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1MB Soul Bind Items to Players

Discussion in 'Features' started by Floris, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    To further celebrate in 2021 that we're a decade old community, we are introducing the Celebration Soul.

    We have Celebration Mikey, Celebration Lootbox, Celebration Stick, etc. And now: Celebration Soul.

    With the power of all the legacy players from 2011 and 2012, we can now (at least in 2021) soul bind an item to you.

    Before we tell you how, let's tell you something you should be aware of:

    - This works in 1.16.x, as long as we're on 1.16 we can offer this feature in 2021 during our Celebration year.
    - We do not know if this will work on 1.17 or in 2022. Please be aware of this. This helps you protect your items 'now', rather than all the way into the future.

    Another thing to be aware of:

    Once you have finished building your item, it is your item. You might wish to soul bind the item to you. It's the final stage basically of your item.

    You will no longer be able to:
    - craft items with it,
    - enchant it in an enchantment table,
    - use it in an anvil, this includes /anvil and renaming.
    - share it with others; it's bound to you.
    - Oh, and you can still accidentally /trash it, be careful.

    Now let's get to the good stuff:

    - Soul bind can technically override Curse of Vanishing, but it's not a promise.
    - Others cannot use your item, so they can not steal it when you accidentally drop it.
    - They can also not use your item if they do have it in their inventory. They even receive a warning.
    - They can not get it from a container, like a chest or hopper. So that's pretty cool.
    - You cannot accidentally sell it on /ah or /sell, phew!
    - When you die and your items drop, your soul bound items will return to your inventory.
    - If you drop the item, others won't be able to pick it up. yay!

    Okay, that's all pretty nifty, let's get to the part on how to get this.

    You can obtain Soulbind from a drop party, special events, certain temporary kits, and by trading special celebration items with celebration mikey (when he has it).
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2021
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