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1MB Fishing features


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001

# 1MB Custom Fish Features​

This information relates to the plugin PyroFishingPro and does not cover the also existing /jobs fisherman job, nor the mcMMO /fishing skill.

## How to get started?​

Well, the simplest thing is: Just fish! And explore the /fish menu.

All the below information will try to go through these fishing features to help you get introduced to a fun and custom fishing experience on 1MB. If at any time you have any questions, feel free to reach out to a team member. I happen to know that JackPerByte, Tidala, and kgrim1 all are quite familiar with fishing.

## Menu​

  • If you hold your fishing rod, you can sneak and right-click to open the fish menu.
  • You can also type /fish menu to get to that same menu.

This menu will give you an overview of the various features the custom fishing on 1MoreBlock.com offers. You can review your fishing rod, your personal stats, open the fish shop, check the deliveries, review the fish codex, take a chance in the scales menu, open and manage your fish bag, use the gutting station, manage your fishing skills, buy bait (when available) from the bait store, manage augments, and learn more about the totem.

## Custom Fish​

In 2023, we have over a 100 custom fish from the plugin PyroFishingPro; they all have the same traits such as 'can be caught 24/7' and 'available in all biomes'. They also don't mind what weather it is or what depth they only spawn in.

In 2024, we're slowly going to customize a few of these fish to only appear under certain biomes, weather, and/or other conditions.

Players can find out more about the available fish in the /fish codex.

## Enhanced Fish Appearance​

It's possible with a 1MB resource pack to see the fish visually differently. However, we currently do not have a resource pack available.

## Deliveries​

You can see /fish deliveries as mini-quests. Go catch custom fish (from different regions), earning you rewards for your efforts.

You have a /fish bag where you can temporarily store your fish. However, we recommend creating a separate storage system for deliveries and keeping track of what you need. This turns fishing from catch and sell, to catch and collect, yielding a bigger payout.

Deliveries are earned from every 180 custom fish that you catch. Please note this is ONLY Custom Fish. Regular fish do not count towards this amount.

## Sell Shop and Economy​

You cannot sell fish of any type through the global /sell feature, only through the custom fish shop. However, you can share, trade, and sell your fish between other players. Team up and level up faster!

Sell fish for in-game currency at the /fish shop, adding an economic aspect to your Minecraft experience.

Note that we mentioned earlier that we have a variety of custom fish, from low to higher tier, and even mythical fish. On top of that, we have custom 1MB fish such as EPIC player fish with special commands, as well as Pointy fish. Be careful which fish you sell to the fish shop. You might want to keep certain fish for certain commands, deliveries, etc.

## Augments and Custom Enchantments​

We have custom enchantments for Fishing Rods using a Cauldron, enhancing your fishing abilities with effects like summoning tornadoes or increasing fish yield.

These are realized by creating augments.

Augments are custom enchantments specific to fishing rods only. You can view a list of augments in-game by typing /fish augments. To apply a fish augment, type /fish augment and put the fishing rod and the augment into the GUI, click the Confirm button and that's it!

Each augment has a unique purpose, crafting recipe, and max enhancement level. Each augment will require a certain fishing level (the plugin's level, NOT MCMMO) and a certain amount of entropy.

### To create an augment:​

  • Find the augment you want to make. Maybe note down the recipe somewhere.
  • Place a cauldron and fill it with water.
  • Toss the EXACT ingredients of the augment you want. Make sure they all went IN the cauldron.
  • YOU CAN ONLY MAKE ONE AUGMENT AT A TIME. Even of the same type.
  • Strike the cauldron while holding a fishing rod. It will explode out an augment.

### To apply the augment:​

  • Open /fish augment.
  • Put your rod in the left slot and the augment in the slot next to it.
  • Click the green pane on the middle right.
  • It will make a sound, and the augment will be applied to the rod.

### First, explore the /fish augment command. On this screen it will:​

  • Show you where to place your rod and augment and how to apply it (middle left).
  • Show you how to withdraw entropy (the paper).
  • Show you how to go back to the fish menu (the arrow).
  • Show you how to remove augments (the TNT).
  • Show you where the list of augments is (the book and quill).

## Crabs and Anti-AFK Mechanisms​

You will encounter Crabs! They deter AFK-Fishing and drop items useful for crafting augments. Yes, on our 1MoreBlock.com server, we do not allow automation. This includes anti-afking, as well as auto-fishing. We do not allow it. You have to earn what you want.

