What's the best quality you can get for movies now?


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Jan 1, 2001
Back in the day, when life was simpler, we would have either low quality recording, or a higher quality VHS tape. And at some point there's progressive 720p dvd and all the way up to today's saturated market with tech terms that baffle most people.. They hear HD and think it's the best. But, HD applies to a 720p dvd as well. I am rambling.

What is the best quality these days?

4K streaming surely can't beat the raw 4K footage from a bluray, due to compression and bitrate adjustment due to differences in Internet speeds.

What do You think is the best quality to get for tv movies in 2020? Streaming? Netflix' download feature? Tv broadcasts? Bluray purchases? Special edition somethings?

Oof, and 8K is already around the corner to try and be mainstream.