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Minecraft History

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Jan 1, 2001
Boy, it's been 13+ years, I hope I really remember this stuff correctly.

Version 0.0 The Mikey Spring Era
Our Universe came to be, constructed by MadMikeyB, March 7th, 2011.
Before the 'stable' version of Minecraft, there was an early and public beta, and Mikey found out early on that Minecraft was just pretty awesome and would soon be pretty mainstream. The old veteran crew came online and learned how the game worked, without all these modern fancy things like fire-spread, smart mobs, stairs, and slabs, or creative mode, heck, there weren't even any mods or plugins.
Hosted from what I remember was his personal VPS, the world at 250mb and how Minecraft run back then, it soon became a laggy experience for all. But we weren't going to give up a universe that we started. We just had to .. get .. one .. more .. block.
This meant we had to spread the load, and take it all a little bit more serious. An addiction was born.

Version 1.0 The mrfloris Summer Era
Together with a server move to my home and old dual CPU Mac Pro server, we started to share server management, resources, and take our precious world more serious. We upgraded to a newer version, start building for many hours in a day until one horrible day we came online and found everything griefed, or wait, was it?

Version 0 and 1 are known to us as the kwn.me server period in the history of our universe.

Version 1.1 The big update Winter Era
Minecraft became really popular. We suddenly had to deal with loads of new features, new blocks, and new players. And find solutions to handle all of this. Mikey got busy, I basically took over at this point. We learned how to use plugins, protect our builds with daily backups and building a world for everybody to join and play on. But luck wasn't really on our side. But we didn't stop fighting.

Version 2.0 The 1moreblock Dark Era
My Mac Pro started showing issues, players became inactive, and keeping Minecraft up to date became a hassle. Mojang was blowing up and plugin developers couldn't keep up in the beginning. Our priorities in life shifted and despite the intentions in 2012 to run everything on my iMac at home or some VPS online. Tests showed world corruption, world protection was flaky, and personal problems stood in the way to find motivation. The website, the community, and all that changed a little. It was all there, but we didn't quite .. have that magic that sparked version 1 the summer of 2011.

Some of us moved to another server, taking a step back from managing and operating a private whitelist only server. And in the meantime we started a new public vanilla Minecraft server and made new friends. Being a player instead of an admin for once, really suited us. But no worries, we have no intention of leaving our worlds behind. One reason why 2.1 never came that year, was partially due to performance issues, security issues, and lack of motivation. It was a dark era.

Version 2.1 The Dragon Egg Era
A new team member joined us, telling us to play adventure maps, try new worlds, do a sky block challenge, and build a fresh world. Together with the shelves filled with plans, we put our heads together and got the servers back online, invited our friends. And explored our worlds again. Dragon eggs spawning everywhere. You can blame Mistic_Ice for that.
The website came back online, the server run again with CraftBukkit and better anti grief protection. A multi-verse plugin was added to merge the worlds together and get our builds where we wanted them. Slowly we got organized again in 2013-2014.

Version 2.2 The long 1.8 Era
But just when we got our spark back and got everything up to date. Minecraft started upgrading from 1.6 to 1.7, and 1.8, plugin developers staying behind and some DMCA issue with Mojang or some Bukkit developer causing issues. Stagnating everything once more during 2014 and 2015. A long period where we run our worlds only when we felt like playing. Stuck on 1.8 eventually, watching players moving on to 1.9 and 1.10 and recently 1.11. But, we got our spawns organized, our worlds organized, and our plugins organized. Things were running way more smoothly, and plans for 2016 to upgrade to a new iMac and a lot more were made.

Version 2.3 The Fun 1.11 Era
A huge upgrade to our server and universe. After many weeks of testing and trying it internally, I finally figured out a way to convert from 1.8 to 1.9, 1.10, and finally to 1.11 - and take the plugins with us. No item, world, or data loss or any corruption. It was a challenge, but we have a stable universe now. And I will try to let you guys know the changes to the server in this changelog:

Version 2.4 The Summer 2017 Update
A significant update from 1.11 to 1.12, and a lot of internal changes. Conflicts from previous versions have been ironed out. And tools have been put in place to speed up fixing current issues a lot faster. Admin / Operator tools have been taken to the next level. Features have been organised and events have become default features. More events are planned and a super fun Summer is ahead of us. There's a new /menu and the world borders have been removed from most worlds. The system the server runs will receive an update early July 2017 as well. Actually, a pretty good one. This is a big step forward and one that has been a long time coming. Improved gameplay, improved RPG, improved events, improved performance. Better 64bit support, and full java 8 support. [edit @ July 3rd] The server has finally moved to the new iMac 2017.

Version 2.5 The Summer 2018 Update

Since 2017 we've been constantly working on improving backing up, performance, maintenance of plugins. Updating and upgrading plugins. So we got to a stable enough point that we can process user feedback, bugs, do some events, and grow the server a little bit. We've been making plans for features, testing and implementing changes. We've started converting old EssentialsX to CMI and in 2018 we've upgraded the system ram from 8gb to 40gb by adding 2x16gb ram sticks. Spring 2018 we've moved to the version 2.5's first private and public beta testing of new features. We've had help from developers with making a couple of custom plugins to help fix fire spread and mcMMO events control. And introduced new features to the users a month at a time. During the Summer of 2018 we've pushed these to the public groups and customized them to our needs. It's now August and we're basically done and ready for the next phase in preparation of Mojang's version 1.13.x and up of Minecraft. 1.8 and up legacy plugins will have to be replaced and/or removed and/or merged with 1.12.2+ and 1.13+ plugins with proper 1.13.x support. This will be our focus of 2.5. Once we're fully on 1.13 in the hopefully near enough future I will consider that version 2.6. Focus right now is 1MB 2.5.

Version 2.5.1 - The Autumn 2018 Update

We've been focussing on converting a lot of our plugins from older 1.8 and up releases that got updated to work on 1.12, to be build against 1.12.2 and 1.13.1, so we have better 1.12.2 and 1.13.1 support. We've had a few adventure maps, as well as -live- server adventures, a few new (temporary) worlds and the first taste of 1.13.1. The delay in 1.13.1 is due to some serious world conversion bugs in 1.13 that Mojang isn't fixing (they announced there won't be a 1.13.2 as their focus is on 1.14 now) Which was very disappointing. But we've reviewed our plugins and are at a 70% success rate. More testing will be done. Other 1.12.2 features that we are introducing we have updated our policy this Autumn Update to only introduce features that have 1.13.1 support, so we have them moving forward. A faster beta cycle is added in our policy as well. Meaning that as soon as something "basically works", we quickly tweak the basics of the permissions and invite our beta testers to give it a go. This resulted in October being a month with big changelogs and a big Halloween update as well to celebrate our Autumn Updates. This is also the first time we've played around with java 11 as a focus to move towards to with 1.13.1 and 1.14 in our future. Theme wise we've worked on consistency in how we visualize the naming, prefix, and colors. And make daily changes as we run into them the best we can. And options/feature wise we've pushed towards updating the plugins to fix bugs etc, as well as improve performance and stability. Anyway, there's more to come, but this is what I consider the big Autumn Update, in 2018, for 1.12.2, with eyes on 1.13 and 1.14. And internally the 1MB version got a bump from 2.4 to 2.5, and now 2.5.1.

Version 2.5.2 - The 2nd Autumn 2018 Update (November)

Mojang first announced their focus was on 1.14, and by now snapshots are out. And hopefully that means Spigot 1.14 is in the works. Thankfully they did release 1.13.2 to better support 1.12.2 conversions and increase performance. It's finally time to do Serious testing to upgrade from 1.12.2 to 1.13.2.

This means I've been making more and more preparations and have done way more testing. The changelogs will have all the details, as there have been so many - and especially today when CMI finally got updated to version 8 by me - that it justified to almost go from 2.5 to 2.6, but I've called it 2.5.2 instead. Delays due to some buggy AORTA/plugin combinations caused us to slow down some bigger updates. But I am almost back on schedule. This is a maintenance release with our eye on the future. While still introducing a handful of fun visual and practical features, as well as gameplay features that keeps everybody busy and building.

To be honest, I wish we were on 1.13.2 already - who knows, .. just having too much plugin compatibility issues right now to justify the move to 1MB 2.6.

