, and there's still loads of space for everybody to build. We invite you to make even more things in the new worlds and show us all the cool stuff you're working on here on our forums and/or discord (and youtube, twitter, etc).

    Have questions? Concerns? Something not clear? Feel free to post them in this thread.
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