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The Power of Vitamin-C

Discussion in 'Hobbies & Crafts' started by Monarch, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Monarch

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    Vitamin-C can provide quite a bit of relief while one is sick, whatever the form may be. However, drinking orange juice or taking Vitamin-C supplements can even prevent the onset of illness. I can personally say that I would have gotten sick several times this winter, and perhaps should have, but didn't. Even when all the people around me got sick, I began to feel ill at times, yet sickness never fully set on thanks to excessive amounts of Vitamin-C.

    This can be taken in as orange juice, other citrus fruits, or one of many supplements available over the counter at drug stores. The key is to consume Vitamin-C before bed, in the morning, and in the afternoon if lymph nodes have begun to swell. Almost immediately after consumption, the swelling in the lymph nodes on the underside of the jaw will have reduced drastically, which is exactly the intention. Therefore, it is imperative to pay close attention to your body, and if you begin to feel the slightest bit of sickness, or swelling in the lymph nodes, to have at least 100 mg of Vitamin-C, however, closer to 500 would be ideal.

    If you wait until you get sick to begin taking Vitamin-C supplements and drinking orange juice, it will do little more than ease the pain of a sore throat, whereas consumption prior to and during the signs of illness will eradicate any and all symptoms. It is important to incorporate a large amount of Vitamin-C into your diet even when you are not sick, because when cold season comes around, you will have provided your immune system with a significant advantage.
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