Version 2.6.0 - The 3rd Autumn 2018 Update (end November)

Can you say wow? November 27th, we were down for 5 hours, and a few hours in maintenance mode, to convert finally from 1MB 2.5.2 and Minecraft 1.12.2 to 1MB 2.6.0 and Minecraft 1.13.2
Details are in the changelogs here: https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-changelog-2018.261256/page-5 and this thread: https://omgboards.com/threads/1-13-2-information-please-read.261517/

If this convert goes well, we will be on 2.6.1 within a day hopefully, and that will be our -live- version that we move forward with. A scary big update, fingers crossed.

Another significant change is that we've moved from Java8 to Java11.

Note to self, if this update of 2.6.0 fails, we will revert back to 2.5.2/1.12.2

Version 2.6.2 - The Winter 2018 Update (end Dec2018)

After a successful convert away from 1.12.2 we've been searching, fixing, and addressing bugs, issues, and player feedback. The goal is this Winter to finish all the events, prepare for Spring, while improving stability and performance for 1.13.2. Meanwhile we're slowly re-introducing various elements from 1.12.2 such as the old /legacy world, some older features, etc. We're very pleased with how it went, how the events and adventures have been in 2018, and how many new regulars have recently joined the server to enjoy it all. The 1.13.x update was a big one, quite stressful, but we've made it.

Version 2.6.3 - The Winter 2018 Update #2 (end Jan2019)

Patches, fixes, tweaking, stability, and introducing the mcMMO monthly events as well as a few mini-games like /walk and /run are here to stay (for a while). The changes with 1.13.2 were big enough between December, early Jan and now, that it justified bumping the version. I consider this the Winter 2018 update #2, birthday update. Pff, to the end user not a lot has changed, a couple of things here and there, but behind closed doors there have been 25+ changes on a daily basis.

Version 2.6.4 - The Spring / Summer Update (July2019)

Patches, fixes, tweaking, stability, and maintenance.

Version 2.6.5 - The Summer / Autumn Update (October2019)

Patches, fixes, tweaking, stability, and maintenance.

Version 2.6.6 - The Autumn Age Update (November2019)

Changed minimum required age on the server to be 13 and up, underage kids are no longer welcome on our forums, discord, minecraft servers, and youtube channel.

Version 2.7.0 - The Winter Update (Jan 1st, 2020)

We've upgraded publicly to Spigot 1.15.1 in the last week of December 2019, and from January 1st, 2020 onwards we've removed the ability to roll-back to 1.13.2. We've skipped 1.14.4.

Version 2.7.1 - The Winter Update (Jan 30th, 2020)

We've upgraded publicly to Spigot 1.15.2 in the last week of January 2020.

Version 2.7.2 - The Spring Update (April 3th, 2020)

Finally moved away from EssentialsX and GroupManager to LuckPerms and 100% CMI.
There's much more done, but it's all mentioned in the changelog.

Upgraded macOS Catalina to 10.15.4 (19E266).

Version 2.7.3 - The Summer Update (June 20th, 2020)

The Spring Update was about converting to a more modern system, finalizing what we've done before. And preparing for bigger changes in 2020. Hopefully if real life problems and stress get less that we had the time for that. The end of the Spring and start of the Summer seems to be about the worlds and the forums. Hopefully finally the update with the ranks as well.

Version 2.8.0 - The Minecraft 1.16 Upgrade (Summer Update July 2020)

The Summer update finished what we could do with 1.15.2 and tests have shown us there's no real downsides to upgrading to 1.16.1, so I've decided to give it a go.

Version 2.8.1 - The Minecraft 1.16.1 Upgrade Completed (Summer Update 2020)

Version 1.16.1 is what we've moved to, the grace period has ended. We will no longer have the option to roll back. Onwards to 1.16.2 we go.

Version 2.8.2 - The 1MB Groups Update (Summer Update 2020)

Version 1.16.1 and 1.16.2 is what we're using and updating to. We're sticking to 1.16, and our focus is on running 1.16 for quite some time. And to finish all our changes this Fall season. This Summer update included the clean up of legacy usergroups and introducing the new usergroups. We now have first, player, member, boosted, builder, donator, epic, legendary, helper, admin and owner.

Version 2.8.3 - The 1MB Groups Update (Fall Update 2020, part 1)

It's just about the end of the Summer, and Juuust about time for the fall season. But we're here in limbo. 1.16.3 has been released, and it's time to upgrade. Things are looking great, so we're going to give it a go. Usergroups have been addressed, a lot of work has been put into clearing bigger tasks. The groups/ and vote/ sites are being made, and we're ready for the Fall Season and their events. We are now on Paper 1.16.3, with 1MB 2.8.3.

Edit: Part 2 - the almost 2.8.4 version. (Fall Update 2020, part 2)

Hardware, software, resources, services, servers, etc. updated. 1gbit down, 50mbit upstream. Newer cables, modems, etc. Paper updated to the last 1.16.3 version, and support for connections of old + current + newer versions has been added. More updates here. And a proper update for 2.8.4 is coming. The network is now on docsis 3.1.

Version 2.8.4 - The 1MB Long-Winter Update (Fall Update 2020, part 3)

After the changes from the last 2 parts, we're now ready to be on 1.16.4, today that happened. The plugins, server software, etc. have all been updated and tested internally, then made live. If things go well we will stick to this version and move forward. This is 1MB 2.8.4 for Paper 1.16.4.

Version 2.8.5 - The 1MB Winter Update (2020/2021)

This is a maintenance season, where we will focus on the maintenance of our worlds, plugins, performance, etc. Making the best of what we have. Our community is now ten years old, 2.8.5 also allows us to start celebrating that this year. Welcome to 2021 everybody.

Version 2.8.6 - The 1MB Winter Update (2021 part 2)

This is a maintenance season, where we will focus on the maintenance of our worlds, plugins, performance, etc. Making the best of what we have. Our community is now ten years old, 2.8.6 also allows us to start celebrating that this year. Welcome to 2021 everybody and to Minecraft 1.16.5

Version 2.8.7 - The 1MB Celebration Update (2021 Winter Update part 3)

This is a maintenance season, where we will focus on the maintenance of our worlds, plugins, performance, etc. Making the best of what we have. Our community is now ten years old, 2.8.7 also allows us to start celebrating that this year. Welcome to 2021 everybody and to Minecraft 1.16.5 - we are now introducing updated tokens, custom model data, newer foods, soulbind feature, and bedrock pickaxe. Alongside cleaning up plugins, organizing plugins, and extending performance etc. We're prepping for 1.16.6 and 1.17 if any. Enough to justify a new version.

Version 2.8.8 - The 1MB End of Winter Update / Early Spring Update 2021.

Another maintenance release, we had loads of celebrations and we're cleaning up slowly. There's a post with more details of what all happened today on March 16th.

Version 2.8.9 - The Spring Update 2021 (java 16)

A bigger maintenance update. We're marking java8 as legacy, we've completely ditched everything java7 related. And java11 has now been replaced with java16 in anticipation for the fall season java17lts with mc 1.17.x / 1.18.x etc. Today we've had so many changes to legacy plugins to push them to the java11+ era that it justifies a version bump. If it turns out this was a mistake, we will roll back to the manual backup. But hours of testing makes it seem like things are fine.

Today we run on Paper, the latest multiverse-core/inventories (we haven't updated that since forever) and java16, 64bit. The details of any changes are in the changelog from today. The Spring Update is a maintenance update, this is a bigger step. The purge has started, old players for example on the forum and discord and minecraft that haven't logged in and have no playtime etc will be purged. Rollback data will be purged frequently until we have 6+ months left (instead of 12+) mcMMO players who haven't logged in in forever will get purged, etc. It's Spring Cleanup time.

As you can see, enough reasons to bump the version. Despite many tiny maintenance updates, they all were working together towards major bumps.

Version 2.8.10 - The End of Spring Update 2021 (finalizing 1.16.5)

Today Mojang is releasing version 1.17.0 and this 2.8.9 turned 10 build is to celebrate our ten year anniversary (little easter egg) but mainly it's to finalize the 1.16 era as we will now focus on upgrading to 1.17 when we can. There have been a few things that needed to get done in order to get ready. This is that update. All the plugins that are available for java16 have been updated for example. All the plugins are now up to date. And most of the active todo items have been completed. The worlds have been reviewed for caches and light optimization has completed, all the chunks in every world are forcefully upgraded to 1.16.5 now as well, ready for 1.17. This way we also have a .9 backup as well as a final .10 backup (handy for comparing corrupt data etc). See you guys soon with a Summer 1.17 update!

