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Buying and Selling items on the 1MB /market


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Jan 1, 2001
Yep, that's right. You can craft items, and sell them. Or, if others have them, buy them from other players. We have an economy and your /money can be used to sell and buy items on the global /market.

To get started make sure you have some money. To find out how much you have, type: /money

To get started with the market type: /market

This will give you a window where you can see items for sale by other players (or yourself).
The page also has a few icons at the bottom to get you an overview of what you have on sale, which items have expired, and a help page.

To sell something, hold the item(s) in your hand and type the market command, with the option to sell, and the amount of money you want for those items.
For example, hold a diamond in your hand and type: /market sell 100
This will put the diamond on the 1MB Market, and if someone buys it, then you get $100 in your /money added.

The staff members sometimes have awesome stuff left over that they want to spoil the players with. So make sure you get some money and then keep an eye on /market. Before you know it you can own a dragon head for just $1000, instead of normal $10,000 price.

Notice: All currency is virtual, in-game. And you do not have to use real money. We obviously also cannot exchange in-game money for real money.

Items you can sell:

If you can hold it in your hand, you can /market sell # (where # is the amount you want for it)

So from stone, dirt, and diamonds, all the way to unique books, renamed items, and event rewards.

How much is something worth?

Our economy is pretty new, and always changing. Ask what you want for it, and maybe ask the people online first what they think it is worth it.

Diamonds go for $100 to $250 each.
Basic blocks go for $1 per block.
Rare items usually go for $10 per item.
Really rare items usually go for $100 per item.
Unique items can go for $10,000 to $100,000 each.


Technically, you can type: /market, and all the features are there. But you can also run some commands from the chat.

/market - open the 1MB Market
/market menu - open the 1MB Market in menu mode
/market search <filter> - view items matching search filter
/market sell <price> - sell the item you are holding in hand
/market selling - view the items you are selling
/market sold - view the items you have sold recently
/market expired - view your expired items to return
/market cancel - cancel all your auctions
/market return - return all your cancelled/expired items

The amount of items you can sell is limited to the group you are in.
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