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1MB Fishing features

Discussion in 'Features' started by Floris, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    This thread will focus on the custom fishing feature, but we have a few things that are possible when fishing.

    One thing that was possible in the past: 1MB Hunting, this is (currently) not installed, so we will not discuss it.

    Another thing is mcMMO Fishing feature, details are in /fishing, the more you fish the higher your level, the more perks for fishing, it has help through: /fishing ? 1 (and ? 2, ? 3 etc)

    There's a way to be a Fisherman through the Jobs feature, if you fish a lot we recommend to join this job. /jobs browse, then pick fisherman. The more you fish the more jobs points, etc.

    Okay, let's talk about the fish on 1MB, they're custom, and can do a lot, and aren't available everywhere.

    Variety of biomes give a variety of fish types. You can check with /fish codex, most commands are under /fish actually.

    You cannot sell with /sell, you have to use /fish shop.

    Using fish you can gut them, scale them, sell them, deliver them, be part of fishing tournaments, and you can get augments in a cauldron to upgrade your fishing rod.

    Got fishing questions? Talk to Tidala, she knows more about this plugin.

    This is just an introduction - Hopefully over time we will go into specifics as we unlock more and more features.

    The vanilla fishing can be quite boring, so we've changed that. Not only are there more fish in the game now, the custom fish can all do things. One might fix your hunger, the other might heal you, a third one might give you some /points.

    You have a /fish bag where you can temporarily store your fish. You can also upgrade your fishing bag to store even more.

    There are passives, deliveries and entropy. They work together to give you some fishing perks, extra money, a gamble to increase the value of the fish, and there's even a feature for a delivery. You can cash out on special fish and make money with special timed deliveries.

    Type /fish to get started, any questions? Just ask!
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2020
  2. Tidal

    Tidal Princess Epic Donator Team

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    How Augments work

    First, explore the ' /Fish Augment ' command. On this screen it will:
    • Show you where to place your rod and augment and how to apply it. (middle left)
    • Show you how to withdraw entropy (the paper)
    • Show you how to go back to the fish menu (the arrow)
      Show you how to remove augments (the TNT)
    • Show you where the list of augments are (the book and quill)

    After you've clicked the book and quill, you can look through the augments. Each augment has a unique purpose, crafting recipe, and max enhancement level. Each augment will require a certain fishing level (the plugin's level, NOT MCMMO) and a certain amount of entropy.

    To create an augment:
    • Find the augment you want to make. Maybe note down the recipe somewhere.
    • Place a cauldron and fill it with water.
    • Toss the EXACT ingredients of the augment you want. Make sure they all went IN the cauldron.
    • YOU CAN ONLY MAKE ONE AUGMENT AT A TIME. Even of the same type.
    • Strike the cauldron while holding a fishing rod. It will explode out an augment.
    To apply the augment:
    • Open /Fish augment
    • Put your rod in the left slot and the augment in the slot next to it.
    • Click the green pane on the middle right
    • It will make a sound and the augment will be applied to the rod.
    You can apply any augment to the same rod. The only limit is the max level of the augment itself.
  3. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    TODO: Quick copy paste from the discord bot, i might have to clean this up:

    Dolphin tails come from dolphins, they look like enchanted rabbit feet. Just kill a dolphin to get a chance at getting one.

    The cauldron for fishing works by having a cauldron full of water, and tossing in the required items from whatever augment you're trying to make. To see what you need, /fish augment

    throw only the exact items in or it will not work. you can't make two at a time as well. Whack it with your fishing rod when you fill it up and boom, the augment pops out. /fish augment again to apply it.

    Crab parts come from fishing up crabs, which is kind of rare. As such I suggest the crab bait augment first.

    Each augment has a level limit, but the rod can hold all the maxed out augments just fine. They stack together and do not remove enchantments.

    Note please that we have fish with custom names and lores. Always fun to catch them all. You can use special fish to complete deliveries, or they can help you win in fishing tournaments. Some fish are low tier, others like Platinum are a higher tier. The higher the tier, the more a fish can be worth. Fish with Pointy in their name will give you points when you eat them. Other fish can heal your hearts or hunger faster.
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