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    Features include: mcMMO RPG, Rewards for Achievements, a /market, Multiple worlds, sit on a chair, events, Economy, and more. We can't wait to have you join us!

1MB Seasonal Updates

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Jan 1, 2001
Spring Update 2016

Besides the default vanilla Minecraft features, there are a few extras that our server offers.
Some features are limited to certain usergroups.

mcMMO is an RPG add-on to Minecraft, the more you play, the better you get at certain skills. And the higher you rank. Earn extra perks by chopping trees, mining, and farming.

Keep an eye on the exp rate. During certain weekends, events, holiday seasons we might turn on double, triple, or even quadruple exp rate to help you quickly grind a skill to a top10 level! So check in regularly.

Yes, we will have events. Some private, some public, some spontaneously, some advertised ahead of time. A great way to earn money, perks, and prizes. Keep an eye on the forums, and be sure to be in-game when the staff are to not miss out.

Chairs, tired of building or need a break? Take a seat! Right click on a stairs block and you will sit down.

Want an armour stand in your design that has a certain position? We have a few options for you. Contact us in-game for some help with your armour stand. We for example can make it small, or add arms, have it wear a sword, etc.

Yes, you can get some unique and cool stuff, or skip mining and just buy the blocks you need. We have a small economy. Joining the server you get $10 once, and it's up to you to grow it to a million! Using the 1MB Market Place you can sell your stuff, or use your earned money to buy more stuff.

Chest and door Protection.
You place a chest, boom, it's yours. You can use /LWC to protect or unlock your locked items. Doors and chests and a few more things can be protected or unlocked. This way you are certain those griefers don't get to your goodies. Only the admins can view chest content. [staff] operators can not.

By the way, [builders] and [staff] can request admins to put a world protection area around their build to guarantee protection. Contact us to get started! Oh, are you an active player that made an amazing area that you need protecting? Contact mrfloris, you might just get a builder group upgrade, or a world area protection update.

Warps, teleports, and homes.
Check out /home, /warps, and /tp commands. Depending on which group you're in you can use them (or not), or even set them, or have more use of the command. Almost none of our commands have cooldowns.
I.e. The default group has a few homes they can set, and a builder might have 5 or 10 more homes they can set.
You can also teleport to other players, request to teleport to them (or decline incoming teleports), and warp/teleport between worlds. (Like, you can type: /spawn, at any time, or jump to /mine to go mining).

And there are a bunch more, maybe it's more fun discovering them while you play! Join and idle, keep an eye on the live chat and maybe you will discover a couple that we don't mention here.

Have a question about a certain command, or keep getting 'unknown', or 'permission denied'? Just ask someone in-game, and if nobody's around perhaps here on the forums.
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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
Summer Update 2017

Whooo, we've done it! The server has been upgraded to version 2.4 of 1moreblock.com, and that means it's time for the Summer Update. Come join us as we play daily on our #minecraft server.

Official version right now is: 1moreblock, version 2.4, with support for Minecraft 1.9 all the way up to version 1.12. Of course, it's strongly recommended to connect with version 1.12.

There are a lot of changes behind closed doors that benefit the players as well as the team members. And there are a lot of features that players can use right now. And gosh, even so much more to come. Check back frequently this Summer of 2017 to find out what's new, and new , ... and new.

We have worlds, game modes, improved RPG, economy, l00t boxes, a new menu for easy navigation, world protection for active regular players with awesome builds. We have events, achievements of all sorts, and skills you can level up. We will soon have perks, ranks, races, and jobs to push the server to the next level.

But that's not all 1MB 2.4 comes with, not just a software update to 1.12, not just an updated /spawn area, new warps, (and soon new kits), and all sorts of features and software improvements, we're upgrading the hardware as well. Now that I think of it, I should have called it version 3!

