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Mini-game: Walk the Plank

Discussion in 'Events and Games' started by Floris, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Walk the Plank is back!

    Story time / Information

    Last Thanksgiving the Loot ship docked at /warp shops, and players vigilant enough to spot it noticed a mini-game called [Walk The Plank]. The ship sailed out again after the event waiting out the upgrade from 1.12 to 1.13, but it's now back with more loot.

    The holiday loot has been replaced by some game-loot equal to the /Run game. And over time we will make changes to both.

    Walk the Plank is a game where you walk onto the plank of the ship, until a menu pops up. You can explore the menu to learn about the game, or find your personal stats. Or you can play it!

    To play, just walk the plank, click the diamond boots on that menu, and jump from emerald block to emerald block until you fall or leave the area. The higher the score, the better the loot.

    All actions ARE logged and reviewed, cheating players who can't play along nicely will get perm-banned. So please don't force me to resort to that. Earn some loot the proper way.

    Jacky runs the ship. She will usually be going around the world once she's docked to find dungeons and loot to trade for you. Hence why sometimes the loot you get for a level changes or improves. If she doesn't have enough, you won't get loot paid out. So be nice to Jacky.

    Keep an eye out, because when she's there you can perhaps trade one or more loot items from various events with her. They might vary as well.

    Can your stats tell you that you're ranked 1 out of everybody? Cool! if not: try again!

    The /run game is still there, this walk the plank game is here until Jacky decides to sail off again.
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