Version 2.9.0 - The Summer Update 2021 - Part 1 (1.17.0 upgrade)

Spigot and Paper 1.17 have been released, and our plugins are ready. We've made the best of the Summer Update by focussing on 1.17. And we've gone live with it. Java16 has our full dedication, and we're running on an early 1.17 paper build. Our worlds and plugins have been updated, and our resource worlds have been reset. The rest of the Summer is about trying to do fun things while doing 1.17 maintenance, including upgrading to 1.17.1 and higher.

Version 2.9.1 - The Summer Update 2021 - Part 2 (1.17.1 upgrade)

Spigot and Paper 1.17.1 have been released, and we've updated the server to 1.17.1 on the 7th of July. Our resource worlds have been reset. The rest of the Summer is about trying to do fun things while doing 1.17 maintenance, including preparing for future 1.18 upgrades.

Version 2.9.2 - The End of Summer Update 2021 - Part 3 (1.17.1 Maintenance upgrade)

For the first time in the history of our server the /legacy world has been unloaded. It is not gone, it is there. It's just not loaded. More less-used-worlds will be unloaded. We will continue to convert them up with future releases, and upon request we can load them in (live). We are not deleting them, but we're not really using them so it's time to not load it on start.
The other reason for the .2 release is that Tuinity and Paper merged, so instead of using going with Tuinity after 1.18, we're sorta on Tuinity already right now.
The rest is all 1.17.1 maintenance. Making plugins play nicer with eachother and fixing user reported stuff. Time to prepare for 2.9.3 for the fall update!
Our resource worlds have been reset.
We will also be preparing better for 1.18 now that we have more information about this.

Version 2.9.3 - Fall Season Update 2021 - Part 1 (Early Fall, Early Java, Early 1.18)

We're a week shy of officially starting the fall season, but that's okay. We're also early on Java 17 support, and early on 1.18 support. Today we've updated the server of 1.17.1 to work with Java 17 which has been announced by Oracle, and is an lts. And Mojang announced 1.18 via test experiments earlier, but now as an official public Snapshot. We've also looking into adding further connectivity support for players who want to use the 1.18 protocol to connect to our 1.17.1 server.

Version 2.9.4 - Fall Season Update 2021 - Part 2 (Early Fall, Protocol Support)

As an experiment we're trying to better support a larger audience. Sometimes people at school, work, or while they're traveling would like to hop on with bedrock edition, this allows them to try that. Sometimes people like to play with 1.18's latest snapshot and see how it performs or how things look, that's possible since the last update. And sometimes people are just struggling to run Minecraft on their potato and that's okay. We try to support not just 1.16.5 and 1.15.2, but also 1.17.10 and up. Of course, we super mega uber strongly recommend to use 1.17.1 for 1.17.1, and to use Java Edition. We KNOW that certain things simply do not work, or won't work well. But, that's just how it is. This update included maintenance updates, and enough of them that we felt 'stable' enough to give this 1MB version 2.9.4 a try - it could fail and we remove the protocol support in a day, a week, or a month. But for now we're giving it a go.

Version 2.9.5 - Fall Season Update 2021 - Part 3 (Late Fall / Early Winter, the end of era 2.0)

We have come to the end of an era for 1MoreBlock, and we're ready for the next season. Era 1.0 was 2011/2012 is period with Mikey and our group of friends. Then 2.0 was after the dark era and when we took the server back online more seriously, with 24/7 hosting and daily maintenance. We had new world heights, new aquatic updates, new npc villages, new features, said by to old features, we welcomed the new nether and introduced resource worlds for those casual gamers, and so so much more. We've made it to 10+ years of running the server with 1MB version 1 and 2. It's time for a change, "Winter is coming", we're ready for a new era, 1MB version 3.0 and it starts this Winter 2021.
We are finalizing 1.17.x, have said bye to Java 8, 11, and 16. We've moved to fully 64bit, and we have a decade of experience now. All the plugins are running the best they can, and we're enjoying all the gametypes, worlds, adventures, survival and creative gameplay, as well as events.
And 1MB 2.9.5 marks that moment. It's the end of Era 2, and moving forward with 1.18.x we will be ready for Era 3 with more community helpers, more world chunks, a new wilderness, and we're preparing to improve our connectivity, dedicate more resources to hosting it 24/7 and spread the workload, tweak our survival gameplay, clean up the history of accounts, statistics, and continue mining, pvp-ing and building fantastic gameplay experiences and builds. Stay tuned if you want to be part of our history, our lore, and our community.

Version 3.0.0 - Winter Season Update 2021 - Part 1 (Early Winter, the start of era 3.0)

Converted the server from 1.17.1 to 1.18.1

Version 3.0.1 - Winter Season Update 2021 - Part 2 (Winter, 1.18 maintenance update)

Nothing special to report here, the temporary worlds have been reset, and more intense maintenance has been given to 1.18.1.
Edit: Early january we have patched a few things up on 3.0.1 and have been able to re-add geyser and via* plugins, re-adding crossplay basics and protocol support below 1.18.1, which we had temporarily had to remove for a few days.

Version 3.0.2 - Winter Season Update 2021 - Part 3 (Winter, 1.18.1 perm worlds)

To be honest, this could have been a 3.1.0 update, but it is what it is. Temporary worlds have been removed, they won't return, and the new perm worlds have been installed: /wild, /nether and the /end.

Version 3.0.3 - Winter Season Update 2021 - Part 4 (Winter, 1.18.1 maintenance)

Finalizing the 1.18.1 update, preparing for 1.18.2, improved crossplay support, and updates to almost every plugin. We're ready for the remaining months of 2022 now.

Version 3.0.4 - Winter Season Update 2021 - Part 5 (end of Winter)

Further reparing for 1.18.2, improved crossplay support, and updates to almost every plugin. Gametypes updates (/oneblock etc) and Fishing plugin update (/fish). And general maintenance. We're ready for the upgrade to 1MB 3.1 and Minecraft 1.18.2, and then 1.19 is probably next.

Version 3.1.0 - Spring Season Update 2022 - Part 1 (Very early Spring)

Today Mojang will no longer allow Mojang-accounts to login, to play on 1MoreBlock.com you will now required an MSA-Account. To learn how to migrate check minecraft.net/move

We are using this opportunity to make another big change, we're bumping our 1MB from 3.0 to 3.1, and our server engine from 1.18.1 to 1.18.2

The /wild world has its world-border expanded to a radius of 1000 in all directions from spawn. Enjoy the new fresh 1.18.2 generated chunks. Please note again that we will keep the wild world 'small' until 1.19.x comes around so we can fully enjoy the deep dark and other world generation improvements and updates.

The bump between 1.18.1 and .2 is big enough, for both Minecraft and our 1MB community for the forum, discord, and the server that together with an upcoming /spawn update I decided to bump to 3.1 instead of 3.0.5.

The Spring Update is now officially here.

Version 3.1.1 - Spring Season Update 2022 - Part 2 (Early Spring)

All the security patches are applied, all the plugins have been updated, general maintenance done, user feedback processed as much as possible. And the last few plugins that weren't working are live again (/ah and /shops). Spring Update is about events, quality of live updates, and prepping for 1.19.x and creative building spawn and popular areas.

Version 3.1.2 - Spring Season Update 2022 - Part 3

This is a quality of life/maintenance update. Loads and loads of little tweaks left and right.

Version 3.1.3 - Spring Season Update 2022 - Part 4

I think I mentioned this is spring update 3 that just finished, so 3.1.3 IS the part 4. it's confusing, I know. Anyway, Java 17.0.3 update is done, so we have these security issues addressed. User feedback, I've tried to process it as much as possible. Still, a lot to do. Plugin maintenance is done and we're fully up to date now. And further snapshot support for protocol of mc v 1.19 has been added. We have a lot of downtimes this week due to apartment renovations. It is what it is. I am also quite bummed that the spring events had to get canceled due to the legal battle with family members and the renovation, and my health issues. But we have a whole year to have fun playing the game. We do what we do, right?

