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1MB Tool Enchantments Discussion


I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
Hey you :D

What are your thoughts about having some enchantments like charges, or miner eyes, or .. well, what do you wish we'd have? That we could merge onto our tools for a 1MB Mining experience?

Don't make it too complicated or unrealistic, but feel free to think outside of the box.

Imagine going downstairs into a deep mine and having miner eyes on your pickaxe, forged with some emeralds you received from voting. And randomly getting night vision on your tool for a period of time.

Or maybe while mining you drop some archeology scrolls you can exchange at /spawn with a villager to get a 1MB Enchantment Book that lets you forge some of your tools to have a certain enchant.

Let us know what you wish for, imagine, and hope we'd introduce at some point.

Thinking outloud here, but maybe an instant miner, that lets you instantly mine certain blocks, but not things like ores and some other stuff. And maybe for a period of time, like 15 to 45 seconds, depending on the level of enchantment.

Or maybe a power enchant, that lets you break the block you're mining and a nearby block. Not a double dropper, but a double-breaker. As if you have Range II on your pickaxe and can mine more than the one you're hitting.