We are moving from a core2duo CPU and outdated RAM, a less than 1GB of GPU card, and an old dying slow HDD to a new i7 CPU with much faster RAM, a GPU with 8GB on it, and a new 1TB SSD chip able to read and write around 2G/sec. Yup, the hardware upgrade is here as well. The server will go from java 7 with a little bit of 64bit on a little bit of 64bit OS, to a fully 64bit system, with java 8 with full 64bit support and u... stop talking mrfloris, you're geeking out.

Version 2.4 of 1MB is here, and with more to come. We have hardware, software, and feature updates that benefit us all. This means more servers, more worlds, more events, more groups, no world border in /general, and an amazing Summer filled with gameplay ahead of us.

Please come join us, and if you have never played Minecraft, get the PC/Mac version and jump on the server. We are there to help. We have an amazing group of regulars that join in their timezone every day, so there's always someone to play with. And friendly staff to help out. If you're alone on the server, well, invite a friend! Share on social media and the communities you're part of that they can come play with you (just don't spam). And if you need help, and there's no staff online, feel free to use the forums on omgboards.com and ask away. And, if you are a parent with a kid that would love to play, you and your family are welcome. We're a family friendly server, basically for all ages. So there will be no bullying, harassment, racy or inappropriate content. Yep, I am rambling again. I am just excited.

But words do not justify what we can show you, and neither do pictures. So stay tuned for some videos later this Summer. Pfff, stay for events, for new features, for friendships, for gameplay.

So jump on the server at 1moreblock.com (default port 25565) and you will be in /spawn where you can safely explore. To build, just go to /general and find a spot that isn't being used by others and call it your home. Invite your friends and build a community. To browse around the worlds and all its features, type /menu

The more you are online, the more active you are, the more you build. The higher you level up on all sorts of things, from mcMMO skills, to getting richer in /money, to getting rewards from l00t boxes, or finding out about events, ... I just can't imagine you end up being bored.

Here is /spawn, you can always get back to this spot. It will have fancy blocks, a fun little town to explore, and some signs with information about the server, its features, and what's new.

We have recently added a new floating island, among a few other things, to /spawn, have you explored it yet?


And if you stay long enough for the night to fall, you might just get an amazing view.


Before I show the other worlds that have had an update, let me introduce you to the new 1MB /menu that's new to version 2.4

You can click on all the items in there, some will bring up more menus to browse through. There are dedicated one for warps, kits, worlds, achievements, ..

1mb menu.png

Okay, once you've found a spot in the /general world to call your own. You might need resources, you can break anything in the mining world, the end, and the nether. These three worlds are temporary worlds. Made especially to find amazing resources. Just type /mine, /end or /nether to jump to their spawn point. Or use the /menu of course.

Let's start with /mine, since that's recently been reset as well. The old /warps and /homes you might have set to it still work, but this is the new spawn point for /mine that comes with all the 1.12 blocks you can want.

spawn mine.png

Once you're out of the safety of the /mine town, be aware that there are scary monsters you might need to kill. So bring a sword or axe, and wear some armour. But, don't be afraid, they come with great l00t. They might drop their loot and a bag of gold. So fight them and win, and your /money will increase. Safe mining everybody!

Ok, not all the blocks are in the /mine world. Some require you to jump to another dimension. Such as the end or the nether. These two worlds have received a complete rebuild for 1.12 on a new seed. Their spawn has changed, and the dragon is there again to defend the end. (Have fun fighting the dragon! Are you and your squad the first?)

spawn end.png

spawn nether.png

When it is time to put your loot away and take a rest, there are some amazing worlds out there, currently unlocked to everybody to explore - but very limited to build in.. the new /sanctuary has some amazing looking landscapes where you can really find some #zen moments.



