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Locked chests, doors, and stuff


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
Certain items when you place them will automatically lock, this is one of our protections. You're free to unlock them of course. And even if an item is unlocked, it doesn't mean others are free to grief it.

Doors, hoppers, furnaces, trapdoors, and chests for example will automatically lock to your name when you place them.

Once they're locked, others cannot interact with them. Yay.

To set a lock, type: /lock, and left click the item.

To remove a lock, type: /unlock, and left click the item.

To add someone to the access list, so they also have permission to your owned and locked item: /cmodify theirname
(Example: /cmodify mrfloris, and then left click the item, will add user mrfloris to that locked item)

To remove someone from the access list, add a minus in front of their name, like so: /cmodify -theirname
(Example: /cmodify -mrfloris, and then left click the item, to remove user mrfloris from that locked item)

To find out if an item is locked, you can of course try to interact with it, or you can type: /cinfo and left click it, it might give you some information.

Tip: If you place two doors next to eachother, they will turn into 'double doors', open one, and the other opens along with it. To prevent this, unlock one or both doors afterwards.

If you have an item that doesn't respond to /lock, it can't be locked, like a diamond ore you placed. If you really want to lock it, you can put a sign on it, as signs auto lock and lock the item they're connected to.

Did someone grief or steal from you? That's against our server rules, contact a team member and they will look into this. Breaking the server rules usually results in a perm ban, so play fair!

View: https://youtu.be/H96qzqhPzTg
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I'm just me :) Hi.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2001
Basically, if you are in the /general (or other worlds) and you place something down like a shulker box, door, or chest. These things get locked into your name. Others will be able to "access" it, but they get "This is locked.." as a message. In order to grant someone access, you have to do the stuff from the above post. Like /cmodify playername.

Now, additionally, if you have a protected region, they might not even be able to open the chests unless they are a trusted member in the region. You can type: /here first, it will show you if you are in your region. It will say _global_ otherwise.

If it's your region, there is a list of members, with an [add] link behind it. Click that, keep what it puts in the chat input field, type the player their name and press enter. Type: /here again, to see if they are on the list.

They should now be able to open that door, open the chest, or that furnace, whatever you've done this too.

What if you have 10 chests you want them to have access to?

You first type this once: /cpersist
Then you type this once: /cmodify playername

Then you touch all the chests etc that you want to give them access to.

And finally you type this once again: /cpersist

Basically you toggle cpersist on, then give it the command to keep persistent, add the friend to the stuff they need access to, and then turn cpersist off

Okay, a third way: /trust
You can type /trust playername,
and this will automatically add them to all your locks. A lot easier, but, .. a lot riskier. No more private chests! So use with care.