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1MB Homes features: - Adding, Editing, Deleting and Listing your Personal Homes


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Jan 1, 2001
/sethome/sethome baseAllows a player to set a home with a nameCertain groups can set a certain amount of homes.
/home/home baseAllows a player to teleport back to their named home.Players can only teleport to their own homes.
/removehome/removehome baseAllows a player to delete a named home.Players can delete as many homes as they have created.
/homes/homesShows a visual GUI list of all the homes for that player.Top will show you x/y homes. x is how many homes you have set, and y is how many homes you're allowed to set.
Editing a home/homes (hover over one and press q-key)Allows a user to pick a different icon for a set named home.Only items in the list can be used.