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  1. Connect today Guest, to explore, mine, build and survive.
    1MB is a public, family-friendly #minecraft survival server, version 1.12.2.
    We're small, but have a friendly face. Invite your friends and come play!
    Features include: mcMMO RPG, Rewards for Achievements, a /market,
    Multiple worlds, sit on a chair, events, Economy, and more.

Fun features

Discussion in 'MineCraft' started by Floris, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Besides the default vanilla Minecraft features, there are a few extras that our server offers.
    Some features are limited to certain usergroups.

    mcMMO is an RPG add-on to Minecraft, the more you play, the better you get at certain skills. And the higher you rank. Earn extra perks by chopping trees, mining, and farming.
    Keep an eye on the exp rate. During certain weekends, events, holiday seasons we might turn on double, tripple, or even quadruple exp rate to help you quickly grind a skill to a top10 level! So check in regularly.

    Yes, we will have events. Some private, some public, some spontaneously, some advertised ahead of time. A great way to earn money, perks, and prizes. Keep an eye on the forums, and be sure to be in-game when the staff are to not miss out.

    Chairs, tired of building or need a break? Take a seat! Right click on a stairs block and you will sit down.

    Want an armour stand in your design that has a certain position? We have a few options for you. Contact us in-game for some help with your armour stand. We for example can make it small, or add arms, have it wear a sword, etc.

    Yes, you can get some unique and cool stuff, or skip mining and just buy the blocks you need. We have a small economy. Joining the server you get $10 once, and it's up to you to grow it to a million! Using the 1MB Market Place you can sell your stuff, or use your earned money to buy more stuff.

    Chest and door Protection.
    You place a chest, boom, it's yours. You can use /LWC to protect or unlock your locked items. Doors and chests and a few more things can be protected or unlocked. This way you are certain those griefers don't get to your goodies. Only the admins can view chest content. [staff] operators can not.

    By the way, [builders] and [staff] can request admins to put a world protection area around their build to guarantee protection. Contact us to get started! Oh, are you an active player that made an amazing area that you need protecting? Contact mrfloris, you might just get a builder group upgrade, or a world area protection update.

    Warps, teleports, and homes.
    Check out /home, /warps, and /tp commands. Depending on which group you're in you can use them (or not), or even set them, or have more use of the command. Almost none of our commands have cooldowns.
    I.e. The default group has a few homes they can set, and a builder might have 5 or 10 more homes they can set.
    You can also teleport to other players, request to teleport to them (or decline incoming teleports), and warp/teleport between worlds. (Like, you can type: /spawn, at any time, or jump to /mine to go mining).

    And there are a bunch more, maybe it's more fun discovering them while you play! Join and idle, keep an eye on the live chat and maybe you will discover a couple that we don't mention here.

    Have a question about a certain command, or keep getting 'unknown', or 'permission denied'? Just ask someone in-game, and if nobody's around perhaps here on the forums.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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