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Information: 1MoreBlock and Minecraft 1.17


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Jan 1, 2001
Dear excited players,

Wow, what bomb did Mojang drop on us in 2020 by letting us know there's a Cave & Cliffs update coming! And with the recent tweet by slicedlime that a pre-release should be out later today. I think it's fair to assume we should be getting ready.

Not only that, there's also a leaked tweet (now deleted) saying the migration from Mojang to Microsoft Accounts is basically set for this summer season. Before we get into the 1.17 information, let's jump on that MSA migration and tell you what you can do to prepare for that: Make sure you have an active and valid email on your Mojang account. And that you know your Mojang password. You will need both in order to start the migration process when the official Mojang launcher invites you to migrate. And be careful! There might be fake links, emails and websites out there trying to trick you into sharing your login details. Don't fall for those.

Okay, 1.17, and 1MoreBlock, what does that mean? Let's deep-dive into where we are now, what we expect and what that could mean for you the player. I know, it's a bit of a read, but I rather have it all in one spot than having to answer the same questions over and over.

Minecraft version 1.17.x is the Cave & Cliffs Update.

We here at 1MoreBlock.com have been doing private and public live-streams of playing creative, survival, hardcore, events, and exploring-features, bug-hunting, etc. of the available snapshot of 1.17. And boy, it's a big update. And not only that, but it's so big that Mojang has decided to keep the biomes / world changes as a separate release for later this year (I heard Christmas, let's hope they make it).

Testing and testing

Internally we've been testing the snapshot and will soon test the pre-releases through Mojang's provided server.jar file. And so far as performance wise what we can expect should be on-par with 1.16.5, but it's worth noting if you have a somewhat dated system, or only integrated graphics. You might notice a bit of suffering in the performance. There's a lot more, more code, more chunks, more things, items, entities, blocks, etc. And they all contribute to your system having to deal with it.

We invite you to go play singleplayer sessions yourself and see how your system performs. If you don't have something like Sodium or Optifine, we recommend to look into those client-side mods to help you squeeze the most out of the Minecraft client.


This forum thread is to give everybody a heads-up that Mojang is working on 1.17, that we're looking into our options to upgrade 1MoreBlock.com from 1.16.5 to 1.17 at some point this year. And that if you have resources in any temporary worlds that you should remove them in time.

Temporary Worlds

1MB has a couple of temporary worlds, these are our resource worlds. For example: /nether, /end, and /mine.

If you have a temporary base here, or grinders with chests, etc. please collect your items to avoid loss.

Once we're on a stable version of 1.17 we will re-introduce these temporary resource worlds so we can guarantee you basically all the resources from the new server engine. The temporary worlds share the inventory with the main wilderness world (currently /general).

Not too long ago we've announced this on Discord, today on the forums, and soon we will have do so in-game as well. Making sure nobody can miss this heads-up. Because lost items will not get restored.

Permanent Worlds

1MB has a few permanent worlds, these are our build and survival worlds. For example: /spawn, /general, /legacy, /wild, /skyblock, /oneblock, etc.

If you have a base here, grinders, or various homes. Do not worry, we will keep these worlds (we never reset perm-worlds).

We will convert and upgrade existing worlds to 1.17.x.

With the news however, that biomes and world height changes are part of a future release, we are still putting a hold on the /wild world. However, we are aiming to properly introduce /souls as a perm Nether world. Hey, if you think we should have a perm End world as well, let us know!

Upgrading software.

We are using the switch to 1.17 as an opportunity to upgrade our internal tools from 1MB 2.8.x to 1MB 2.9.x, this will take a bit of time. We might also consider converting our Minecraft engine, this will also take a bit of time.

To clarify, we are depending on Mojang to release 1.17.x as a stable and working version that we can upgrade from, and then depend on (Craft)Bukkit / Spigot / Paper / Tuinity / Airplane to release a stable and working version that we can test our worlds on, and our plugins. We then depend on the authors of these plugins to update their resources to support 1.17 and java16 properly. This requires time to wait for, to test with, to wait for bug fixes, etc.

How long it takes to update our software depends on a handful of things, and can take from days to months. Please have as much patience as we're trying to have.

Java 16

Yep, with a snapshot from the other week Mojang let us know that it's minimum requirement for Java will be 16. So be sure to check that your system supports Java 16, it's unclear if they will include a legacy option (but I kinda doubt it).

We've been preparing internally already. Our 1.16 set-up currently is Paper which supports Java16, we've been starting our server with Java16 JVM and have been updating a bunch of our plugins to Java16 JDK. And have tested all the plugins on our 25+ server network (that's over 175 plugins in total) and things are looking promising.