Version 3.1.4 - Spring Season Update 2022 - Part 5

Maintenance in 3.1.3 has gone well. And we've had very little maintenance since due to apartment renovations. But we're back. We've worked on improving networking yet again. The first steps have been taken and we will do more in the coming weeks. Alongside that, the Java exploits in Java15+ have been patched and today we've bumped 1MB to 3.1.4 to include further maintenance updates, to celebrate the networking improvements, and that we're now using cosmicguard as an alternative for players who have certain lag issues (Feel free to DM me). And because it's a jump to Java18, which isn't needed. But, the site where we get our java17 builds from has removed their v17 page and pushes us to 18, and tests have shown that 18 works fine. So here we are.

Version 3.1.5 - Spring Season Update 2022 - Final Part.

Continued testing and maintenance of the recent changes all looked good. We've kept the plugins up to date, and tried to figure out the issues players were having so we can try to work on those once we've upgraded to 1.19. And this 3.1.5 is most likely the last Spring Update, as well as the last 1.18.2 update. The focus will now be on 1.19.x (preparing and testing, and then upgrading). The server difficulty has been changed from EASY to NORMAL in almost all the worlds.

Version 3.2.0 - Summer Season 2022 - 1.19

It's here, ancient cities, frogs, mud, mangrove biome, wardens, and sculk spreading stuff. We've upgraded to Minecraft 1.19 early June and it seems to be running fine. Let's work on optimising performance, spreading the workload, and plugin configurations and general maintenance.

Version 3.2.1 - Summer Season 2022 - 1.19.1

Mojang has released 1.19.1 which fixes known issues with 1.19.x and introduces more player safety features, including signed chat and chat reports, we're getting familiar with the upgrade first, and over time will introduce these improved player safety features. This update of 1MB 3.2.1 also includes major updates to spawn points, the existing ones are getting some love, and the gametypes that didnt' have a spawn point now have one. Players will have less questions as we're providing them with the info they were missing.

Version 3.2.2 - Summer Season 2022 - 1.19.2

Maintenance on the 1.19.1 plugins have completed, and the worlds now all have (new) spawns. This bumps us up to 1MB 3.2.2, and with Mojang's release of 1.19.2, it's a good time as well. Players can still connect with their 1.19.1 client if they want, though we do recommend 1.19.2.

Version 3.2.3 - Summer Season 2022 - Java18 bump

A lot of 'behind the scenes` changes, including the first step towards the new 1.19.x chat report (requiring secure profile is now set to true) and update to Minecraft 1.19.2 with Paper build 123, and updates to plugins for improved 1.19.x support. And system updated to Java 18 (Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 18.0.2+9-61) Host: Mac OS X 10.15.7 (x86_64).

Version 3.2.4 - Summer Season 2022 - Final update

Bigger todo items are locked, done, pushed to fall, we're cleaning up, this marks the end of the Summer Update for 2022, the upgrade to 1.19.2, and Java17+. General maintenance moving forward until we start the fall season update for this year.

Version 3.2.5 - Fall Season 2022 - First Maintenance Patch

Simple maintenance update to make sure the plugins are their latest versions where possible. Paper build updated to the latest version. 1MB version 3.2.4 bumped to 3.2.5. And first run of Java 19 on ARM and Intel systems. And first plugin-tests and world builds for Halloween2022 has started.

Version 3.2.6 - Fall Season 2022 - Fun & Limits

Continued general maintenance, alongside archiving old temporary worlds, data organizing, and bumping the view distance from 6 to 7 and simulation distance from 6 to 7. The limits of the gametypes like oneblock and skyblock also got bumped to allow more. And the 1MB Fun bot got three new modes (first to break, place, kill) and it's made available in all worlds. We're now using the latest Paper 1.19.2 build, which comes with the new chunk system rewrite code, so we will see how that goes. And we're preparing for spooky-october month, Halloween event, Thanksgiving, and Advent December.

Version 3.2.7 - Fall Season 2022 - OS Bump

We are still on 1.19.2, but have started testing with what is available. Meanwhile, we've bumped Java to 19.0.1, and the OS to macOS Ventura, away from Catalina.

Version 3.2.8 - Fall Season 2022 - Halloween and the return of Fumblehead

We are still on 1.19.2, and this marks another fall season update. Fumblehead got a Mac Mini M1 and can play again! "he hateth returned". The Halloween event has now ended. .8 marks the post-cleanup. And Paper engine and Spigot both had enough updates to justify a bump. General maintenance was large enough and CMI went from 9.1.4.x to 9.1.5.x and internal command tweaking means it's okay to call this .8

Version 3.2.9 - Fall Season 2022 -Thanksgiving and Christmas events on the new OS.

Upgraded to 1.19.2, while we prepare upgrading to 1.19.3. I've made sure the plugins stayed up to date, and that we're finishing our Fall season todo list. Any item we didn't start is pushed to Winter update 2022, which starts today. In the meantime, the iMac OS is updated to macOS 13.0.1 and the network received the Fritz Box 2.5 gbit router updated, replacing the pretty old router that was having memory issues.

Version 3.2.10 - Winter Season 2022 - OS Update and 1.19.3

Upgraded to 1.19.3. Upgraded all the plugins. Organized some data. Finished some events. Purged some old stuff. Updated Discord in preparation for 2023. Moved process of team to 'active team', and made sure the JVM is the latest build.

Version 3.2.11 - Winter Season 2022 - Points and Bentobox Update

Maintenance releases to some plugins now that we're on 1.19.3. And finally upgraded to the new /points shop, and the new builds of Bentobox. Improving the gametypes, and prepping for the next batch of bigger updates that come with 1MB 3.2.11. Teleporting between worlds is a lot smoother now, some small tweaks to logging in are being made too.

Version 3.2.12 - Winter Season 2023 - macOS / Java updates

General maintenance release with some bigger changes, such as the macOS update to 13.2, and Java update to 19.0.2. Furthermore the plugins have been updated to the latest version for 1.19.3, and more player feedback has been processed. The temporary support for older versions of MC have now also been removed.

Version 3.2.13 - Winter Season 2023 - macOS Update and prepping for the next part

General maintenance release, including the macOS update to 13.2/1, finishing the last batch of Winter Update maintenance stuff. Getting ready for the next batch of bigger changes to finally catch up to cleaning up Discord and some other things. In anticipation of 1.19.4 and 1.20.

Version 3.2.14 - Winter Season 2023 - Adapt skills

A medium update for the server, same setup, but now with Adapt skills. We're going to slowly introduce these.

Version 3.3.0 - Spring Update 2023 - Minecraft 1.19.4

The first Spring Season Batch-Update for 2023, this one is about moving from 1MB 3.2.x to 3.3.x, and from Minecraft 1.19.3 to Minecraft 1.19.4. I've updated the Shell scripts I use, bumped Github repo for 1MB and CMI and I've upgraded all the plugins. We're temporarily removing plugins that are not compatible and will bump 1MB to 3.3.1 when we have 1.19.4 compatible releases or replacements. We're also going to switch the global market (/ah) to an alternative in 3.3.1 or 3.3.2, and we're switching up a few more things. The /end world border has been expanded to 12,5k (pregenned), and the /wild world border has been expanded to 8,5k (not pregenned).

Version 3.3.1 - Spring Update 2023 (2) - Java20 / Shops: /ah

Updated the Operating System to macOS 13.3, and updated the Java jvm to version 20. Updated all the plugins to be their latest release, and converted over from the old /ah to the new player shops /ah. Together with general maintenance, manual backups, this bump to .1 of 1MB keeps us moving forward.

Version 3.3.2 - Spring Update 2023 (3) - macOS / Shops

The OS has received security patches, the Easter Event has started and ended. Plugins have been updated and a start has been made on the new /shop command. The 1MB 3.2.2 release bumps us forward into Spring and prepped us to maintenance updates and performance improvements, as well as laying the groundwork to update the points shop, spawners shop, admin shop, etc.

Version 3.3.3 - Spring Update 2023 (4) - Java 20.0.1 / Shops: /shop

Java has been updated from 20 to 20.0.1, and I've finished testing the new admin /shop, and made it public to all. This .3 update is about prepping the updated /spawners shop to include more groups, and re-balance the spawners.

Version 3.4.0 - Summer Update 2023 (1) - Minecraft 1.20.1 / 1MB 3.4

Upgrade from Minecraft 1.19.4 to 1.20.1,
and upgrade from 1MB 3.3.x to 1MB 3.4.x,
and upgrade from macOS 13.3.x to 13.4.

Yes, technically it's probably still Spring, but it's 30c outside and it's basically Summer.

