Why the movie Wonder Woman is so important.


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Jan 1, 2001
These superhero movies are great. They give me an escape to an impossible world that feels like it's .. almost .. actually .. possible .. somehow. And I love escaping the real world. It's why I love The Matrix so much (sigh, was that in 1999? So long ago already!) and why I enjoy Captain America and the first Iron Man, etc.

But what feel like spin-offs and sequels, or yet another Batman or Spiderman movie, I just get very low expectations and feel like it is yet another one of those movies. But because you watched a couple, you feel like you have to watch them all.

And just how Batman Begins is an important movie, and totally not what I expected (it was really good), I think that Wonder Woman is actually an important movie. And here's why.

It's not at all what I expected, and it's not a spin-off, and it's not on Eart.. but wait, it is.. it's also pushing the boundaries of how I think about the Marvel Universe. And how super heroes are made, or why they are one. If they are a god like creature, or an alien like Superman. And WW takes it to a bit different part of that brain when I think about it all. And not only that. It doesn't drag it over a couple of movies with a growing up, a bad experience, and the morals they have to fight, .. it's all in one movie. And it has done it well. Not just that, the movie takes cinematography to another level with Matrix like moves, in a CGI world, that feels mature and aimed at various age groups. It's not just another Marvel movie for 14 year olds that love adventures. But it's a real adventure for this character that undergoes love and hate, and learns from it. And applies it to how we have read many big and important stories in our real world histories. Of coming of age, to traveling to America, with cultural differences, politics and differences in classes in their path to overcome and outgrow. While fighting for a goal, .. it's all in one movie. Big blunt hints to small hints, and a story line to match and a character that's beautiful and powerful at the same time. Confidence and 'life isn't black and white' and everything in between.

Maybe it's a little bit hard to put to words what I am trying to say, but I went into this movie with low expectations and I left it aching for more - and was ready to walk right back in. This one is one to remember in the whole range of Marvel movies, .. for different reasons.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSB4wGIdDwo