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Events events events


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Jan 1, 2001
This thread is a bit of extra information about the events on the server, so you better understand how we do them, etc.

We run a public server, the one you play on daily. It's 1moreblock.com on the default port. 25565

The public server can have monthly events, this does mean we might not have an event every single month, but, it's what we aim for.

Events range from a fun game, a new feature, to a completely new world with creative mode, xp contest, etc.

Not all the events are daily, or on the public server. We might have private events, unannounced ones, or events specific for usergroups. We do this to create variety, reward legacy or vip players, or just because we're all online and an admin goes 'lets do this or that tonight?' and invites the online players.

Most events will be announced in-game, or at least the invited players will get an in-game message. We will also announce upcoming events on the events forums here.

The events will have a prefix to indicate if they are upcoming, active, or over. Keep an eye on the green active ones, and see if you can/want to participate.

Most events are just for fun, to improve gameplay and build a community of friends. Most events will come with rewards. Upcoming events that are announced ahead of time usually come with prizes and rewards. If an events like an adventure map is on a separate whitelisted server, the items can not be carried over. Any prize/reward paid out will be paid out on the public server (and you get to keep those). The reason for this is that if we have a creative build contest, that someone could obviously spawn in an inventory of diamond blocks, and take it to the main server - that would be a bit unfair hehe.

Okay, prizes, these are the fun part. Some events will have small ones, others will have big ones. Prizes range from in-game items, in-game currency, unique items, temporary access to cool features like flying, access to play around on the /test map in creative mode for a while. Or to get on the list for the next private event list. Who knows! Prizes change per event, obviously.

Basically, we aim to have a monthly event to keep things interesting, on the public server. This way there's something that everybody can participate in as long as they are an active member.

On top of that, we might have little xp-events for mcMMO, where you can double, triple, or in a rare case even quadruple your mcMMO skills gains. XP events can last 5 minutes to 5 days. Keep an eye out.

Additionally, we aim to have an event that is 'extra', such as the adventure map for February. It won't be there every day, but one or two weekends in the month. And only open to active players who respond to the in-game advertisement of the event. These events can be, but aren't always announced as upcoming. For example, the January hardcore event was spontaneous, and lasted for the night. (And something we will definitely do again, it was pretty awesome).

How to make the most of it all? Keep an eye on the events forums, the changelog thread, and of course be active in-game as that's probably the best place to see events being announced.

Have any ideas for an event? Excellent! Contact mrfloris in-game in private, and maybe I can consider it for the next month.


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001

The Summer 2017 Events are being prepared as we speak. Check back daily to find out what's new, not to mention prepare for July when things double up with events every weekend.


New year! Welcome to 2018 :)
Interested in some events? Contact me!
Because we have a whole pile lined up for you :)


We had a Summer Sea event; https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-summer-sea-adventure.261424/
[edit] This event is now over.

Missed it? We might have another Adventure at the end of August.


There's an mcMMO Acrobatics Triple Exp event going on right now. The last couple of rounds will be today on Sunday.
Check the #events discord channel for active details, or the events thread on the forums here:

Edit: Ended! We had a great month!

Halloween month has started, enjoy this event that lasts throughout October 2018 and will slowly get updated each day with fixes, features, or better loot. #spooky

More info here:

EDIT: The thanksgiving event has ended :)

Up next!

Thanksgiving event;

Expected dates: 20th to 24th of November, 2018. Don't miss out!

It's December, the holiday season event has started :)

View: https://youtu.be/mlb5go7FRYw

The game now has a command called: /event
This (unless I forget to update it) should inform you of an active event, if any (and otherwise it will tell you so) or any upcoming event.
The 2018 events are all over.
The next official 1MB event is Valentines. It will be a small one, and from the 13th to 15th of February 2019.

Announcement: Monthly mcMMO Events (per skill, once a month)


Announcement: Theme Contest: Easter build contest (until Easter 2019)


Announcement: Weekend Hardcore Event


The Hardcore Weekend Event has ended, as well as the Theme Contest Event for April.

We're in May now, let's start with something fun: A May Treasure Event. See the forum thread for details.

The May Treasure Event has Ended.

Next: Monthly mcMMO Event

July 6th and 7th, we had a build weekend! Theme: Fossils

We will have more of these, subscribe to the forum to get notified of new threads, or participate in our Discord and enable @everyone, so you don't miss out.

Crazy Booster Weekend is starting in an hour for this weekend;

Small reminder that on the 18th the monthly mcMMO event takes place, and that this weekend's halloween event is a quad-boss fight.

The Halloween Month events are still in full force! From custom name tags, nicknames, fun items, and goodie bags, all the way to ghost hunting and more!

Here's what we're doing this weekend

The Halloween Month events are slowly coming to an end, but we're not going out without a bang.


More information here:

Next event is later this month; THANKSGIVING, here's a sneak peak
View: https://youtu.be/SpVoRCOpoys

The 2019 Thanksgiving event has started, help catch all the escaped turkeys.

[edit] This event has ended.

The 2019 Holiday Season is still going on strong. First we had halloween, then thanksgiving, and we're ending it with a daily event:

The 1MB Advent Calendar, more information here:

A four give-away event has started on Discord, it will expire December 31st when we will randomly pick who gets which give-away box. Details are on Discord.

The Summer Events are live, just a few more weeks :)

The Summer Events continue now in September, with the dangerous caves in the mining world.

The next event will be the Fall Season on 1MB, this includes the October "Spooky month", that ends with a 4 to 6 days Halloween event, followed by maybe Thanksgiving and maybe a Winter Advent Calendar for the Holiday season

The next event will be the Fall Season Thanksgiving Event.

Thursday, 26 November

The next events will be in 2021 our "celebration year"

The Halloween Event 2021 has ended.

Next: Holiday Season in December.

Christmas event 2021 starts december 1st.

PVP birthday event has ended, next is valentines day
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Jan 1, 2001
edit: this event has now ended

Next: valentines day 2023
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Jan 1, 2001

The threads from 2017 to 2022 have been merged together in a single post.

The next event is probably Easter or the Spring festival.


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