The plugin discourages AFK-Fishing and checks for common fishing machines, promoting fair gameplay. And the staff will take action if they suspect a player from participating in unfair gameplay.

## Unique Leveling and Currency System​

Progress through Fishing Levels and collect 'Entropy' (currency) to upgrade Deliveries and craft Augments, adding depth to your gameplay.

## Scales, Gutting, and Entropy Bonuses​

  • Gamble your fish for potential profit or loss by gutting the fish.
  • Gut your fish to gain bonus Entropy for crafting and upgrading Augments.
  • You can open the /fish scales menu to take a chance to increase the weight of your fish.

## Entropy​

  • Entropy is the 'currency' of the 1MB Fisherman!
  • There's a command: /fish entropy.
  • You can get entropy with /fish gut.

You can get entropy by fishing, completing deliveries, or just gutting the special fish. The Entropy also required for crafting an augment or improving deliveries.

You can store your entropy in an item; just do /fish augment, then click the paper icon, you will get one entropy crystal for every click that you do. That stores 10k of entropy in each crystal. You can sell, trade, or just store those. 50k will get you access to the hotspot.

## Totems and Unique Effects​

Craft Totems that offer distinctive effects, passives, and special occurrences.

The Totem's passive effects work in the radius and 30 blocks above and 30 blocks below the particles.

You can ask other fishers on the 1MB server to see their totem to learn how to build one.

## Tournaments​

Sometimes we have short or longer fishing tournaments. Some are announced ahead of time during special server events, others spontaneously happen throughout the month. We also have a weekly tournament on set days and times. Ask around in-game or on our Discord if other players have figured out yet which days and times.

Tournaments when activated announce themselves in the chat; you participate by just fishing!

In 2023, tournaments focus on the wilderness worlds (/general and /wild). In 2024, we will try to unlock this feature to other game types like /oneblock and /skyblock.

You can see a fishing tournament is active when there is a bossbar message on the top of the screen. You can also type /fisht info to see the progress.

Rewards are paid to the top 3.

There are a handful of types of fishing tournaments; we try to rotate between them.

## Bait System​

In 2023, we do not require bait to be obtained to catch certain fish.

In 2024, we're going to gradually introduce the bait system for certain fish.

You can acquire custom baits from an in-game shop to attract rare and unique fish that you can only catch if you have fish bait.

Buying baits will cost money, and they have a limited number of uses. You can check the /fish codex to see which fish require what bait.

## Custom Items​

You can kill some aquatic animals to get special fishing items.
  • Dolphin tails come from dolphins; they look like enchanted rabbit feet. Killing a dolphin gives you a chance at getting one.
  • Crab parts come from fishing up crabs, which is kind of rare. As such, I suggest the crab bait augment first.

## Unique Seasonal Events​

We have automatically scheduled seasonal events offering exclusive items and augments, adding excitement and anticipation to your Minecraft gameplay. Think Halloween and Christmas. If you participate in an event on the server, keep an eye on the Discord #announcements and #events channels; this is usually where we post the details.

## Plugin: Extensive Customization Options​

The PFP plugin offers a dynamic and flexible set of configuration tools for a custom server experience. We have been (so far) running on basically the vanilla configuration set up until 2024. In 2024, we're going to gradually try to make further customizations. For example, certain fish might run certain commands when you eat them. In 2023, it would fully feed you or cure your hunger when you eat a custom fish. And the exceptions were the EPIC and Pointy fish (running custom commands). In 2024, we want to expand the unique experience of fishing by carefully going through the configuration files and checking out what is possible to customize in a way that we want to run the server to give a specific 1MB experience.

## EPIC Player Fish​

Please note that we at any time might add, edit, remove any epic player fish.
  • Tidala - Tidal fish, gives you temp fly and 6 points.
  • Globug100 - Floranges fish, gives you 6 points.
  • Paprikaatje - Spicy Paprikaatje fish, gives 3 points and sets you on fire for a little bit.
  • Citebafla - Alfabetic fish, gives 3 points.
  • EnderDip - epic ender fish, gives 3 points and you might end up in the end dimension.

## Pointy Fish​

Please note that we at any time might add, edit, remove any pointy fish.
  • Bronze - gives 3 /points.
  • Silver - gives 2 /points.
  • Gold - gives 3 /points.
  • Diamond - gives 4 /points.
  • Platinum - gives 5 /points.

## Lava / Nether fishing​

You currently cannot fish in lava.

