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over Holiday-season Event 2023

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Jan 1, 2001
# The Holiday-season Event for 2023

## Christmas Crackers
We're going to end the year with a bang, and with that I mean: Christmas Crackers. These are special blazerods that you can obtain and right-click to open. Popping out some gifts. How fun is that?

## Santa Visits You
Also, Santa, he will be visiting player bases daily; of some of our new and regular players. So tidy up and clean your /home, because you never know if Santa announces his visit. He will walk around exploring it for 15 minutes, and dropping little gifts for you to pick up.

## Daily Advent Calendar
Not only those things, we're going to end the year with a daily advent calendar you can find in `/santa` (find Santa in his little workshop) Join the server daily and pick up your advent gift. These will come with unique items, special vouchers, and lots of fun loot to help you decorate and build your 2024 base to the max. Don't miss a day, because if you miss a day, you can't open it a day later.

## Custom Winter Dimension
As with most of our events we have a custom world you can visit only during the 1MB events, and this year is no different. Bigger than before, with new builds, and more decorations: You can explore the custom Santa world by typing `/santa` on December 1st 2023, and it will stay open until the 30th of December 2023.

## Christmas Morning Gift
AND NO, that's not all, if you have enough playtime you will find a gift below the big tree on Christmas morning with your name on it. You will have a week to pick it up in /santa.

## Personal Christmas Tree
But wait, that's not all, you will also be able to obtain a Christmas Crystal, which lets you build your own custom xmas-tree at your own base. Give it enough room, because it will grow grow grow with enough ingredients, and presents will spawn below that tree too. Just right click those gifts and pick up what pops out.

## Extra Daily Fun
And if you think that's everything: You're wrong..
- Random Admin Gifts
- Random Money Drops
- Extra Lootboxes in /santa
- A secret or two? NO HINTS this year (it's in /santa)
- Daily mcMMO & Jobs Boosters (rate: 9 for 9mins)

## RPG/MMO Feature Unlocks
ANDDD.. yes, there's more, you will hopefully find out mcMMO and Jobs unlocks for /oneblock, and more skills MMO in the fletching table skills will be unlocked,

## Global Voting
AAAnd the voting system will unlock in all worlds. That includes oneblock and skyblock too.

## You Build You Tube
AAnnnnnndd, maybe I will come and record exploring your builds and publish them as youtube videos. So Subscribe to not miss out! <https://youtube.com/@mrfloris>

## Extra Kits
OH OH .. And get your fall box for 2023, because the Winter Box 2023 should unlock in the last week of December. NOPE, we won't stop there. There is a Christmas Box 2023 as well in `/kits` in December.

## And more?
Probably, but you have to be in-game to find out and not miss out. Please post your santa screenshots of your winter builds, your christmas skin, or what you find in /santa in <#822624094830198784> in December, .. and who knows, WHO KNOWS!!

So yeah, you're going to have to expand your base for all the extra fun, it just won't fit ..

*We're looking for more Helpers, but more about that in 2024.*

# For now: HO HO HOOOOOOOOoo it's almost Christmas, and we're going to enjoy the Holiday Season again on the server `1MoreBlock.com` starting December 1st, 2023 (to 30th)

Live updates in the discord.gg/floris #events channel (and if I don't forget, this thread)
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