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1MB /farm | Farming Feature!


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
# GETTING STARTED with Farming

- Using a workbench (or /craft), you can create a "growstation" using wheat-seeds around a single flower pot.
- Then upon placing the growstation allows you to "right-click" to open it, from where you have information icons, progress icons, and buttons to features.
- Now you have to go to "/farm market" and buy a seed, like lettuce seed.
- Add a farming seed in the middle on top of the iron gate icon. Notice how things change!
- You need to water your seed in the growstation. Get out of the UI interface, and
- Hold a water bucket, as it will say it needs water for this one.. and ingame, right click the growstation to add water to it

- When it's done, you will know, you can collect your lettuce.

- The lettuce can be used to help /craft a skill archive item, using 4 lettuce and 4 tomatoes around a lectern.
- Or the tomatoes/lettuce items can be sold to /farm shop if you have enough of them.

- One can also buy things for their level in /fark market

- There is also a /farm codex and a /farm menu, alongside /farm help.
- Items placed, such as bushes, growstations, etc, are locked to the owner, but you can add friends.
- Regions are respected, and breaking a growstation or skill archive, gives you back that item.

- Over time as skill tree grows, so will the types of items, their value, and how things 'look'.

# Farming Feature List
Below is a list of the features that will be in the FIRST release of `/farm` on 1MoreBlock.com
_(This is like /fish.. )_

## Custom Plants + Growstations:
- Craft Growstations using simple materials to plant custom plants in.
- Plants are fully customisable, traits, names, lore, growth time, harvestables, chances, everything.
- Plants can grow multiple items, and can execute commands as well.
- Plants can develop traits, which can aid, or have impacts on growing plants, or taking care of them. Few examples below:
- World Eater: Can generate ores randomly
- Atractor: Acts like a 5x5 hopper that picks up items.
- Slice n' Dice: Damages nearby mobs
- Lonely: If it's the only plant within a radius, it eats water 3x as fast.
- Stunted Growth: Takes longer to grow
- There is over 30 of these custom effects with more to come.
- You are limited on the Growstations you can place. You can get more with the Skill Tree.
- Plants require various environments and temperatures to grow. You can create habitats using custom items, or grow them in those conditions.
## Custom Items:
- Craft custom items in a composter (similar to fishing but doesn't require you to drop items).
- Custom items can provide benefits to nearby plants, and other things. Examples below:
- +5/10/15% Growth Speed
- Makes nearby Growstations have the 'Nether' environment.
- Makes nearby Growstations have the 'Glacial' temperature.

And ..

## Skill Tree:
- An actual tree that you can upgrade!
- Various routes to take to upgrade various skills.
- Increase your maximum Growstations, and Bushes.
- Can be reset for free, with the exception of 'Permanent' upgrades.
- Tons of skills such as auto-replant.
## Bushes:
- Plant them down, and they will generate a player head on top that you can harvest.
- Designed to be a high investment, and generate items with a low sell price, but enough that they pay themselves off after a while.
- More of a 'passive-income' that still requires manual labour.
- Can be fully configured like plants, have percentages to grow different items and harvest them.
## Rotating and Permanent Shop
- Buy crops from a permanent store for a set price.
- Buy crops from the rotating store, that are randomised every so often.
- You can configure which shop various items appear in.
## Pyro Style Interfaces and Menus:
- Every menu is **fully** customisable. Literally every single one.
- Detailed Codex menu for everything, including drop chances, items, levels - everything you'd ever need.
- In-game help guide, accessed through the farm menu, or ``/farm help <text>``
- Themed GUIs throughout the plugin with green colours to help identify what you're looking at.

# Beta

This /farm feature is in beta, we might have to reset configuration files every once in a while, test the features and open tickets if you have questions or found any issues.

# Restrictions
We're currently still figuring out how we wish to approach this, and other new 'things' to come. At this moment this feature will be global. It's possible in the (near) future we limit /farm to certain worlds.
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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
From the plugin's resource page:

Custom Plants + Growstations
Create your own plants, and customise them with an insane amount of customisability. Grow them in custom growstations that require you to water them, and take care of your plants!

Plant Traits
Give your plants some unique features! Have plants pickup items automatically, harm mobs, mine ores, and much more. Create a minion army of plants to automate things!

Skill Tree
Create a Skill Tree that you can upgrade and watch grow. Unlock various new and unique skills, and improve your farming game. From auto-replant, to not trampling crops. It has everything.

Custom Items
Are your plants too hard to grow? Fear not! Craft custom items to help you aid in growing crops. Speed them up, change the temperature, or even environment to aid your farming.

Create fully customisable bushes that can be placed down and will grow items for you overtime. Minimal work required and free money!

Rotating and Permanent Stores
Buy your plants and bushes from either a permanent store, or a rotating store that swaps stock every so often. Choose what your players can, or cannot buy, and if it should be random or not.

High Customisability
Every message, every menu, every plant, every bush, everything can be customised to your liking.

Start automatic, or manual tournaments and have your players compete for rewards and to be the best farmer out there!

Friend System
Want to grow together? Add friends to your Growstations and become the ultimate farmer group!


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Mar 9, 2021
Temperature info.

y Level 91

Jagged Peaks
Frozen Peaks
Snowy Slopes
Snowy Taiga

Frozen River
Snowy Beach
Snowy Plains
Ice Spikes
Frozen Ocean

Windswept Gravelly Hills
Windswept Forest
Stony Shore

Windswept Hills
Old Growth pine Taiga
Old Growth Spruce Taiga

Cherry Grove
Flower Forest
Birch Forest
Old Growth Birch Forest
Dark Forest
Mangrove Swamp
Sunflower Plains
Deep Ocean
Warm Ocean
Lukewarm Ocean
Deep Lukewarm Ocean
Cold Ocean
Deep Cold Ocean
Deep Frozen Ocean
Mushroom Fields
(End Biomes)
Deep Dark
Dripstone Cave
Lush Cave

Stony Peaks
Sparse Jungle
Bamboo Jungle
Savanna Plateau
Windswept Savanna
Wooded Badlands
Eroded Badlands
Nether Wastes
Basalt Deltas
Crimson Forest
Soul Sand Valley
Warped Forest