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MVP Rewards / Statistics (2020)


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
What a year! What a year!

2020 had us locked up at home due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We used it to play Minecraft. Doing some exploring, fighting, slaying, gathering, adventuring, and grinding. From early morning hours until the late midnight grinds. Building, designing, hoarding items, grinding levels, and exploring worlds. And everything you did has not gone unnoticed!

Here are some memorable mentions, fun statistics, and then we will get into the MVP 2020 awards.

Post 370 from the 2020 changelog: https://omgboards.com/threads/minecraft-changelog-2020.261770/page-16#post-772655 It is a special thank you to everybody, and lists a couple of the 2020 statistics. Worth a read!

To get your name on the list, all you have to do is come online and play play play like you've never played before!

And yes, there's enough plugins and statistics to keep us going for days and make websites with all the information. Congrats everybody for making it to a top 3 or top 10 listing for any of the features on our site. You've done an amazing job. You've clearly had a lot of fun playing.

To recap previous years:

Here are the three MVP from the year 2018:

- MVP Voter for 2018 is Vloop with 275 votes for the server.
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/261538/

- MVP mcMMO for 2018 is Macadam with a power level of 8221.
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/261539/

- MVP Jobs for 2018 is Tidala with a global stats for jobs of 156.
Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/261540/

And the MVP from the year 2019:

- MVP Voter for 2019 is Vloop with 1729 votes for the server.

- MVP mcMMO for 2019 is Tidala with a power level of 16539.

- MVP Jobs for 2019 is Vloop with global stats for Jobs of 205.

Note: https://omgboards.com/threads/mvp-rewards-statistics-2019.261773/

Okay, let's get to the awards for the most valuable players (MVP) of the year 2020.

Please note that in order to be eligible for most valuable player, you cannot be a server owner or admin, as you'd have access to test/manipulate data. Nor can you be banned or have serious infractions against your account. Unfair gameplay is not getting rewarded.

- MVP Voter for 2020 is Tidala with 950 votes for the server.
 Top All Time Voters 1/10
 1: Tidala, 950
 2: Citebafla, 784
 3: the456gamer, 452
 4: Veta_VampireCat, 450
 5: Vloop, 400
 6: Koietuyu, 299
 7: _hepcat_, 275
 8: Macadam, 261
 9: ronaldorekker, 183
10: Fr33_S0uL, 160

- MVP mcMMO for 2020 is Tidala with a power level of 26,497.
 --mcMMO Power Level Leaderboard--
  1. Tidala - 26,497
  2. Macadam - 22,063
  3. Vloop - 11,001
  4. Citebafla - 10,498
  5. the456gamer - 8,880
  6. EnderRogue47 - 8,839
  7. _hepcat_ - 8,119
  8. TheRunnerboy - 6,553
  9. BlitzenXmas - 6,154
 10. globug100 - 5,891

- MVP Jobs for 2020 is Tidala with a global stats for jobs of 240.
The /jobs global top statistics are:

Congratulations Tidala, Tidala, and rolleyes, Tidala. You will soon be able to get a unique MVP 2020 item in-game. Will you stay undefeated?

Honorable mentions: Most deaths in-game by: CS7342, Most /achievements is still globug100, Most Flex: RitualRogue47, Most upcoming: EnderDip, Most Exp lost: The456gamer, Most creative hours and builds: Fr33_S0ul.

Very nice job everybody, it's awesome to see how much certain players do, how everybody plays, and what we all achieved together. Keep it up, and do even more, and who knows, maybe you're the 2021 MVP!


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