But I know, that's not everybody their cup of tea. So there's also a dark rough little town that's in ruins and has all sorts of mobs that demand fighting. So jump over to the hunting grounds for some dedicated loot hunting and mob hunting. Go well prepared, and feel free to use the resources of that world to build armour and protection. The best way to get loot safe is to place a chest and protect it, so only you can enter it. When you've been fighting long enough, and have enough loot then come find me, I can help you cary it to /general, something you won't be able to do alone.

spawn hunting.png

And hunting mobs isn't the only event we have. And we will have more. There's still an adventure map or two ready to be unlocked this summer. mcMMO tripple xp events, and a hardware event. Not to mention mini games, mob arena and all sorts of amazing stuff. But one you can start with is hunting, and the other is open right now and that's /skygrid. The /challenges is unlocked again. How's your acrobatics in a survival world that exploded in a million blocks?


Oh, and remember that I said there's some new warps and kits to come? One is the /warp guardian, this is a build by mrfloris (that's me!) and here's a sneak peak .. (psst, a great way to grind for /repair and combat skills, as well as gain massive amounts of xp levels)

guardian spawner.png

Okay, that's way way WAY more than enough information for now.

tl;dr (too long, didn't read!) Here's the short version:
New software, new hardware, new features, new events, new everything! But, .. of course, same worlds, same people. Just better :)

Come mine, come craft, come play. Forever.
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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
Summer Update 2018

A lot of new features have been added over the Summer, we had quite a bit of a Summer Update this year. From private to public beta testing, and now available to everybody. We've had a boost in RPG features, to just name a couple.

You can tame a horse, put a saddle on it and claim it. You can learn more about our 1MB Horse feature by typing: "/horse" in the game. Yes, you can get a mule and llama and a couple of others as well. Horses can cost money though, so read carefully what it says on the screen.

Fishing can be boring, so we've made it less boring! Not only have we made the RPG Fishing more fun, you get fish heads and custom fish. You will notice more treasure in your inventory as well as fish heads you can wear, and place. You get money for simply fishing. And that's not it. You can sell your fish on the fish market. Or you can eat the fish for some fun rewards, effects or points. Special fish will glow in your inventory. To go to the fish market type: "/fish market" in your inventory. You can also become a fisherman now, type: "/jobs join fisherman" to make job points and jobs money. Leveling up fishing has been taken to a whole different level.

Talking about jobs and points.

We have a way to collect special or hard to get items now. A special points shop has been added that lets you collect and use your points. You can get points from events, drop parties, eating pointy fish, or by greeting someone when they join the game. If you earned a point it will tell you in the chat. A great way to get that Pet egg, or a Mending book, or earn a bit of extra money.

Earning money by the way has never been this easy. You can get paid for building, or farming, mining, or fishing (like I just mentioned). Check out "/jobs browse" and to pick a job type: "/jobs join NAME" like /jobs join fisherman. You get money and points every so often while you execute the rpg tasks related to that job. Like building as a builder, or mining as a miner. Unfortunately right now the points earned from the jobs aren't the same as the points I just spoke about. But leveling up your job can be super handy and profitable. Are you a farmer? Builder? .. Maybe both? You can pick up to three jobs!

Playing alone is boring. and there might not always be someone on the server. We've recently fixed this problem with not only more players, but also a public /party that you can join to group up on events. Grinding a job together like mining levels up your mining mcMMO levels a lot faster. But when there's nobody there you can have a personal pet.

Your personal pet is rare, not everybody has one. Their mystery eggs are hard to get, and pet food isn't readily available. Once a week(end) Floris (that's me!) will put a mystery egg for sale. Maybe just one, maybe two. Depending on how busy the server is. Right now the eggs are worth 25,000 /money (or a 1,000 points). Yes, with a 1000 points from the /points shop you can buy one directly. If you have the money and want one, you can always ask mrfloris to put one up for sale on the global market. Feel free to ask!

Anyway, when you have a mystery egg you have to take care of it. You have to hold it in your offhand while you're working, building, walking around, etc. The more active you are the faster you can hatch it. Once you've moved around 5000 blocks, it will randomly spawn a baby pet. Your personal baby pet! So awesome. You can summon it or put it back in your pocket. When it's summoned it will follow you around and try to help you stay safe. You're not alone on server anymore! You can name your pet once, and perhaps level it up as you go. The more you level up your pet, the more health and stronger abilities it will have. Train your pet, and you might be invincible!