Version 3.4.1 - Summer Update 2023 (2) -1MB 3.4.1 / macOS 13.4.1

This .1 release finalizes the upgrade to 1.20.1 and 1MB 3.4.1 got bumped to the .1 release. macOS 13.4.1 was out. Java 20.0.1 got reviewed, and plugins are now their latest versions where possible. The Summer Fun events for 2023 can start now.

Version 3.4.2 - Summer Update 2023 (3) -1MB 3.4.2 / macOS 13.4.1 (c)

This .2 release is a hotfix for some plugin dupes, OS kernel patches, and macOS rapid security update.

Version 3.4.3 - Summer Update 2023 (4) -1MB 3.4.3 / Java 20.0.2

We've bumped the server to 1MB 3.4.3, which concludes some 1.20.1 maintenance stuff.
Bumped Java to 20.0.2
Updated some shell scripts.
And introduced a new game type "/parkour"

Version 3.4.4 - Summer Update 2023 (5) -1MB 3.4.4 / macOS 13.5

We've bumped the server to 1MB 3.4.4, which concludes new game type introduction "/parkour".
Upgraded the OS to macOS 13.5.
Fixed and synced the dev tools on both systems, which was an issue for ages! (yay git)

Version 3.4.5 - Summer Update 2023 (6) - /shop update

We've expanded the /shop and have done some 1.20.1 maintenance.

Version 3.4.6 - Summer Update 2023 (7) - 1MB 3.4.6 / macOS 13.5.1

Maintenance update to the Java installation and the operating system, networking has been finalized for the summer.

Version 3.4.7 - Fall Update 2023 (1) - 1MB 3.4.7 / macOS 13.5.2

Maintenance update where I purged duplicate and older archives, having a limbo period now where it will be harder to roll back data if needed. And the operating system has been bumped to the latest 13.5.2, prior to the Apple Fall Season update to macOS 14, which we will skip for a while to come. We've also made sure java jvm is the latest, even though the branch is the same.

Version 3.4.8 - Fall Update 2023 (2) - 1MB 3.4.8 / macOS 13.6

Some plugins updated in preparation to the 1.20.2 update. And mainly because of security update on macOS 13.6

Version 3.4.9 - Fall Update 2023 (3) - 1MB 3.4.9 / Java 21

Some shell scripts updated in preparation to the 1.20.2 update. And mainly because of the LTS JDK release ( Java 21 ).
And no, we're still testing 1.20.2.

Version 3.4.10 - Fall Update 2023 (4) - 1MB 3.4.10 / New hardware

Hardware update: New system to run the server on, from old Intel i7 7700 CPU with 64gb ram to Apple Sillicon M1 CPU, with 16gb ram. And a fresher nvme SSD.

Software update: Operating system from 13.x to 14.0.Sonoma. Brew updated, Java21's latest patch

Firmware updates: Router 2.5gbit and IPv6 firmware updates, includes security patches. And Modem firmware update to 1000 / 100 mbit with IPv6 improvements, incoming port is capped at 1Gbit.

Version 3.4.11 - Fall Update 2023 (5) - 1MB 3.4.11 / macOS 14.1 / Java 21.0.1
macOS 14.1 / Java 21.0.1

Version 3.4.12 - Fall Update 2023 (6) - 1MB 3.4.12 / Halloween
This was prepping Halloween, the event, and cleaning up after Halloween. As well as prepping for 1.20.2's upgrade.

Version 3.4.13 - Fall Update 2023 (7) - 1MB 3.4.13 / macOS update
Final testing stages until we upgrade to 1.20.2, we've been focussing on fixing the GUI menus as well as the Holiday Season event plugins for 1.20.2, and we've had a computer crash for once, that caused 1 broken chunk. Which is now fixed too. The macOS is updated to 14.1.1

Version 3.5.0 - Fall Update 2023 (8) - 1MB 3.5.0 / Minecraft 1.20.2

We've cleaned up after Halloween and upgraded to Minecraft 1.20.2, this includes removing some older plugins that are now replaced by newer more modern versions. This bumped 1MB to 3.5.x

Version 3.5.1 - Fall Update 2023 (9) - 1MB 3.5.1 / Maintenance

Cleaning up after the 1.20.2 upgrade, making sure we're ready for the Christmas event.

Version 3.5.2 - Fall Update 2023 (10) - 1MB 3.5.2 / Mac Mini M1

The M2Pro has arrived, which will be the daily driver, I am moving test servers, services, etc away from the Mac Mini M1 machine. This gives MC a dedicated solution that I can remote into.

Version 3.5.3 - Fall Update 2023 (11) - 1MB 3.5.3 / x

The server is on the latest Paper 1.20.2 build and has client support added for 1.20.4.

Version 3.5.4 - Fall Update 2023 (12) - 1MB 3.5.4 / macOS 14.2

End of Fall Season 2023, macOS 14.2 update, crash fixing, Christmas event 2023.

Version 3.5.5 - Winter Update 2023 (1) - Ending all 2023 events

Point release for macOS, we're now on 14.2.1. And this update was to clean up 1.20.2 after the 2023 event seasons. New team members have been added. And existing team members have become moderators.

Version 3.5.6 - Winter Update 2023 (2) - Death Chests (january)

For the first time ever, we're introducing a way to store items on death in a couple of worlds. When a player dies in the /end, /nether, /general, or /wild worlds, they will be able to /dback and find their angelchest which should have (most) of their items. It will not include soulbind items, and if you die in the void, you die in the void and don't get your items back. The start of the quality of life updates for 2024.

Version 3.5.7 - Winter Update 2024 (3) - January - mcMMO / Java 21.0.2

I hate that winter starts in the last week of the previous year, but let's pretend we're okay with it.
This update is to try and mitigate some Mojang Auth server issues, as well as start the beta testing of the new mcMMO skills. It includes a bump in java21 to version 21.0.2. We continued the start of the quality-of-life updates for 2024.

Version 3.5.8 - Winter Update 2024 (4) - macOS 14.3

Quick update to latest private beta of mcMMO 2.2, and some security fixes with macOS 14.x

Version 3.5.9 - Winter Update 2024 (5) - macOS 14.3.1

Latest point release of macOS / 14.3.1, quick update with patches to Java21 (21.0.2) - and a bunch of plugins were updated to ensure a smooth transition to 1.20.4

Version 3.5.10 - Winter Update 2024 (6) - macOS 14.4

Security update for macOS, updates to plugins like CMI and others to get ready for 1.20.4 and 1.20.5. And second batch of quality of life updates.

Version 3.6.0 - Winter Update 2023 / 2024 - second last update (7) - Minecraft 1.20.4

Upgraded to Minecraft 1.20.4 (finally)

Version 3.6.1 - Winter Update 2023 / 2024 - REAL second last update (8) - Java 22

A quick test to see if Java22 from Oracle can resolve the recent macOS 14.4 crash issue; answer is no.

Version 3.6.2 - Winter Update 2023 / 2024 - last update (9) - GraalVM

Another quick test to see if GraalVM Java 22 from Oracle(?) can resolve the issue mentioned above, The answer is maybe.

Version 3.6.3 - Spring Update 2024 (1) - macOS 14.4.1

In another attempt to mitigate the crash issue of macOS/java, we're now on macOS 14.4.1 and GraalVM 22. Hopefully this now resolves the unexpected shutdowns we've had since November.

Version 3.6.4 - Spring Update 2024 (2) - Java 22.0.1

Further QoL updates for Discord / Minecraft tickets, in-game commands, plugins, prep for 1.20.5, and update to 22.0.1. Seasonal forced restart of modem (upgraded firmware), router(s) (firmware), and macOS systems.

Version 3.6.5 - Spring Update 2024 (3) - Maintenance

General maintenance. More quick resolves for long-term mini issues, as well as upkeep.

Version 3.6.6 - Spring Update 2024 (4) - macOS 14.5

More general maintenance, and security patches in macOS, upgrade to 14.5

Internal version:
1MB version 3.6.6 (Spring Update 2024 (May 23rd, 2024)), for Minecraft version 1.20.4, running Paper version git-Paper-496 (MC: 1.20.4) (Implementing API version 1.20.4-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) (Git: 908b814) April 24th, 2024 without clients connection support for older versions, accepting 1.20.4 client connections. We're currently supporting Oracle Java 22.0.1 (64bit) for our servers. (System Info: Java 22 (Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 22.0.1+8-16)) Host: Mac OS X 14.5 (aarch64))

What's next? I will discuss that here, the best I can:
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Okay - not on phone any more.