## Master Fisherman​

Let's say the total catch chance is out of 1000 (which it is by default internally).

Then let's set our catch rates: (all rates are 10x since the internal randomizer is out of 1000)
Bronze: 60
Silver: 15
Gold: 5
Diamond: 1

Platinum and Mythical are omitted from this list as those are internally scaled automatically.

Now, what master fisherman does is increase this "1000" by the number set in the config. Let's say you have max master fisherman, so level 20.

This total number would then be (1000 + (20 * 10)), which is 1200.

Now, Silver, Gold, and Diamond fish tiers are then automatically scaled, and this 200 extra is equally divided amongst these tiers.

If it's 200, I believe it's as follows:
Silver = 100
Gold = 60
Diamond = 40

What this effectively does is increase the total pool to be 1200, but then scales up the other numbers to correspond to that. This then means that you are less likely to catch a bronze fish as before it was 600/1000, but now it is 600/1200; however, silver was 150/1000 but is now 250/1200.

The same goes for the other tiers as well.

## Fish guide!​

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Mar 9, 2021
i hope this help you :cute: !

At start, dont worries, we use mcMMO so level up with you normal max vanilla rod.
Power up your /Fishing for "Master Angler" get better and better.

At the same time you will be getting up you /fish entropy, when you got 50k, gather the ingredients for "Hot-Spot", im sorry but you might kill some dolphins in process.

I prefer fist this one because it will give you an extra fish. - to be continued - :wave:


The next augment to craft! :thumbsup:

"Biome Disruption" this will give you a chance to catch random fish from other biomes, anywhere you fish will be ok.
Remember to keep fishing and store all the fish... When you have enough do /fish deliveries.

oh and you must be level 16 at 1 MB Fish, you can check it at /fish stats.
(Don't let Blue find out. You need to kill some more dolphins )
- to be continued - ;)



Fishing CommandsDescription
/fish menuTake a lood of the 1MB Fishing Menu
/fish codexShows the description of every special fish
/fish sellHere you can sell some fish to get money.
/fish scalesHere you can scale your fish to increace the profits
/fish bagHere you can store some fish.
/fish gutThe Gutting station its for extract entropy from special fish
/fish deliveriesHere you can see your special deliveries.
/fish augmentHere you can see your entropy level
/fish augmentsHere you can see every single one of the special augments.

"The Fishermans way to make some MONEY"

/fish sell

Raw Fish - $1.5
Bronze - $100
Silver - $550
Gold - $1500
Diamond - $5000
Platinum - $10000
Mythical - $25000


"The Currency of the 1MB Fishermans"

/fish entropy

You can get entropy by fishing, completing deliveries or just gutteng the special fish. The Entropy also required for crafting and augment or improving deliveries.

You can store your entropy in an item just do /fish augment, then click in the "paper icon", you will get one entropy crystal for every click that you do. That store 10k of entropy in each crystal. You can sell, trade or just store those.


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Sep 18, 2023

Augments: UPDATED 01/2024

"The Fisherman's Special Enchants for your Fishing Rod"

The first thing that you need is a Cauldron with water, then you must have the exact amount of items required for the augment that you will craft. Make sure you also have the 1MB Fishing level and Entropy. To perform the augment crafting, throw all of the required ingredients into the cauldron, and crouch-hit it with your fishing rod!

The higher level of the augment, the higher chance to apply.

