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Groups / Ranks

Discussion in 'Group and Rank Unlocks' started by Floris, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Yes, we have a few groups.
    By default new players join the [default] group.
    This shows as a yellow color.

    Once you have become a regular and are an active player, you could earn an upgrade to the builder group.
    This is done manually, and only very rarely.
    The prefix is [Builder] and shows in a green color.

    At some point we will have the Veteran or Legacy group prefix, but right now the old crew are team members. Their color is a dark red.

    Everybody that joins the server is free to build in a free spot in the /general world.
    The builder group has a few handy extra privileges and commands. So stay active, and enjoy these perks. From 2019 onwards, inactive players (for an extended period of time) will automatically get downgraded to default, opening up slots for new active players.

    Everybody can visit the temporary worlds and take their resources (mine, end, nether).
    But not everybody can join certain worlds, some however can 'explore' the /legacy world in adventure mode, and for example only legacy/team can build in it.

    Creative mode is not available to [default] and [builder] groups. And only allowed to be used by [staff] in /legacy and /test. (With the exception of the /builders world)

    The unique /builders world is semi perm, semi temporary. Once we've completed builds we might move them to other words, remove them from builders. If the 'builders' world is empty we will clean it up with a new version, starting fresh. Access to things like creative mode in the /builders world is very limited, *any* abuse from being granted this privilege will result in a perm ban on your account (so pls be nice)

    mcMMO is available to all groups.
    And every group has a handful of homes they can set with /sethome (and use with /home).

    We are currently not looking for more staff members, but we always keep our eyes open for awesome active players that we believe deserve the [builder] upgrade.

    There is a hidden usergroup, it's for naughty people. They end up in /visitjail - or even end up being banned.

    Oh, and while it's 100% completely free to play, we always welcome a donation to keep the place running.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2020
Thread Status:
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