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Important: Minecraft accounts migrate to Microsoft accounts


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
Hey everybody, this impacts your java account(s). So for once, pay a little attention because if you ignore this you will no longer be able to play on Hypixel, 1MoreBlock, or anywhere.

Okay, now that I have your attention with some fear mongering. Let's get to it.

Mojang recently announced that they've made a new home for their java accounts, and it will go through Microsoft Accounts (MSA). This means there's a migration that needs to happen.

Important to know in October 2020:

Others shouldn't link you, Mojang will let you know when you're account is ready to migrate. Make sure you don't get scammed/tricked.

This isn't live 'right now', you can continue playing until it's time to migrate.

Important to know for the future:

This will happen, migrating is mandatory. It will happen in batches, new accounts are going to be on MSA, and existing accounts will gradually migrate and eventually it will be your turn too.

You will get a cape, if you already have an account. As a thank you for playing.

If you make an MSA account please note that this isn't your in-game name. You get to keep your java in game name. Like me, if you were mrfloris today in java edition, you will be mrfloris in the future as well. Don't worry about that.

Important to know in general:

As always, it's important to know your email address and password, so you can properly manage your Minecraft accounts. Now and in the future on MSA. So make sure you have full access to a valid and working email account. And to make sure others can't migrate your account if you're sharing it (you really should not do that), then change the password or even the email on it. Make sure You are in control of Your accounts.

Okay, that's about it for now, and yes, both Mojang accounts and MSA accounts can play on our servers. But in the future in 2021 when Mojang decides that everybody has to be on MSA, then only MSA accounts will be able to connect. This means if you by then haven't migrated: you can't play. So don't ignore Mojang's request to migrate, it will help you to keep playing.

Now for some official information:



View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9cqIwrgz7w

Questions? Feel free to ask.

And to clarify: This is not 1MB doing this, this is a Mojang change.