Whew, what a journey! It's amazing to think that this little world I helped to start in 2010 / 11 is still around 6 years later!

I can't express my gratitude to my good friend Floris enough for keeping this server alive, it's still one of my favourite things to jump on and have a play.. and while life may get in the way more often these days.. connecting to this server always brings back that feeling of just mining .. one.. more.. block...
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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
1MB version 2.3 upgraded to support MineCraft 1.11.2, details here.

Reporting back on few solid months of gameplay, improvements, and fun events (see changelog for detailed details)

Version 2.3 of 1MB has been updated with newer versions of plugins, a few new plugins, and better configurations. User-feedback has been reviewed and where possible I've tried my best to implement them. Bigger new things for the 2.3 versions: Anti grief and anti cheat protection, and leaf-decay has finally been turned on. We've added events, and custom-to-our-server features, including 1MB-lootboxes. Behind the scenes we also have better Admin/Operator tools for running things smoothly. And we're slowly preparing for the Summer for future updates, future features, improved perks, and better group management. We are still waiting for a new system to improve performance, etc.

Small update. We've moved the content of the website www.1moreblock.com to my forum here at omgboards.com.
Accounts have been merged, content has been moved in the appropriate forums, and the domains are pointing to the new url.
There were just about 200 messages, it's easier to manage our Minecraft server through this website, than have to keep an eye on yet another website.

Small update. Everything is running stable, the events of the first three months are over, and still running stable. The /spawn has been updated to the Spring season and Spigot runs on April nightly builds. The internal version has been updated to 1MB version 2.3.2 (Spring 2017), for Minecraft version 1.11.2, running Spigot build April 2017.

A big update: The 2017 Summer Update for 1MB, now on version 2.4 with support for Minecraft 1.12; details here: https://omgboards.com/threads/the-1moreblock-com-2-4-summer-update.261160/
Internal version is now 1MB version 2.4.0 (Summer 2017), for Minecraft 1.12.0 (Stable). Running Spigot build June 17th 2017.

Another big update: The 2017 Summer Update for 1MB 2.4 has been completed, including it's maintenance. The server is running on the new system. Yay, July 3rd, 2017. another big day in our history.

August Update:

August 1st, 2017: Started public beta testing of our new Skyblock server.
August 4th, 2017: Upgraded the servers to 1.12.1.

Internal version is now 1MB version 2.4.1 (Summer 2017), for Minecraft 1.12.1 (Stable). Running Spigot build August 4th 2017.

September Update:

We're closing the Skyblock beta testing soon. Participate while you can! :)
We've dropped support for older clients, and require 1.12.x vanilla clients.
The server has been upgraded to support 1.12.2.

Internal version is now 1MB version 2.4.2 (Fall 2017), for Minecraft 1.12.2 (Stable). Running Spigot build September 20th 2017.

January (2018) Update:

The 1.12.2 beta phase for our Skyblock server will be starting soon. Stay tuned! We're almost ready to go live with this one :)

A new Minecraft server has been added that we internally call the Abbie server. It's whitelisted, and access is very very limited. Beta started in December and it's live now. Enjoy!

August (2018) Update:

Earlier this Summer we've upgraded the hardware from 8gb to 40gb, and had some server events, as well as added beta testers and had better contact with developers for some custom plugins.

Feature updates are listed here: https://omgboards.com/threads/1mb-seasonal-updates.260942/

Internally we consider this to be 1MB version 2.5.0 (the Summer 2018 update) for Minecraft 1.12.2, running Spigot 1.12.2
(first post updated accordingly)

January 2019 Update.

It appears I have missed writing down a few steps, but in the Autumn 2018 updates we've moved from 1.12.2 to 1.13.2 (2.6.x) and made improvements to stability, worked on fixing bugs (2.6.1), while prepping for all the 1.13.2 changes for 2019 (2.6.2)

The first post has now been updated to reflect this. I am very excited about having an active server Autumn/Winter 2018, and I am looking forward to growing the community of regular players and friends in 2019. While keeping an eye on Mojang's 1.14 development which is pretty huge as well.

[edit] January 18th, 2019

After more serious and bigger upgrades, testing and updates, we've made enough changes to justify bumping our internal version to 2.6.2, my birthday update haha

Spring 2019:

- Winter / Spring update to 2.6.3.

Summer 2019:

- A variety of changes spread out over Spring and Summer season are enough to put us on 1MB Version 2.6.4. We are still on 1.13.2 because Minecraft 1.14.4 is giving issues with world conversion, plugins, and performance.

- The changelog for 2019 has most of the details.

Autumn 2019:

- 1.14.4 bugs that cause corruption with player items, entities, and chunks is ignored, and we're skipping to 1.15.x that's currently in development and has most of those fixed. Hopefully this means the disappointing 1.14.x upgrade turns into an exciting 1.15.x upgrade later this year. Mojang, I am looking at you

The changelog has most of the summer/autumn updates. They are big enough to justify 2.6.5, especially now that we run the survival server on 100% 64bit OS 'macOS Catalina'

This is version 2.6.5

Autumn 2019: (November)

- Updated the server from being accessible to 'all ages', to 'age 13 and up'.

This will be marked as version 2.6.6

Almost Winter 2019: (December)

- Upgraded the hardware of the iMac from 40gb to 64gb.

This will still be version 2.6.6 until the Winter Updates comes.

Still Winter 2019: (January 2020)
- Upgraded 1MB version 2.7 to version 2.7.1 for Spigot 1.15.2

Just a small update to verify that we are done with the Winter Update, and are working on the Spring Update for 2020.
Small note: Delays due to IRL issues have pushed expected Winter update stuff towards Spring/Summer. Doing my best :)

The Spring Update will be for 2.7.2 of 1MB and still Minecraft 1.15.2, it's running live right now. But won't include 1.16.0, there's no final release date known at this point, the changes in the nether update are big enough that we will introduce a new world, new features, and gameplay, and restrictions. Meaning it will be justified to name it 2.7.3.

Update: April 2020

Spring Update phase one of a few.

Moved away from GroupManager to LuckPerms
Ditch EssentialsX 100% and using CMI 100% instead
Moved away from legacy economy to CMI economy
And a bunch of other stuff all noted in the changelogs

version 2.7.2 for Spigot 1.15.2

June 19th, the last update to 1MB 2.7.2.

June 20th, the start of the 1MB 2.7.3 update for Spigot 1.15.2 as a Summer Update.
Expected update this Summer, 1MB 2.8.x for Spigot or Paper 1.16.x

Update: June 2020

June 20th, 2020 is when we finalized version 1MB 2.7.2 for Spigot 1.15.2.
June 21st, 2020 is when we started version 1MB 2.7.3 for Spigot 1.15.2.
Summer 2020 is probably the period where we upgrade to version 1MB 2.8.x for Minecraft 1.16.x either through Spigot or Paper.

Internal version number is now 1MB 2.7.3

Update: July 2020

July 1st, 2020, last week Mojang released Minecraft version 1.16.x to the public. Since then version 1.16.1 has been released, and SpigotMC and PaperMC have released their version of 1.16.1. We've always been running Spigot and currently have been testing with Spigot 1.16.1 to convert player data, server worlds, plugins, etc. If we move to PaperMC in the future depends on many things.

We're leaving 1MB version 2.7.x behind us, replacing it with 1MB version 2.8 today. Focus is on backwards network support for 1.15.2 and mainly to run 1.16.1 and above smoothly.

Internal version is now 1MB 2.8.0, for Minecraft / Spigot 1.16.1

Update: July 2020

July 9th, 2020. We've updated to 1.16.1 and 1.16.2 is around the corner. We have run successfully for a week and get almost no bug reports that make me go "uh oh", this is the end of the grace-period. Nearly every plugin has been restored at this point. I have no interest anymore to roll back to 1.15.2, we're moving forward with our setup.

Internal version is now 1MB 2.8.1, for Minecraft / Spigot 1.16.1.

Update August 2020

August 25th, 2020. 1.16.2 is being worked on and we've updated all our plugins that work on both 1.16.1 and 1.16.2, so we're as ready as can be. We are waiting for a few bugs to get fixed before we jump in.

