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Voting for 1MB now possible!


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Jan 1, 2001
Some fantastic news, you have all asked me if voting could be an option: so here it is!

Once every 24 hours these websites allow you to place a vote for the 1MB server, please make sure you use the correct Minecraft username to make your vote count.

We have six websites right now, so you can vote six times per day. And there's some extra vote tokens if you have a stream of seven days.

You get some money, exp, and a few items.

Is it against the server rules to use an alt account to vote? Well, it's kinda frowned upon, we don't recommend it to be honest.

We have multiple ways of rewarding you. Voting for one site might give you a diamond, while another site might give you an enchantment book or money, and yet another site might give you a point towards the /points shop. We're also looking into rewarding people with special items if they vote for multiple sites per day or are one of our top votes. We're always changing things up.

Collect those special 1MB Vote tokens you receive though. They are rare, and give you the option to exchange them against unique in-game items. Every 64 of a vote token type will give you the option to trade. You start at tier 1, once you have all 6 items, you unlock tier 2. There are 3 tiers total.

Thank you for reading this text, I hope it explains quite a bit for you. And thank you even more so for playing on the server and supporting it with a vote. Rewarding you with some goodies for doing so is our pleasure.

We are working on a vote page dedicated to providing information about voting;

Update per October 25th, 2020:

View: https://youtu.be/k2Z1LzSzfA4


The vote tokens have received an update, they're a 'newer' version.

Old vote tokens can still be exchanged, together with legacy tokens and the newer tokens for items. Don't worry.

There is a trade table at /warp vote that lets you convert all the old tokens for newer ones by the way.

If you now vote seven days in a row you get special new exchange vote tokens. These can be used at /warp vote to exchange your overflow of tokens for other vote tokens. For example 3 diamond vote tokens (and a lapis vote token) to get 3 netherite vote tokens.

Added a 6th voting site for netherite voting, giving you a netherite vote token.

Added Jobs points and mcMMO levels as rewards for voting.

Updated /warp vote with a lectern that explains a bit more for those who are new and didn't read this thread or the .com/vote site.

Added a few more signs there as well.
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