Reporting Content

Reporting Content or a Member

You can report a user, their profile posts, their threads, their posts, their conversations. This page explains how to report someone or their content, and how to contact staff to take a look at something that requires staff attention.

You will find the word "report" at various points across the forums from a post to a user profile for example;

You will find this report link on a members profile. Just look at the top right of the profile and you will find a few choices. These choices are report, ignore and unfollow. In this case we are looking at the report function.


If you click on the report link it will take you to a page where you can report the content or member you want to report. Reporting something or someone is anonymous, and will result in bringing this to the staff's attention and it will be looked into and dealt with as seen fit by the OMGboards staff team.