Yes, you can have multiple pets, and yes, you can trade them with other people. Pets of a certain type might be more rare, and worth more than the 25,000 you originally got the mystery egg for. A great way to get rich too!

But nothing beats real people, and we have a few of those! You! Come play? Let's be friends! Because now you can send and accept friend-requests. The 1MB Friends feature is there now and you can see which of your friends are online. You can show someone else in the game you want to be friends by sending a friend request. And they can accept or decline it. Type: "/friends" to get started or "/friends add NAME" like "/friend add mrfloris" to start making friends. Right now you can have up to 15 friends.

Where do you want to build with your friends? Or maybe you want to go solo and find an awesome new spot.

We've increased our land size. This Summer Update included a bigger /general world area. It's now at 15,000 and the closer to the world border you get the more 1.12.2 land you will find. Not only that, you can randomly teleport around. The /menu has a compass now at the bottom you can click to start teleporting. Or just type: "/rtp" in the game.

You will be told on the screen that you're about to teleport, and it will let you know where you ended up. If you like the spot and nobody else has used it yet: You can build there! If you see others have played there, try to teleport again to find untouched land. It is finally easier to find that Mesa biome or that Podzol biome you always wanted.

Side note: if you are an active player that's building and want better land protection. Show me what you've made so far and I can make it a protected region. We don't like grief, we don't allow grief. And we want regular active builders to feel safe. Feel free to contact me.

You still reading this? Man, that's pretty awesome. Thank you! It's a lot to write. It was a big Summer Update. I warned you earlier!

Okay, okay, maybe not everybody is your friend. Or actually, maybe it's more fun with friends! FIGHTING! Or rather, Player vs Player (pvp) is now enabled. Get your skills up, get your armour on, and take those weapons out for a spin. You can toggle your pvp status to ON, and fight a buddy (or enemy). By default PvP is OFF for everybody. You have to specifically turn it on.
Note please that pvp is best to played in unprotected land, while not being in a /party together, and when both players have it turned On. Some worlds don't allow pvp. But the global area of the wilderness (that's the /general and /mine worlds) both allow it. This is a bit confusing, but it comes down to: Almost everywhere, with a few exceptions. Have fun fighting, keep it friendly though. If you pick up their stuff you *can* keep it. It's not against the server rules to take your wins. But you probably are a nicer person if you return the armour and stuff back. That way you can keep fighting! Maybe be clear about your fight-rules before you turn pvp on.

Did you know you can now get the head of your victim upon their death? Aw year!

Type "/pvp" in the game to get started.

When you die by the way, it will be announced to the game. Actually, with this Summer Update all the deaths are announced, be it from a mob, a cactus, height or lava. Funny deaths are announced to the public now. Try them out? It's worth a laugh.

I forgot to mention earlier when I said mcMMO.. This is an RPG plugin that lets you level up your abilities. You can get double drops from mining for example, stuff like that. We've improved on our mcMMO. The way it displays in the chat, including while you're leveling up. And you can get more from it too. Achievements of getting to 10, 100, or 1000 levels are now announced to the global chat for all to see. And once in a while you can get a reward for leveling up as well. From now until the end of the year we're slowly introducing more and more mcMMO rewards as we keep making improvements.

Active players that join the server regularly will also notice we have more and more mcMMO events. A great way to grind in a party, to find new friends, to earn special rewards for participating during an event, and you won't miss out on those special 3x or even 4x XP moments.

