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Groups / Ranks


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Group Basics

When a person joins the 1MB server for the first time, technically they are in a very limited usergroup we call 'First'.

After some 'human' interaction, they will automatically upgrade to the default group called 1MB Player, we call this group 'Player'.

The Player group has access to all the available worlds, even if it is in adventure mode. Some other groups will have additional access, from survival to even sometimes creative.

As a person is more active on the server, they gain player-time, reputation points, they mine, get achievements, advancements, build a base, set a home, etc. They're becoming part of the 1MB community.

In order for a person to upgrade to a higher group or rank, they have to respect our /rules, both on the forums, discord, and the game server. Having your account in good standing makes you eligible for certain group upgrades.

Upgrades for a person can be either free, which is what happens most of the time. Or they are a one time optional donation. We're not in it for the money, choosing to donate is you showing some love to our community.

Group Upgrades (free)

A Player can upgrade to become a 'Member', when they play within the /rules, play fair, and have a certain amount of playtime. This should happen fairly automatic, but it will be possible with a command to try and upgrade yourself.

A Member group can have more homes, more shops, sell more things on the /market, and have a handful of additional permissions. A person in the Member group is eligible to request an upgrade to the 'Boosted' group.

The Boosted group inherits the permissions from the previous Member group, but has additional permissions, and a higher number of homes, shops, etc. Requests are done either through an upgrade command, or the forums. You're free to ask staff about this.

A Boosted Member meeting certain playtime, statistics, and has their account in good standing can request on the forums to become a 'Builder'.

A Builder has escalated permissions, for example access to build in creative mode in some plots in the /builders world. Access to other features such as /j and the use of a teleport compass are also included. The builder is the first group where the color changes from Yellow to a Green.

Traditionally Builders were rarely selected by the owners of the server, it is now possible to also request the upgrade.

A person who's been a Builder for a long time and has made fantastic plots in the /builders world is eligible for an upgrade to become a Boosted Builder. Just like a Boosted Member, it inherits from the previous group, and expands on the permissions and features again.

This boosted group is called 'Rogue' and lets others show you're a hardcore player on this server, a survivor, resource gatherer, builders, etc. On a lot of servers this equals MVP. Who knows, maybe we will change the name in the future.

Group Upgrades (not free)

Through a one time donation in the form of a personal gift over PayPal, it is possible to jump the line, and become basically a Boosted Builder, but in the form of a donation of USD$39 or higher.

A person who donated $39 or more will be upgraded to the 'Donator' group. Which comes with all of the inherited Boosted Builder permissions, and a few more. Including access to an exclusive Donator Kit that has a Thank you PayPal item in it that can't be obtained otherwise. You will be able to use an in-game /nick instead of your game name, and you will show in a Blue color.

Members in the Donator group will also show as a donator on Discord and the forums. And have access to build in creative in /Builders and /Sanctuary.

Another group that inherits from the Donators group is the very exclusive 'Epic' group. It only has a handful of slots available, and requires a certain amount over PayPal to fill that slot. More information here: https://omgboards.com/threads/group-epic.261863/

A person in the Epic group will have access to in-game chat colors, a gradient /nick, and can request creative mode for worlds like /wild and /souls, and can even request their own /worldname.

Members of non-free and legacy groups will be announced with a special message when they join the game. As a thank you for their contribution.

Legacy Group

There is a special legacy group called 'Legendary'. It's for old-friends who've been with the server since day 1 back in 2011. They've always been on the same level as other operators and administrators. A trusted group with access to the /legacy world, access to this group is no longer possible. But the people from back then can always request the upgrade to get access to their legacy builds.

Team Groups

Please never ask for a team position, we already know you. If we need additional team members we will reach out to you. You're free to ask about our team setup, but please don't ask to become part of the team. We will automatically assume you want the status, and decline the request.

But, there are a few additional groups for team members. Someone can have their primary group as one of the above groups. And then have a sub-group for Community Helper, Server Admin, or Network Owner.

A 'Helper' is a person who has a friendly smile, loves to assist players in-game with their questions and problems. They're the go to person to reach out to if you need staff.

An 'Admin' is a person just like a Helper, but can manage players, and team members. As other team members, an Admin can help run the server for events, check on cheaters, enforce /rules, etc.

An 'Owner' is or are the people that literally own the game server. We manage the team, sometimes the players, and try to do our best to keep the server online and running.

There are also ranks through the Jobs and mcMMO and 1MB-Ranks systems, for example you can level up your /jobs, become a veteran or master fisherman. If you start an mcMMO party you're the party owner or leader, and there are some 1MB-Ranks that are still secret, but players can auto upgrade to through various ways. But more about ranks in a different discussion.
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