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Perks for playing, with mcMMO


I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
mcMMO is a cool RPG add-on that can help you gain a few perks the more you play. We use this to help you have more fun the more you play.

tldr; /mcstats, /mctop, /mcrank, and every skill is a /skillnamecommand like /mining or /axes

Every skill in the game is tracked, and comes with a 'right click' super action. And the more you do that skill, the higher that skill level is. The higher the skill level, the better the perks.

For example, shoveling dirt and sand can drop extra items like glowstone dust and at a higher level, cakes and diamond. This is the excavation skill.

For mining, you could have a super breaker perk, and the higher your mining level, the longer the super breaker will last. It also comes with double drop chance perk. Meaning if you break a diamond it might not just drop once, maybe it double or triple drops.

To see all the skills that we track with mcMMO, type: /mcstats
These are also your personal statistics.

To see how you rank, and compared to other players: /mcrank and /mctop are the commands you might want to use.

You can also play together in a /party, so start or join a party with others or your friends. Unlock all the party levels to get the most benefits like sharing mcMMO exp levels, and more. Super handy, you can fish, while nearby your friend mines. And you both go up in fishing and mining exp levels.

Anyway, to get started type /mcstats and pick a skill, then just get the item or tool for that skill and play like usually.

As you level up it will display in the in-game chat what your achieved level is.

Every skill is also a command with way more details, and help. For example: The mining skill is done with a pick axe of course, and typing /mining will display the mcMMO details for you, about the mining skill, perks, and help.

Questions? Just ask anybody online in-game, or contact me :) Have fun getting the most power levels and being the #1 player! #rpg