Bonus feature: This one is a secret, .. ever wanted to see your skin as a massive statue? You can .. just msg floris in the game that you want to see your skin as a statue and I will see what I can do ;)

A little side-note, last Summer we got the new system in place. This Summer we've upgraded the system memory from 8gb to 40gb, giving the services, backups, servers etc more breathing space. It also allows us to do more behind the scenes without compromising performance to the players.
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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
Autumn Update 2018

The Summer has ended, things calmed down. Oh wait, no.. We've got Discord, Voting, and 1.13.2 ahead of us. Jeez, I better get at it. Right?

We've had indeed quite some updates, upgrades, improvements, converts, and events this Autumn, they're big enough that we've moved from 1MB 2.5 to 1MB 2.6, and it will go down in our history as the season we upgraded to 1.13.2.

First of all. Earlier in the Spring/Summer we've working on some RPG features, and to make the server a lot nicer for players. But what is a multiplayer server without a community right? We've focussed more on the forums, playing together with others. Helping each other out. Involving players in projects. And we've started a Discord channel. And it has paid off. A lot of friendly faces joined us and we've had loads of fun. Thanks for playing!

Talking about community, we've had a few events this year, such as Double exp mcMMO events, as well as Adventure maps. This Autumn we've had Halloween Month, Thanksgiving Week, and just the other day the Holiday Season has started with an Advent Calendar. What a fun way to end the year.

The Halloween event was so fun. You could go trick or treating by knocking on doors. Resulting in getting a trick, or a fun treat. All while exploring a custom Halloween world with fantastic builds made by emmabear.

It wasn't all fun though. We had a few network issues causing massive lag. That kinda ruined the fun for a few weeks. But we stuck together as a community and got through it. It's all ok now (yay).

October sure was spooky, loads of scary mobs, but maybe in 2019 Valentines can make up for it with only friendly mobs that give us hugs? We will see.

The Achievements, Hunting and Shops features were all updated.

While we were prepping for the big 1.13.2 update, we slowly started upgrading all our plugins to a verion that works on both 1.12.2 and 1.13.2, making this update go a lot smoother.

I mentioned shops, yes. Players can now create shops to buy and sell items. We also introduced other economy features such as /gift to quickly gift one or more items to a player. There's /trade, which lets you exchange items only if both parties agreed on an item exchange. And the shops.

Putting it all together, we asked some great builders like Vloop and TidalDawn, Emmabear and many others to come help us out at the new /warp shops area. Making fun builds look even better. Set up shops and get the ball rolling. Boy did they deliver. I had weeks of fun building, exploring, and improving the area. It gave us some great ideas on what to do next in 2019. So stay tuned, because we're not done yet!

Fun is what we are all about. And giving rewards to those who put their time and effort into playing is the least I can do. We've introduced Voting, so players can show their support for the server while helping it grow. And in return they can get points, exp levels, money, all sorts of stuff. And in 2019 the plan is to expand on this with some variety. Oh, and there are 5 unique OP items to be obtained with only these vote tokens. But let's not get into those details. This is about fun. '1MB Fun' shows up when there are enough players online. Posting math question.. wait that's not fun. Posting questions of all sorts and the first person to get it gets a little reward. It's really a fun time to see if you can beat a friend to the punch.

Punching, yes, pvp is working a lot better now. And we've asked around to see how we can improve on this - and we will improve on this. Bounty has been introduced, improved, and the money is higher. Players are able to slay each other for player heads and start collections. Now that we're on 1.132 by the way, there will soon be shops where these heads from mobs can be sold (I mean who need 500 cow heads right?)

There's a points shop. You can gain points by playing, voting, fishing, and saying hello to those who join. These points can be exchanged for some rare or fun items and commands. I can't wait to double the amount of options in 2019. Again, stay tuned.

The Autumn Update also included loads of little changes. Tweaks. I've worked on consistency. The Spring and Summer updates have helped us bring us new things, but in they were beta or just 'as is', or only partially configured. We've tried our best to balance things out during this Autumn period. Now that we have a bit of experience with some features, and received some player feedback.

We've introduced custom fireworks. A great fun way to have fun at Vloop's Disco party or upcoming New Years Eve. The confetti is my favorite!