What we have done so far

We have been keeping an eye on the specifics of the snapshots and will do so with todays' pre-release, etc. We have been trying to speak to developers, server owners, and even Mojang staff to learn (and raise concerns). We have also been internally testing individual step-upgrades (one world, multiple worlds, one feature, multiple features, one world with one feature, multiple.. etc)

We've increased our system memory and storage features to prepare for the increase in traffic, storage, and performance required (sigh, this wasn't cheap, thank you for your donations btw, if you want to help). We now have more room to allocate more of our 64gb RAM available (yay ram-disk) and an array of nvme/sata3 SSD disks for storage and backups, testing and archiving of user data. We have been preparing developer setups, testing environments, and discussing specifics of our rules and policies for the rest of the year. Any bugs we've found we've reported to Mojira, developers, and we've tried to learn from our mistakes during upgrades in the past.

Huge but here!

<insert huge but here> BUT, we do what we can do. And we care about you as a player. WE WILL NOT RESET any perm-worlds, as we are not interested in you losing your items and builds, or your inventories. And this means we are going to spend a lot of our free time trying and testing and running 1.17 upgrades, converts, patches, and all sorts of stuff to try and make that happen.

And if 1.17 has corruption issues, chunks disappearing, items disappearing from armor stands and item frames, and weird stuff like that: We will just wait for 1.17.1, or 1.17.2, or even skip the 1.17 update and wait for 1.18.x and try again.

It's also possible that due to disappearing developers some features we currently enjoy do not get an upgrade (just yet) and we go live without it.

Additionally, it's worth noting that even if we are back online that not all the worlds will be there, or that world borders are really small. This does not mean that we have removed worlds, it means that maybe certain worlds are still being converted, or we found a serious bug and are holding off running that particular section of our server setup live until we hear back from developers. This is a measure to try and cut down on potential downtime. For example. If /skyblock requires BentoBox to update, and it's not ready yet, or their developer-release isn't stable enough. We might just go live with the /general worlds and wait a few more days for bentobox to update. Things like that.


We will also take this opportunity to adjust our Forum / Discord / Minecraft rules again. We will review them individually and try to make things a bit more clear. We want to make a safe and friendly space for people to enjoy their time with others, building things while surviving, etc.

So what's next?

Test internally, prepare for an upgrade, and hope for the best. If this is June (hope so, might just be?!) or July or beyond, we do not know until testing and software, plugins, etc are actually available to us and testing has completed.

When we have a stable core engine, with stable core plugins, and we have converted from 1.16.5 to 1.17 and are confident after some internal beta testing we can publicly test it. Then we will run it live for about a week. This is our 'buffer or grace' period. If nobody comes and reports issues with their build areas and stuff, then we will keep what we have and more forward. If there's a reason to rollback, we will do so as soon as possible. If players come online and test everything and find issues, we roll back to 1.16.5 and try fixing the issues reported and create a new buffer-period upgrade.


I am sorry you're lazy, we're a community, I put multiple hours per day into this community to make it fun for you all. I think reading for 5 minutes in return to let you enjoy 1.17 as soon as we can is the least I can ask. Oh, and to come online to help test. And this way you get answers to all the questions I get. Thank you for understanding and your time as well. wubya


We have to wait for Mojang to release their server jar, before Bukkit/Spigot can update and before Paper/Airplane etc can update. Once they're all stable, we can look into the plugin releases by developers and complete our server testing. 1.17 is coming pretty quick now (my assumption), and that means it's an exciting time and this is a heads-up for you to take your stuff out of the temporary worlds. Temp worlds will be reset, perm worlds will stay.
When the above conditions are done, and we're done testing: We will do a public test that you can join.

Final words

If you have any questions, any concerns, this is the time to ask them. Post them to this thread please and I will do my best to answer/explain.

Thank you for playing on 1MoreBlock.com, some of your already for nearly a decade!


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Jan 1, 2001
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Will I lose all my inventories, homes, chests, etc?
Answer: Nope. We will only convert over if we keep our worlds, inventories, homes, etc.

Question: What does this grace period mean?
Answer: The grace period I've mentioned is a week (or maybe two) where we play on the new version publicly. If during this period everything seems fine and we have no reason to roll-back, we will move forward with what we have. If however we do find big enough issues to stop, we will. And then roll back to the previously working 1.16.5's latest backup. Use the grace period not to start building big new things, but use it to test if your items are there, still work, if your builds are there, and intact, and if everything you do daily is still working as you expect it.

Question: What if I cannot be online during the grace period, and everything goes wrong after?
Answer: If someone is unable to come online and finds out later that something is terribly broken, we will review the situation and make the best of it. Please try to find time the week we've converted. Just to make sure you're not putting yourself in that situation. The benefit of us giving players a heads up is so they can check their builds and play during the grace period. It's up to the players then to try and find time (just how we try to find time to upgrade)

Question: Feature X worked in 1.16, but doesn't in 1.17 !!
Answer: Report it. Maybe there is a missing permission, or the plugin needs a hot-fix, or maybe you found a bug. It's also possible that the developer has informed us they're not moving forward with that feature and we can't use it anymore. This does sometimes happen.

Question: Can I donate to help you convert faster?
Answer: It's not about time, it's about being able to do it. And yes, then to do that within the free time we have. Donating doesn't speed up this process, but it sure is a motivator. PayPal.me/mrfloris is open to donations.

