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Voting for 1MB now possible!

Discussion in 'Vote Servers' started by Floris, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Some fantastic news, you have all asked me this Summer 2018 what would be possible voting wise. Well, back then, nothing. But here we are. The first phase of our voting feature is live, and you can use it right now.

    Once every 24 hours these websites allow you to place a vote for the 1MB server.

    We have three websites right now, so you can vote three times.

    As it stands right now in this first phase you will get logged as having successfully voted, we have a top list as well that we're keeping track of. And you get a diamond right now each time you successfully vote.

    Is it against the server rules to use an alt account to vote? Well, it's kinda frowned upon, but not against the rules. A great tip I guess if you had a problem voting on a day, is to perhaps use your phone's LTE/3G/4G connection and a private or incognito tab, and try again. This way you have a new IP and no stored cookies to track you. Maybe it works then.

    Phase 1? what?

    Yes, this is phase 1 of the 1MB Vote feature. We're just 'testing' it, so far things seem to go well. To reward you for voting and testing you get a diamond in your inventory.

    Phase 2? when?

    Near the end of September, or early October, we will scale up the list of servers potentially, as well as improve the tracking of votes. We will also try to offer multiple types of rewards. Our goal is to make this all 'work' in phase 2. The final phase will be number three.

    Phase 3? done?

    Yes, when we're in phase three at some point in October, we will have multiple ways of rewarding you. Voting for one site might give you a diamond, while another site might give you an enchantment book or money, and yet another site might give you a point towards the /points shop. We're also looking into rewarding people with special items if they vote for multiple sites per day or are one of our top votes. We're still working on the details.

    Let's start with phase 1.

    Sorry about all this text, and if you have any questions, or a website doesn't work for you. Please do let us know.

    Currently the three sites are: PMC/MMP/MCS and listed on the forums here. We're still working on creating the /vote command that will list all the sites at once in-game (and will probably go live during phase 2)

    Thank you for reading this text, I hope it explains quite a bit for you. And thank you even more so for playing on the server and supporting it with a vote. Rewarding you with some goodies for doing so is our pleasure.
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