Today is such a grim Sunday


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Jan 1, 2001
I went to bed quite late, and I already heard the weather not calming down. Huge winds, rain slamming against the windows, and it just felt like a depressing fall season day.

Woke up the same, and after being outside when it was a bit calmer, there was sky. Just .. darkness, basically. A depressing look with a cold feel. This is not a fun period in between Winter and Spring.

When I got home it changed into terrible weather again. And I went out last minute to the grocery store to get a few things to allow me to stay inside. Today is a sign that tomorrow will probably be just as grim.

shiver, ha! goosebumps. Maybe I should grab my old powerbook and crawl back into bed and do some writing for my blog or something. Pretend it's nice and warm and totally not a Sunday that I can't go for a walk, travel somewhere to visit people, or whatever.

I am ready for Spring time.