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    1MB is a public, family-friendly #minecraft survival server, version 1.16.5.
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Discussion in 'Players Lobby' started by Floris, May 18, 2019.

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  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    This is a placeholder thread for the future 1MoreBlock.com /emotes feature, version 1.x


    This is the 1MB Emotes Package for CMI plugin. Somewhat of a 'drop in solution' to add just under 100 emotes to your server (like /kiss, /punch, /dab, /fight, etc..).

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMTIEXAarWg

    Users on the 1MoreBlock.com:25565 Survival server will be able to use these once it's done. We're still in development status. Once we're done testing we will go live with these commands.

    Everybody else who has their own server and wishes these emotes, welp .. download the .zip.

    [Status: In development]
    [Version: 1.0.0, build 0.0.6, internal]
    [Author: Floris Fiedeldij Dop (mrfloris)

    The .zip file will (eventually) include a couple of files. The 1MB-Emotes.yml file that's part of CMI's CustomAlias.yml file that comes with CMI. Copy paste the content from it to add the custom aliases. There's a CustomText/emotes.txt file that will be the 'help', and adds the /emotes command itself. And optionally a GUI file called BSP-emotes.yml for BossShopPr:wave:shops/BSP-emotes.yml which allows someone to /bs emotes.

    bossShopPro permissions:
        - BossShop.open.command.emotes
        - BossShop.close
    Cooldown: 5 minutes to avoid spam, this is per command, there's no way to cooldown this group.
    Cost: $1000 through CMI's vault economy, to avoid spam.

    Customization requires editing the YAML/txt files manually and using a smart (regex) search/replace. If you have any suggestions, please contribute them through our Discord, this forum thread, or on SpigotMC. Complaints are simply ignored, I am not a wizard. This is not a plugin.

    Tested with: Spigot 1.14.1 (but should work on Paper) and CMI (but could work on older), and probably also works on 1.13.2.

    If you desire to limit the emotes to groups, as a perm, say for BuyCraft (or whatever they're called now) then go into the '/cmi aliaseditor' and toggle 'require custom permission' from false to true, and update your group/player permission(s). By default all 90 are available.
    CMI permissions: (if you enable them)
    /yeet (will be cmi.customalias.yeet)
    Help, it doesn't work: Include additional information so I can try to reproduce the steps you took (spigot/paper version, cmi version, and emotes package version, and what you were doing, where the error is, what you were expecting and what isn't working. screenshots are appreciated)

    Suggestion! If you have any suggestions to improve wording, grammar, spelling, features, particles, etc. Please do post them, we're open to changing, adding, within reason.

    Since most people don't read: You can't use this yet. I am still working on it.
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    Last edited: May 21, 2019
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