Hot Spot
1MB Fishing: 10
Entropy: 50,000
Max Level: 13
16x Glistering Melon
32x String
3x Golden Apple
1x Oak Boat
4x Dolphin Tail
Hot Spot will give you a chance to get more than one fish per catch. The higher level of the Augment, the higher chance to catch fish and more fish that you will catch from one single catch.
Call of the Storm
1MB Fishing: 12
Entropy Cost: 40,000
Max Level: 5
1x Water Bucket
1x Oak Boat
16x Raw Cod
4x Lily Pad
4x Sponge
Call of the Storm gives you a chance to catch more fish while it is raining. Higher the augment level, higher the chance to get more fish.
1MB Fishing: 12
Entropy Cost: 35,000
Max Level: 5
16x Cooked Beef
1x Cake
12x Baked Potato
16x Raw Cod
Saturate gives you a random chance to refill hunger when catching a fish. Higher the augment level, the greater chance to get fed.
1MB Fishing: 12
Entropy Cost: 57,500
Max Level: 10
8x Gold Block
16x Crab Scale
16x Crab Claw
3x Dolphin Tail
4x Gunpowder
16x Redstone
16x Sugar
Sage gives you more fishing xp towards the plugin whenever you catch a fish. Higher the augment level, the more xp you will get from catching custom fish.
Biome Disruption
1MB Fishing: 16
Entropy Cost: 60,000
Max Level: 3
16x Oak Log
16x Snowball
32x Sand
32x Kelp
1x Water Bucket
12x Dolphin Tail
20x Crab Scale
Biome Disruption gives you a chance to catch random fish from other biomes when fishing. Higher level the augment, the higher chance.
Precision Cutting
1MB Fishing: 22
Entropy Cost: 70,000
Max Level: 8
1x Anvil
1x Iron Axe
1x Diamond Sword
16x Cobblestone
2x Emerald
3x Lapis Block
1x Water Bucket
1x Wither Skeleton Skull
6x Natilus Shells
Precision Cutting gives you more entropy from gutting fish using the Gutting Station. Higher the level, the more entropy you will get overall.
Crab Bait
1MB Fishing: 25
Entropy Cost: 40,000
Max Level: 5
1x Water Bucket
10x Crab Claw
20x Crab Scale
64x String
Crab Bait gives you a higher chance to catch crabs while fishing. Very useful to grind crab scales and crab claws for other augments.
1MB Fishing: 28
Entropy Cost: 75,000
Max Level: 7
32x Glass
4x Glowstone
3x Turtle Egg
3x Nautilus Shell
10x Crab Claw
Perception gives you more entropy from catching custom fish. The higher level the augment, the more entropy you will get from catching custom fish.
1MB Fishing: 35
Entropy Cost: 60,000
Max Level: 6
32x Iron Block
16x Gold Block
12x Diamond Block
12x Emerald BLock
16x Squid Tentacle
1x Heart of the Sea
Trophy gives you a higher chance to profit from the fish scales. The higher the augment level, the greater the chance to make money will be.
Solar Rage
1MB Fishing: 35
Entropy Cost: 75,000
Max Level: 5
8x Gold Blocks
5x Diamond Block
12x Emerald Block
10x Crab Claw
10x Crab Scale
10x Squid Tentacle
Solar Rage gives you more money when selling fish in the fish shop. The higher level the augment, the more money bonus you get.
Master Fisherman
1MB Fishing: 45
Entropy Cost: 120,000
Max Level: 20
1x Nether Star
8x Ghast Tear
16x Crab Claw
16x Crab Scale
8x Dolphin Tail
12x Squid Tentacle
2x Heart of the Sea
Master Fisherman gives you a higher chance to catch higher tier fish. This augment is like a prestigious token then anything. Only for the best and most dedicated fishermen.
Snow Globe
1MB Fishing: 0
Entropy Cost: 0
Max Level: 5
Uncraftable; only obtained via events
'/fish events'
Snow Globe randomly creates globes of snow that when fished in will give the player more entropy and fishing xp. The higher level the augment, the higher the bonus. Works for anybody who fishes inside of the radius.
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Fish Update January 2024


- The above documentation has been updated, more changes are being worked on with the help from kgrim, nebih and other team members.

- Pointy fish have been updated, you can use "/fish update" on them to convert old ones to new ones.

These are the pointy fish you can now obtain, under these conditions, and they give the same points as before, but with a chance to randomly get even more.

Bronze Pointy Fish
  • All biomes: yes
  • Points: 1 to 3
  • Day/Night: Either
  • Weather: Any

Silver Pointy Fish
  • All biomes: yes
  • Points: 2 to 4
  • Day/Night: Either
  • Weather: Any

Gold Pointy Fish
  • All biomes: yes
  • Points: 3 to 6
  • Day/Night: Either
  • Weather: Any

Diamond Pointy Fish
  • All biomes: yes
  • Points: 4 to 7
  • Day/Night: Either
  • Weather: Any

Platinum Pointy Fish
  • All biomes: yes
  • Points: 5 to 9
  • Day/Night: Night
  • Weather: Rain

Mythical Pointy Fish
  • All biomes: MANGROVE_SWAMP
  • Points: 7 to 10
  • Day/Night: Day
  • Weather: Sun

EPIC Pointy Fish
  • All biomes: CHERRY_GROVE
  • Points: 7 to 11
  • Day/Night: Either
  • Weather: Rain

Bonus Pointy Fish
  • All biomes: DEEP_DARK
  • Points: 8 to 12
  • Day/Night: Night
  • Weather: Rain