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1MB Feature: /spawners and Silk Spawner Pick


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Jan 1, 2001
Players are able to pick up CERTAIN spawners. Note please, that the server /rules still apply. You cannot break/take the spawners from build areas or places/builds made by other players. This is meant as a tool to help you relocate your own spawners.

"I don't want to read this all, give me a summery"
- Can I break spawners outside my group? No. Only the ones listed in /spawners for your group.
- Can I buy, place or break angry monster spawners? No, those aren't available to groups.
- I have a spawner in my hand that I got from an event, but it's not available to my group, I placed it, and now it's a pig! Yes, that's correct, placing spawners outside your group will turn into pigs. You can open a ticket on discord and we can review your request to update the spawner type for you.
- I broke a spawner with silk touch and it still broke, it didn't drop as item? Yes, you need the /jobs shop special spawner pickaxe, it is silk touch 5, and that's required to break spawners available to your type.
- I have other questions! Don't ask pls, just read this thread first, check the ingame /spawners command, and if you still have a question you can ask on Discord in #public-support or a private support ticket.

More details info:

Which spawners can you get? And how!

Assume basically none, except a couple of passive ones, and they are limited to your specific group and/or rank. If you are a builder, you can pick up the ones available to players AND the builders spawners that are listed in /spawners menu. Nothing more. Angry spawners can not get picked up.

To get the most accurate list, type: /spawners in-game and hover over the list.

If you are yellow in the game, your group is PLAYER, you will be able to buy the following spawners:

If you are green in the game, your group is BUILDER, you will be able to buy all the PLAYER spawners, and the following ones:

If you are blue in the game, your group is DONATOR, you will be able to buy all the PLAYER and BUILDER ones, and the following:

Note: You will need a special pick axe to pick up the spawners you can place. And you can only break the ones you are allowed to buy for your group/rank. If you try to pick up any other spawner type it will just break.

You can buy a special pick axe with your /jobs points, through the /jobs shop

If you are able to BUY as a PLAYER group a pig spawner, you can use the special SILK TOUCH V (silk touch five) wooden pickaxe to break the pig spawner. It will drop as item, and you can place it somewhere else.

If you can not buy the spawner like a zombie spawner or dolphin (because your group is PLAYER) then you will see the spawner break instead of drop.

In other words: If you are able to buy only certain types of the spawner, you can only pick up those types, and only with that special pickaxe.

We will not refund the pickaxe, we will not return it if you die in lava or the void, etc. If it breaks, it's gone and you have to buy it again if you want another one. The same goes for spawners or any other item you have/bought/traded.

This feature is not meant to gain an unfair advantage over other players, it is meant as a tool to help you "fix" misplaced spawners that you've purchased. Use it wisely.

The bottom left book: Gives you a link to this thread

The bottom middle pickaxe: Gives you info about the special Silk Touch 5 pickaxe

The bottom right paper: Is a back button to /menu.
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