"Oh yeah, let me submit a post to a thread where we have a discussion about a topic under the sub-forum in the category of that thing that we talked about in the conversation we had ear..." yeah, I can imagine you can get lost when we talk a bit techy. Let's break this down a bit.

- This website is our community. This is where we hang out, everything is under the umbrella of a domain name. The domain name (or hostname) is: omgboards.com

The 'board' part in OMGboards.com is there to tell you we're having our chit chat using forum software. There's no real frontpage, or cms, or blog, or gallery. It's not Facebook or a social network like Twitter or Instagram. We're a forum split up in categories to better organize our threads.

A group of forums that kinda go together well are underneath a category. This way it is a bit easier for you to find what you're interested in. An example of a few categories are General Chat, Media, and Tech.

All the discussions we have about whatever topic we start, end up as threads and posts underneath a forum.
An example of a few forums for the Media category are Tv & Movies, Music, Games and Lifestyle.

Discussions (threads & posts)
A thread is a conversation between multiple people, but since we already use 'conversation', we are calling it a discussion or a thread on our site. An example of a discussion in the Movies forum is "will there be another harry potter movie?" and multiple people can reply. A discussion could be a thread with one or multiple posts replies.

The same as above, a topic submitted by you or someone else inside of a forum. A thread can have one or more replies. You can create a thread in a forum as a member, and if you have sufficient permission to do so (forum is open to new threads)

A post reply is a response to an existing discussion (thread). If the discussion is open and you are a member, you can usually submit your own post to the thread and participate, in face, we encourage you to do so.

Submit (a form)
On the web every user input is basically done through a form. But let's forget about that. You are submitting a new discussion or a post reply to an existing discussion by filling in the form and pressing the submit button. The button usually has a title like 'Post new thread', or 'Post reply'.

A conversation is a personal discussion between one or more members. On Twitter this is called a DM, on another site it might be a private message. On our site we call it a personal conversation. The conversation is visible to just you and the other members within that conversation.

A question you can add to your discussion. An example would be "What is your favourite color" and then click on Create a Poll, and put the possible answers in there. This is a great way to get a quick visual of people's fav. colors.

Attachments (uploading a file)
When you create a post it's possible in most situations to upload one or more images to your post. These are attachments like attachments to an email. You can insert the thumbnail or the full image in the post you're submitting.

Open and Closed threads
A closed discussion does no longer accept new post replies. If you believe this is in error, feel free to contact the staff and we will review the discussion.

Sticky threads
Some discussions are more important than others, for example "the rules for posting in this particular forum", these discussions are usually stuck (pinned) to the top of the thread list. We encourage you to read these.
Note: We are an old old old community made out of multiple boards. It is very likely you will find a very old and outdated sticky thread, feel free to report these so we can take care of those.