Capturing mobs is possible now. Using a special arrow you can shoot certain mobs and instead of dying they will drop to the floor in a spawn egg. Super handy for transporting. This has gone pretty well. So we're doubling the animals types in 2019, at least. Making this a fun perk for all the groups.

Halloween lasted all month, we had like ten different features all trying to work together. Check out the threads on the forums to get the details.

Part of the Halloween update was also to clean up permissions, log files, usergroups, ranks, and obsolete plugins. Moving over from /command1 from some old plugin to /command1 in some awesome new plugin giving us loads more options. We've added over 500 commands, converted over 75+ of them, and adding more each week.

We've introduced Jobs, and a few other features that can make working on the server on your builds a bit easier and more fun. Don't forget to pick some jobs. Players can currently select up to 3!

While you are playing you don't want to die, lose your stuff, your exp. So we've introduced the option to bottle your exp in dragon breath and removed a cooldown on the /back command - making it also available to all groups. You still have to be careful, we're a survival server afterall, but this might help a little bit.

Especially since we upgraded not only from 1.12.2 to 1.13.2, but also from easy to normal. Which is a bit tougher, rougher, harder, .. stay safe!

Yes, 1.12.2 to 1.13.2, huge update. It took us month to prepare, test, convert, but we've done it. And I am really happy about this. HUGE update. Hence why we've moved from 2.5 to 2.6 of our 1MB version. Oh, we also moved from java 8 to java 9, and the system we run the server on has received new hardware. But those are boring tech details.

We've introduced a cosmetic perk for people who desire to support us not with just votes and gameplay, but by sending us a donation in the form of a personal gift. In return they get added to the blue group on discord and in-game. We're a free to play server, we don't sell ranks and stuff. But a donation is a way to support our forums, our community. And that includes Minecraft.

We've also had loads of fun with those summer updates. Those new rpg features. We've updated them were possible and fishing, hunting mobs, fighting mobs, and levelling pets has been a blast. But, there's some bad news. The upgrade to 1.13.2 broke the pet plugin. Yikes! We're looking into it to make it come back. I really really want it back!

Oh, I almost forgot - Thanksgiving. We had a turkey hunt, some mini games. And again everybody got together and had fun for a handful of days. Mini parkour, a maze made by Vloop, and all sorts of stuff. KingTux really came through for us with his plugin to help us catch those turkeys! Man, that was a blast.

Huge changes internally as well in the meantime. New homes system, new warps system, and we're finalizing the new kits system.

And one goal of Autumn Update wasn't to do a spring/summer update and then their maintenance in autumn update. But to introduce new things in the autumn update, and do their maintenance in the same period, near the end. All while upgrading to 1.13.2 - And phew, I pulled it off. Please do check the big long boring changelogs if you want all the details. I've tried to be as transparent as possible.

And now we're here, at the start of the Winter update. Which is all about fixing, tweaking, configuring, customizing and adding-back everything we enjoyed in 1.12.2 but now in 1.13.2, and slowly prepare for 1.14 that I am sure Mojang is going to release at some point. The Winter update will be about improving performance, stability, consistency, getting the most out of the big features that we use. Balancing the economy, introducing new and more mini games, and just playing together as a big community.

I hope it's all worth it, it was a lot of work. But it's a fun hobby and without your smiling faces I wouldn't' be this motivated to spend an extra hour or two going through configuration files making sure the game works as you expect it to do.

Another big update, I kept my promise to myself: Get 1.12.2 to the point where I am happy playing on it with my friends. Do seasonal updates that are worth a version number change. And involve the community in these changes so we're all having fun together. I think it's fair to say I might take Christmas off :)

I hope I didn't forget something (but I might edit it in later).


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
Spring 2019 has not been a major update, the focus was on performance, maintenance, and keeping things running.
We've done loads of stuff, but, nothing 'big' like we've done before. Maybe this summer again? :)
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