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1MB Skills and their Perks Information


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
Received this explanation;

Every player has a Master XP and a Master level. Which is just the culmination of the overall xp that they have.

Each skill Earns you Xp towards itself. With that Xp in skills, you can spend it on its adaptations, and some adaptations give you xp for just using them.

To unlock a skill you need to have earned enough XP is the respective skill (lets say fishing) and then you after leveling up fishing roughly 0.64 times will get 1 power in fishing, so after 10 levels up in fishing you will have 6 seaborn power (6.4 roughly but its not a solid number) And the master level after you earn about 6.4 levels above you gain 1 master power (one skill unlocked) and this 0.64 is everywhere