Why Wonder Woman Isn't as Good as You Think


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Feb 6, 2018
Wonder Woman is supposedly one of the best superhero movies ever made.

But is it really? The acting was good, but no one would have expected anything less. Gal Gadot's performance was fantastic, as was Chris Pine's. And David Thewlis was superb (as he is in most movies). But the biggest problem with this movie was the lackluster plot and the poor CGI. Some of the action scenes were mediocre, too.

There was just no excitement in Wonder Woman. Leaving her home to join the fight against the Germans did not set the movie alight. The plot twist of Sir Patrick, played by David Thewlis, being revealed as Ares was meh. M Night Shyamalan could have done it better. The sexual tension between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor was OK. It was nothing special. No sparks were flying uncontrollably about them. The supporting cast was unforgettable. With all that said, the dialogue was clean and crisp and very funny in places.

The action scenes were good, especially the sequence in No Man's Land; however, the last fight was disappointing (please ignore Ares's mustache). It seemed all Wonder Woman did was stand before Ares while justifying herself and her morals. Very boring.

The CGI, at times, was atrocious. It is important that CGI goes unnoticed. If not, it brings the viewer out of the immersion of the film. Watching a clearly CGI-edited Wonder Woman pouncing up to a tower was very annoying. Surely they could have found a better way to do this? Ares's armor also looked poor (again, ignore the mustache).

Wonder Woman wasn't a terrible movie. In fact, it was a good movie. It's just not one of the best superhero movies ever made. It doesn't even come close to The Dark Knight, or to Logan.