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Discord Coins Feature


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Jan 1, 2001
Hey everybody, we've got Discord coins!

We've had them for a while and some Discord community members have already been trying them out, grinding their balance. But it's time we fully introduce them. So here we are!

Before we begin, let's clarify our community economy.

- On the forums here at omgboards.com we might have some hidden point system, nobody generally sees that.
- In the Minecraft game we have /Jobs Points, /mcstats levels, the economy /balance (/money), and besides vote points we have the /points shop.
- And now on Discord we have a fun little coins feature giving you 1MB Coins on Discord.

But what can you do with all that stuff, why isn't there just one economy?

Great question, well, mainly because the minecraft server has no clue what's going on in Discord or on the Forums. And the Discord bots don't have a clue what's happening with the economy on the server and the forums. You can see the problem. But, that doesn't mean we can't have some fun with what we gain point wise, be it a post count on this forum, a discord coin balance, or some mcMMO levels, or ingame /money /balance.

So, we've got a shop in-game where you can use your /points points, and your /money can be used on /trade and /market, stuff like that. And now Discord has a !shop as well in a new channel called #discord-coins (I know, super original name, right.. if you have any suggestions on a better one please do let me know).

What can you get from the Discord Shop?

Hold on, we're not there yet. Let's explain coins first.

How do you get coins?

Just, by being active. Come to the #discord-coins channel and type !daily, to get some daily coins. And type !work every hour to collect some work coins. There are a few other ways, such as games, but also through boosters. We have some extra coin-boosters (see below), and you can use games like !dice and rock paper scissors to try and use your coin balance to earn more.

There should be a pinned message in the channel that has a list of all the commands. If not, type: !help economy

What can you do with your coins?

Now we're there, let's use them! Type !shop
It will list what you can do, you can use them to buy Discord items, which will go to your Discord inventory.

Once in your inventory you can use them, show floris what you have when you want to use something, for example an mcMMO or Discord booster, or a Minecraft bedrock pickaxe or to discuss adding soulbind to one of your tools.

Yep, you got that right, post on the forums, play ingame, participate in events, or be active on Discord, and you can get drops for all these fancy things, or maybe earn enough coins to buy souldbind from the shop, stuff like that..

What about buying a or b c or ..

Yes yes, we're still new to this, we can add more things over time, for example .. a one time way to exchange coins for ingame money, or ingame points. Or maybe we will have a builders box with build-blocks that saves you time from mining and lets you go straight to building.

Coin Boosters

There are a few times that we automatically turn on boosters for coins, during this period you can gain an extra % when doing things like !work.

(Dates are based on your server's timezone (Europe/Amsterdam))
- Users will gain 30% more 1MB Coins from 2:00 AM to 3:00 AM, each day
- Users will gain 10% more 1MB Coins from Friday 6:00 PM to Friday 11:59 PM, each week
- Users will gain 2% more 1MB Coins from 22nd 12:01 AM to 29th 11:59 PM, each month
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