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1MB Skills and their Perks Information


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Jan 1, 2001
Due to a serious server crashing bug in the plugin and no resolve from the developer, we are forced to uninstall this feature until further notice.

For years we've had Jobs and mcMMO, but now we are trying to add something new to the server.

While you're playing you will automatically collect skill knowledge-exp for the skills mentioned in this thread (in almost all the worlds). With enough knowledge exp you gain a knowledge level for that skill. With enough knowledge-levels you will be able to unlock and use skill perks.

Throughout this year more and more of these skills will get unlocked on the 1MB server.

I want to point out that we are running this on the server as a trial. Features and perks might come and go as we see fit. If we're unhappy with this new plugin we might decide to uninstall it at some point.

Before we start, you might have noticed an advancement unlocking for joining the server, this is to get you some base xp. Thank you for playing. Almost all exp gaining actions are automatic. All you have to do is just play to earn exp.

To start:

Get yourself a fletching table, and place it at your base.
Then right-click the SIDES of the FLETCHING TABLE and a menu will open.
All the skills that are unlocked on the server that you've collected skill exp points will be listed here.
Clicking on a skill, for example, Discovery will show you a list of perks. Some with various levels, and others are just an on-off toggle.

For now: We will start with join bonus exp and the skill Discovery. Just play, the exp will come automatically. When you have enough exp you will level up your knowledge. With enough knowledge points you can use or unlock perks.
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