Question: Is there a private test server where I can help?
Answer: Yes, there is, we have a three stage process. A owner/admin development server that nobody gets access to. A private test server where we invite team members, helpers, and developers to test features and world converts. And the public server where you can join and test things out. If we need help on the test server we reach out to active online players, this could be you indeed.

If we need players to help us test something we generally ask about this in the Discord server.

Question: When will the server run on 1.17?
Answer: First, Mojang had to release 1.17 as a server package. It looks like they're on schedule and already are ready for a pre-release later today. Secondly, Spigot has to update their software for 1.17 or newer. md_5 is already hard at work doing this as bug free as possible. It seems he's on schedule as well. Once we have a public version that we can compile. We have to wait for the Paper fork, as well as plugin owners to update. Meanwhile we have to convert worlds and update our policies, rules and documentation. This whole process will take time. We're not talking hours or days, this could potentially be over a week. It's hard to give a date.

Question: But the other server already has 1.17?
Answer: You're free to play where you like, we're doing what we're capable of doing, and can't make things go any faster than they go. We want to be on 1.17 as well. We just have hundreds of gigabytes of worlds to convert, many features we wish to keep working, and we want to provide the same type of performance, as well as guarantee your data to be there (your builds and inventories, etc). We do not reset perm worlds, but we do reset temp worlds. Finally, I do this basically 90% on my own, I honestly am doing the best I can. Playing with 1.16 will continue to work until we're on 1.17.x. Hopefully this makes it fun for you to stick around. Look at it this way: we care about you, and don't reset your data just to be on the latest .. so.

Question: I could connect with 1.17, but none of the new stuff is there !!
Answer: Correct, at some point we will support both 1.17 and 1.17 clients to connect to our server during a grace period. The engine is still 1.16.5 until we've fully converted. This makes it easier so you don't have to constantly flip between profiles. When we're on 1.16.5 we strongly recommend using a 1.16.5 profile though. When you login to the game the content of /motd is shown. It will tell you what version of 1MB we're on. Either 1MB 2.8.x for 1.16.x or 1MB 2.9.x for 1.17.x

Question: I hear talks about new worlds?
Answer: Correct. We're preparing the new /souls world for 1.17. And also, we're going to introduce a new perm world for the wilderness with 1.18 where we invite players to explore, play and survive. We're looking forward to your bases there. note: These are not going to be mining or big-farm worlds. It's for building beautiful worlds.

Question: I am running out of homes to set though.
Answer: Don't worry, once we understand the 1.17 game mechanics a bit better we will either have a new way to set a beacon point to teleport with, or we will provide an additional home (or two) to group(s). Maybe it will be possible to 'rank up' and earn additional homes. We've yet to decide the best approach.

Question: Will you convert to 1.18 later this year?
Answer: Okay, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Yes, we wish to stay current with Minecraft, but let's focus on 1.17 first.


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Jan 1, 2001
It's the 8th of June, we're going to wait for Mojang to release 1.17 to the public.
[edit] It's out!
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Jan 1, 2001
Update: Spigot 1.17

Yay, I just woke up to Spigot 1.17 being out. This means we're at the next step in the upgrade process from 1.16.5 to 1.17.x

It's unlikely that we will upgrade this weekend. There are enough changes in the server engine that plugin developers are going to need time for to adjust/adopt to.

In the meantime we've got a working server engine that we can start testing with. We will work on our worlds, player data, inventories, plugins, etc. Slowly doing our best to get familiar with things that require attention. This does include videos, media, threads, posts, documentation, adjustments in the server stuff we do, etc. Nothing we can realise this weekend.

If there's any news, just like this one, we will update it here, and/or on Discord as an announcement. So stay tuned!

We're excited to jump on the 1.17 train and go for a ride to see if we can successfully upgrade to 1.17. Of course, if we can't. we can't. and we will also let you know.

My personal guess based on the history of Mojang releases is that things won't be stable enough for a live server, and we need time to test, until 1.17.1 or usually even 1.17.2. So I expect a .1 release to follow within a week, and maybe .2 by the end of the month. After which I am sure Mojang will start to focus on their Christmas 1.18 release that they've announced as Cave and Cliffs part 2.

Side note: We run our servers on Paper these days. Which hasn't been released yet. I am sure within some time we can use that for testing as well. And then things will speed up a bit probably as more plugins adjust/adopt/adapt the changes.

At this point, you can connect with a 1.17 client to our 1.16.5 server. Though we do recommend to use a matching version to guarantee the least amount of bugs.


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Jan 1, 2001

Paper 1.17 got released, plugins updates, and we've been testing things daily.

It's time to upgrade!

Today I've updated to 1.17 and the server was offline for a few hours. You can join it again with 1.17.0 and enjoy playing it.

Please do this weekend, we've started the grace period. Meaning if we find show stopping issues we will roll back to the last backup of 1.16.5, and otherwise we stick to 1.17 and move forward.

So come test !


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Jan 1, 2001
Update: We're on 1.17.1 now, enjoy!