The version number increased of 1MB, because we've said by to old groups and are preparing to use the new groups.
We're nerfing first time players quite a lot, and new players. And then rewarding active regular players. Some can get a boosted group now. And we will introduce an exclusive club that only has a set amount of slots per year, and a slot can only be purchased through PayPal.

The version number is to basically end the Summer 2020 update and is all about 1.16.1 and 1.16.2 and all the plugin changes, and configuration changes we've done. We're going to slowly focus on the fall season next. And possibly switching to Paper, I still have my reasons not to do this.

Internal version is now 1MB 2.8.2, for Minecraft, running Spigot 1.16.1, ready for 1.16.2 any day now.

Update September 2020:

We've completed the shift from Spigot to Paper and the plugins are up to date for 1.16.3 it seems. We hope this helps us make a stable base that we can play on until 1.16.4 or higher, or even 1.17. The changelogs have all the specifics.

Internal version is now 1MB 2.8.3, for Minecraft, running Paper 1.16.3, ready for end of year events.

Update November 2020:

Mojang has announced 1.17 for Summer 2021. This means we will be upgrading to that hopefully and using this time to enjoy 1.16.x as is, working on stability. This fall season we're doing events, and in between events we're doing hardware and software maintenance that help overall performance.

Mojang has also announced Minecraft 1.16.4. This means we since we're on 1.16.3 that we are looking into supporting this version soon. We might regenerate a couple of worlds, mainly our resource worlds. This will be part of 1MB 2.8.4.

Today we've had a network update and this benefits the 1MoreBlock Minecraft server. We replaced all the local cables with new optical cables and connections. Supporting newer frequences, speeds, etc. We've moved from docsis 3.0 to 3.1, helping us boost significantly. I've also taken the opportunity to update macOS Catalina prior to Big Sur to its latest release that came out today.

Now both hardware and software, apps, and involved services are on their latest (possible) version, tests are showing things are running smoothly. And that would sign off the end of 1MB 2.8.3, for 1.16.3, and our next update is for 1.16.4 this fall season, and otherwise this winter season update (there's no real rush).

Another dedicated 100/10mbit has been allocated towards Minecraft to deal with overhead. The Minecraft server now has access to the today's installed gbit docsis 3.1 connection. Due to Covid-19 coming back this November, we didn't want to wait installing this with the risk of a lockdown. So this is part 1MB 2.8.3 but it's kinda already 2.8.4.

Starting with 1MB 2.8.3 we will start to introduce support for the upcoming Mojang MSA Account Migration as also recently announced by Mojang.

Update November 2020:

We've finalized 1MB version 2.8.4, and have upgraded to Paper 1.16.4 today.

The server engines, core plugins, main features, and supporting plugins have been updated and tested (for what we can) on 1.16.4.

The hardware/software upgrade has also completed for now. I have no intention right now to expand or change this, but will make plans for the Winter update in January to nitpick/tweak the network and server configurations.

With the next version being 1.17 probably next year, and the upcoming MSA migration by Mojang, we are going to be on 1.16.4 for a while unless something unexpected happens or there's a reason to upgrade to 1.16.5.

Resource worlds might get reset today as well, we're still reviewing.

We will try to work on rebuilding /Souls and make it proper live.

We will announce that /Wild will be discontinued until 1.17.

Update January 1st, 2021:

We've updated the 1MB server to our internal version 2.8.5, to start the Winter Update for 2020/2021. This is also because this year we're a ten year old community.

1MoreBlock.com version 2.8.5, for Minecraft 1.16, running Paper 1.16.4, ready for Minecraft 1.17 later in 2021 hopefully.

Update January 16th, 2021:

Dupe, exploit, maintenance, villager, and other fixes, as well as crash fixes by Mojang and the community. We've bumped our version from .5 to 1MB 2.8.6, and our Minecraft version from .4 to 1.16.5.

Congratulations 1MB, for 10 years :)

Update February 4th, 2021:

There have been enough updated after cleaning up the January events, and preparing for the February ones, And we've updated our /spawn and other organized our plugins. That it justifies to bump the version number this Winter Update once more.

We've made fixes to the custom commands, extended the tab/welcome msg, and other elements of the game. We've updated the bentobox and cmi stuff, and processed a lot more player feedback. We're introducing soulbind and bedrock breaking pickaxe, and starting to take the first step towards custom model data items.

We are on 1.16.5, preparing for 1.16.6, and 1.17.x. And now on 1MB 2.8.7.

Update end of Winter, early Spring 2021. March 16th.

We've moved slowly to 1MB 2.8.8, trying to get stable and slowly prepare for 1.17 in the future.

And today, It's also Vloop's birthday. He turned 45, and he was celebrating this on the 1MB server, playing and live-streaming. And MrBeast joined the stream and donated 12,000 usd$ to him.

Crazy day.

Anyway, we're running okay now and the winter update is officially over. Next will be updates near the end of the month of March for 2.8.8 and we will call it the Spring Update.

April 14th, 2021:

Major bump this Spring Update 2021, legacy plugins finally got a major bump in their version or their player data. Purging old stuff that can go (details in changelogs) and we've bumped java to version 16, leaving 11 behind us.

We're now on 1MB version 2.8.9 for Minecraft 1.16.5, what's next? Probably a per-plugin maintenance while we continue to go through public and private todo lists. Prepping slowly for the Summer 1.17 update and Java 17 tls update this fall, etc.

Update June 8th, 2021

Mojang is to release 1.17 today, we've finalizing our updates on 1.16.5 and locking maintenance for anything big. The 2.8.9's latest version has been manually backed up, and the version has been bumped today to 2.8.10 and will be the last 1.16.5 until we upgrade to 2.9.x for 1.17.x

Update: June 25th, 2021

Spigot and Paper 1.17 are out, and 1.17.1 is pushed down a little bit. The 2.8.10 version of 1MB has been replaced with 1MB version 2.9.0, and our server got upgraded today to 1.17.0. The resource worlds have been reset.

This weekend we will have a grace period, in case of big unforeseen issues. But it looks right now like we're staying on 1.17

Summer update!

Update July 11th, 2021:

On the 7th of July we've upgraded to 1.17.1, fixing known exploits and dupes in 1.17.0 ~ We've reset our resource worlds.

September 6th, 2021,

2.9.2 update.

This includes all the changelog updates from the last month. Including the updates to Discord, Legacy world, preparations for /parkour and 1.18. and the Tuinity/Paper merger. I consider this .2 a maintenance release to 1.17.1

September 16th, 2021

Version 2.9.3 - Fall Season Update 2021 - Part 1 (Early Fall, Early Java, Early 1.18)

We're a week shy of officially starting the fall season, but that's okay. We're also early on Java 17 support, and early on 1.18 support. Today we've updated the server of 1.17.1 to work with Java 17 which has been announced by Oracle, and is an lts. And Mojang announced 1.18 via test experiments earlier, but now as an official public Snapshot. We've also looking to add further connectivity support for players who want to use the 1.18 protocol to connect to our 1.17.1 server (so stay tuned!)

September 28th, 2021

Fall Season 2021, Update 2. Protocol Support.

After enough maintenance to feel stable, we've added support for Bedrock Edition of Minecraft (1.17.10 - 1.17.30) through Geyser, and we've added Java Edition support from version 1.17.10 to 1.18.snapshot2 (and newer as they get released).

This is an experiment. We do not guarantee it will continue to support this moving forward. But hopefully things go well. Give it a try!

