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Groups / Ranks


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To avoid confusion. We do not really have ranks, roles, or groups, I consider them all to be the same. Someone on Discord with the role 'Builder', is in the game a 'Builder' group, and that's basically their rank too. I will in this text use 'group', which just means the same for all.

At /spawn there's a hologram you can find that shows you the group you're currently in, right-clicking the hologram opens a book with this information.

A quick summary:

Join the server for the first time:
This is our "1MB New" group.

Play a bit and when turns out you're a nice person:
Default => 1MB Player

From Player, over time, the path to higher groups is as such:

Player => Member => Boosted Member => Builder => Boosted Builder

Optionally, one could consider supporting the server (for example through PayPal). Or, when available, buy an EPIC group slot. From any player-group listed above, they can become:

Patron => MVP => EPIC

Certain players from 2011/2012 can become:


Certain players from 2013/2021 can become:


And certain players can become a team member:

Community Helper => Community Admin

Nobody can become the owner.

The long version:

"first time joiner" (default)
When a new player joins the Minecraft server for the first time, they by default end up in the group "Default", upon certain actions (including behavior and activity) they get upgraded to "Player", which increases their ability to set a home to a couple of homes. Technically someone in the Player group has all the required permissions to play a vanilla Minecraft game.

You're automatically in this default "1MB New" group, just play and play fair, then you don't get kicked or banned, and you can progress to the new group as a returning player.

"returning player" (player/member)
Once a user in the group 1MB Player remains active, has a base, and has had no issues with the Community Guidelines, they can get upgraded to 1MB Member. Incrementing some of their unlocked permissions. This basically happens automatically, if you've been around a long tme and it still hasn't happened yet, feel free to join our Discord.gg/floris community and give us a poke there.

"returning regulars" (members/boosted members)
Over time, a 1MB Member who feels they need a bit more can request to become an 1MB Boosted Member, this is currently known as the Boosted group.

Someone in the Member or Boosted member groups, is at their most comfortable for Survival gameplay on the server. They've got some extra permissions to make survival more convenient and have a bit less annoying warmups or cooldowns. Giving them more freedom to grind for resources and build more bases.

"builders" (builders/rogues)
Over time when a 1MB Boosted Member has become a solid member of the community, has no infractions on their accounts, and their builds and build and build, and their positive behavior stood out and got noticed. They can request to become a Builder. Giving them access to creative mode through /letmebuild in the world /builders in their protected private plots. Additional builders commands will unlock such as 'jump to where you point' by using a compass or typing the /j command.

Builders and up will show as green generally, giving access to green group perms, such as extra /spawners, /builders access, and additional commands. And even less to almost no warmup/cooldown commands.

Just like the Members group, there's a Boosted group for builders, it's called the Rogue group. Builders who contributed to server builds like spawns, warps, events, and are still an active/regular player, can request to become a Rogue member. The highest group obtainable at the moment for new members (that doesn't potentially cost money).

"server supporters" (Patron, MVP, epic)
Above the yellow and green groups are the blue groups. These inherit the rogue group, but are identified as a community supporter, or Patron. Someone can donate $35 or higher to get added to this group. As a thank you for their support of such an amount, we update their group for free to Patron.

And if a person in the Patron group wanted to be a Boosted Patron, they can support us again, any amount, to get an update to the boosted Patron group. Which is called MVP.

Finally, above MVP is a unique club of EPIC players. A group that has limited slots. Only once every other year or so one or a few slots open at a certain amount. And on a first-come, first-go basis. Those who really wish to show their love for the server can get an EPIC slot. Bumping them to the EPIC group. This is technically the highest obtainable group that potentially costs money.

Note please that these are two primary groups, as we see them. Someone can be a 'default' player, while still donating. Technically our system will see them as 'default', as well as Patron. If for some reason someone loses their Patron group, their primary group will then be Default. If someone is a Builder and becomes an EPIC player, and for some reason loses their EPIC group, they will be reset to Builder. (To just give two examples).

Besides these primary groups, we have two special player-groups, and three team-groups. The special player groups are Legendary, and Veteran. And the 3 team-groups are Community Helper/Assistant, Admin, and Owner.

"the second generation" (veterans)

The Veteran group sits alongside a primary group, letting everybody know they've build up significant playtime between 2013 and 2021 in the /general world. We consider these veterans from the second era of the server.

"the first generation" (legendaries)
The Legendary group sits alongside a primary group, letting everybody know they've built up a history with the server owners during the start of the server. They're the legacy players from 2011/2012. We consider these legacy players from the first era of the server. And they have access to build in creative mode in the read-only world /legacy.

Players cannot upgrade to these two groups. One is either eligible and in it, or not.

"staff members" (community helpers and admins)
For the team groups, we don't really have regular moderators and administrators. We have players who are super friendly and love to be active players and help out those with questions. They are either a Community Helper, or Community Admin. We don't have staff applications unless we put out an #announcement on Discord for it. Asking 'can i be staff' without us asking to apply, usually gets someone on the 'do not make staff, probably here for the status' list.

And then there's the owners' group. With legacy owner MadMikeyB, and active owner (me) mrfloris.

A "Builder" or "Player" can become a team member, they will keep their primary group, and have their helper group or admin group as a sub-group. Which will inherit permissions from other groups. But if they ever get removed from the team, they will reset back to Builder or Player.
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