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Leaf decay!

Discussion in 'MineCraft' started by Floris, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Finally, leaf decay has been turned on!

    What does leaf decay mean?
    Naturally spawned leaf blocks of any tree, are grown nearby the logs of a tree.
    When the logs are removed, there is no reason for a leaf to stay in place and it disappears.
    This is a natural decay.

    Why was it turned off?
    In the past, when Minecraft was a lot younger and more 'simple', we had an old /legacy world and no region protection, or rollback features. As a precaution to guarantee that people would not have data loss during upgrades, we used a world protection plugin to prevent leaf decay from happening (and breaking tree houses, manually placed blocks, etc).

    How come you can turn it on now?
    We now have a much smarter Minecraft engine, better world protection, and we support multiple worlds. The world protection plugin now also has better support for multiple worlds as well as per region settings.

    I have a protected region, do I lose my leafs?
    Nope! Before leaf decay was turned on, I manually set the leaf-decay flag for each existing region to DENY, meaning no leafs will decay. Anybody with a protected region can contact me to request to allow or deny leaf-decay in their region.

    What about the /legacy world?
    There are a few worlds that will not have leaf decay, the legacy world is one of them.

    Okay, which worlds have leaf decay, and which do not?
    All the worlds have a global group of protection settings, such as 'creepers do not cause block damage', including leaf decay now being turned on by default. (Was off by default until today).
    A few worlds are set manually to always protect leafs from disappearing, they are (right now):
    - /spawn
    - /legacy
    - /test

    And leafs will decay naturally in these worlds:
    - /general
    - /mine
    - /end
    - /nether
    - /skygrid

    So, the /general world is the wilderness I have my home in, build in, etc, right?
    Yes. This is our general world where we want everybody to play.

    And I understand it correctly that if I use mcMMO treefeller or I manually take a tree down, that the leafs will start to slowly disappear?
    Yes, that is correct, leaf decay is turned on for the /general world.

    So, what if I have a region, like a world protection region you once gave me to prevent griefing? I mean, my build is still protected?
    Yes, still protected. It will Not have leaf decay. I have turned it off. But, I can turn it on if you really want me to. Just ask me.

    Okay, I do have a home, etc. But I do not have a world protection region thingy, can I get one?
    Eeeeh, yes. .. It is possible. Active players that I see build in a specific area are eligible to get a protected region in some situations. I review this on a per user basis.

    Okay, there is so much to read here, can you sum it up for me?
    Sure, we turned off the world protection that prevented leafs from disappearing after chopping down a tree. This means they disappear now. Existing regions will still have their builds protected. And the /legacy world and /spawn are still protected.

    What .. if .. you made a terrible mistake, and .. this decision was the end of the world?
    Then we will roll back to today's backup that I made from before making these changes, and I hang my head in shame. But after a few hours of intensive -live- testing, it seems to be working as desired.
  2. OP

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Small update, we've been running successfully with leaf decay, and the plugins and worlds work together nicely. We're keeping it.
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