Known issues:
  • Custom heads in inventories
  • Clickable links in chat
  • Glowing effect
  • Crafting in the 2x2 menu while in creative mode
  • Distinguishing between left and right clicks in inventories
  • Redstone dot blockstates
  • "Can be placed on/destroyed" tag for some blocks - for example, different colors of clay/wool that don't exist as separate blocks
  • Potion colors implemented using NBT
  • Various command arguments for any command that doesn't use the Minecraft Brigadier library
  • Anything that relies on tab complete or typing in the chat UI (related to the above) - Bedrock sends no packet that indicates they are in this menu
  • Unable to see banner layers past 6
  • Movement issues around bamboo due to offset differences between Java and Bedrock
  • Custom anvil recipes
  • Heights lower than -64 or higher than 320 in the overworld with extended height enabled, and heights lower than 0 or higher than 256 in other dimensions
  • Dolphin's Grace potion effect visuals (effects should still work correctly)
  • Invisible item frames

After installing a resource pack, the following issues could be resolved, we do not support this resource pack; but you can give it a try.
  • Custom armor stand poses
  • Illusioners
  • Iron golem cracked texture
  • Hit particles and other miscellaneous particles not natively in Bedrock
  • Offhand animations
  • Shulker invisibility
  • Spectral arrow texture

Version 2.9.5 - Fall Season Update 2021 - Part 3 (Late Fall / Early Winter, the end of era 2.0)

We have come to the end of an era for 1MoreBlock, and we're ready for the next season. Era 1.0 was 2011/2012 is period with Mikey and our group of friends. Then 2.0 was after the dark era and when we took the server back online more seriously, with 24/7 hosting and daily maintenance. We had new world heights, new aquatic updates, new npc villages, new features, said by to old features, we welcomed the new nether and introduced resource worlds for those casual gamers, and so so much more. We've made it to 10+ years of running the server with 1MB version 1 and 2. It's time for a change, "Winter is coming", we're ready for a new era, 1MB version 3.0 and it starts this Winter 2021.
We are finalizing 1.17.x, have said bye to Java 8, 11, and 16. We've moved to fully 64bit, and we have a decade of experience now. All the plugins are running the best they can, and we're enjoying all the gametypes, worlds, adventures, survival and creative gameplay, as well as events.
And 1MB 2.9.5 marks that moment. It's the end of Era 2, and moving forward with 1.18.x we will be ready for Era 3 with more community helpers, more world chunks, a new wilderness, and we're preparing to improve our connectivity, dedicate more resources to hosting it 24/7 and spread the workload, tweak our survival gameplay, clean up the history of accounts, statistics, and continue mining, pvp-ing and building fantastic gameplay experiences and builds. Stay tuned if you want to be part of our history, our lore, and our community.

Version 3.0.0 - Winter Season Update 2021 - Part 1 (Early Winter, the start of era 3.0)

Converted the server from 1.17.1 to 1.18.1

Version 3.0.1 + patch (December 31st, 2021) update;

ViaRewind, ViaBackwards, ViaVersion, ViaStatus and Geyser uninstalled for now. This might return.

Other maintenance patches have been applied to increase stability.

[edit] early january we were able to resolve a few issues and have returned via* plugins and geyser.

January 6th, 2022:

Today we've removed temp worlds and installed new perm worlds.


internal version bumped to 3.0.2

Update, Feb 15th, 2022:

  • kernel patches
  • macOS update
  • java 17.0.2 update

  • plugin maintenance
  • prepping for 1.18.2 and spring update.


1mb 3.0.4, bbox and pyrofishingpro updates, they were pretty big updates.


1MB 3.0.4 -> 3.1.0
Minecraft 1.18.1 -> 1.18.2
Spring Update part 1.

3.1.1 update.

End of Winter Update
Start of Spring Update 2022

1MB 3.1.1 (up from 3.1.0) - has all the maintenance updates, patches, security patches, java updates, etc from the winter update that we've tested running live now, and the last 2 missing plugins (shopchest and auctionhouse) work (for the player)

We're ready for the Spring update. Meanwhile, Mojang's released first snapshot of 1.19.x

3.1.2 (2nd spring update)

1mb 3.1.2 - all about maintenance.

I am done with the spring update #2

1mb 3.1.3 is what we run now.

includes java 17.0.3 security update, plugin maintenance, configuration maintenance, and trying to process player feedback. and introducing support for 1.19 snapshots.

May 8th, 2022:

  • renovations are finally done
  • network maintenance part 1 has been completed
  • plugin maintenance has been completed
  • cosmicguard support
  • further 1.19 client support
  • and jump to java 18 (from 17)

Version 3.2.0 - Summer Season 2022 - 1.19

It's here, ancient cities, frogs, mud, mangrove biome, wardens, and sculk spreading stuff. We've upgraded to Minecraft 1.19 early June and it seems to be running fine. Let's work on optimising performance, spreading the workload, and plugin configurations and general maintenance.

1MB 3.2.1 is out, another summer update for 2022, focus is on MC 1.19.1, and updating our spawns, processing player tickets, and filling in the missing info in certain plugins such as mcMMO and Jobs, we'll also have an increase in summer booster events.

Bumped to 1MB 3.2.3 for 1.19.2 and latest java 18.0.2

september 21st, 2022 update;

making sure all the plugins are latest, and bump to 1mb 3.2.5 with bump to java19.

september 28th, 2022

1MB 3.2.6 is live now, 2nd fall update, introducing maintenance to plugins, and update to the 1MB fun bot, adding 3 new game modes (first to break, first to place, first to kill). And bumped the limits of the server up as 1.19.2 runs smoother now. increase view-distances and higher limits for the gametypes worlds. We will soon start expanding islands as well to the top 5 island owners.

Pending update; but already live: java bump to 19.0.1, will be included in 1.19.3's version bump update for fall season. probably.

october 24th, 2022;

bumped os to ventura

november 1st, 2022

post-halloween event maintenance

Enough changes in paper, plugins, and enough maintenance has been done, and the Halloween event, and a bunch of command clean up etc. .. and cmi bumped from 4.x to 5.1, on version 9, and it's enough to justify going from 3.2.7 to 3.2.8 as a fall season update.

13.0.1 os update

i am behind on the history, 3.2.9

31st Dec 2022;

  • macOS update to 13.1
  • cleaned up some stuff
  • manual backup
  • upgraded to Paper 1.19.3

Jan 9th, 2023:

  • 1mb 3.2.11 update, winter update 2022's first batch is done.
  • upgraded to new /points shop
  • upgraded bentobox to new versions and finished introducing witchery, update to challenges, and fully reset the biomes feature.

Bumped version to 1MB 3.2.13


upgraded all the plugins to be their latest build, proper maintenance updates to 1MB Fun, bottling XP is now global in all worlds, and new skills with perks are being unlocked throughout the spring/summer, starting now with discovery via adapt plugin

1MB updated from 3.2.14 to 3.3.0
Minecraft updated from 1.19.3 to 1.19.4

March 30th, 2023:

Upgraded Paper to latest 1.19.4 build.
Upgraded Java to Java 20.
Upgraded macOS to Ventura 13.3.
Upgraded /ah to the new /pshop

1MB 3.3.2 is out.

1MB 3.3.3 update

Finished the convert from old /ah admin shops to new admin /shop, unlocking survival group and blocks - and internal beta testing. We will continue to update this in the future.

The .3 update is for java 20.0.1 and prepping the /spawners 3rd update, which should include more groups, more spawners, and re-balance everything a bit better.

What's next? 1MB 3.3.4 with more updates to Shops, for example adding new items to /points

Merged posts from 2016 to end of 2019 into a single post to clean up the thread a bit:

Merged posts from start of 2020 till version "1MB 3.0.0" into a single post, to clean up the thread a bit:

Merged posts from start of 1MB 3.0.0 till update of Paper 1.19.3, end of December into a single post, to clean up the thread a bit:

1MB 3.4 is out
MC 1.20.1 is out
macOS 13.4 is out

We're now on 3.4.0, first post updated

1MB 3.4.3 is live now,
this comes with java 20 update to 20.0.2,
and a new game type via bentobox: /parkour

1MB 3.4.4 released, with macOS 13.5.

1MB 3.4.5 released a bit ago, adding updates to /shop
1MB 3.4.6 released today, macos / java maintenance.

macOS updated, security and last one until v14
bumping 1mb to 3.4.7

1mb 3.4.8 for macos 13.6 update
1mb 3.4.9 for java 21 update

1MB 3.9.4 replaced with 3.9.10
  • firmware on routers updated
  • firmware on modem updated
  • firmware patched on os
  • intel i7 machine discontinued
  • server moved to mac mini m1 arm, 16gb ram, 1tb nvme, 1gbit port to 2.5 gbit router to 1000/100 mbit internet
  • ipv6 improvements
  • brew updated and upgraded
  • macos upgrade from 13.x to 14.0 sonoma

3.5.1 m2pro aquired, isolating mc to m1

Protocol support for 1.20.3 has been added, we will wait until 1.20.4 is out before we upgrade.

Support for connecting with 1.20.4 has been added

1MB 3.5.4 - macOS update / Ending Fall Season 2023 update / Christmas event

macos 14.2.1 update
end of christmas 2023
winter update 1
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temp support for 1.20.3 -> 1.20.6 has been added
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