What is your biggest pet peeve?


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Nov 23, 2020
What would you guys say are your pet peeves? For me, I can't stand bossy people, or people who chew with their mouth wide open so we can hear every chew. I find it annoying when comedians and others scream out loud because they think it'll get a laugh. No buddy, that's annoying.

What about you? I have lots more, but we'd be here all day as I have a book full of em I imagine. :D


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
I have a list that's not gonna fit on this forum, and I know this means the problem is ME and 9/10 not the pet peeve itself that I have. So I will work on that and do better.

But it grinds my gears the most that people are given the answer to something when THEY ask for it, and then still don't get it. It's lack of respect in my eyes, that they can't even take a second to invest in the time that others give them for the questions they asked.

Them: "Is there a command to do something I want?"
Me as a courtesy replying: "Yes, it's explained in /help, but basically it's /something"
Them: no reply, no thanks, nothing.
Me watching them in console type:
/help something
/something help
/unrelated commands
Them: "This sucks, just tell me what it is"
Me: "I see you type it wrong constantly, but I said it's basically /something"
Them: no reply
Them typing in console:
some thing
some /thing
Them: quit game
Me: "sigh, you literally give the answer ,..."

I just don't get it, and it grindssss my gears.

Why ask a question if you're not willing to read, or then just ask "Wait, do commands start with a /, was that a typo? I tried this but doesn't work, what am i doing wrong" .. but in return, they dont read, they judge the server for sucking because they can't take a second.

having a conversation to learn .. not an option.

so silly to me