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Private World Access

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I'm just me :) Hi.
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Jan 1, 2001
We're starting small and simple, and the details are limited to those who gain access. But there's another world out there for a limited few to gain full access to, exclusively.

Access is exclusive, limited, privileged, and for not more than a handful probably. To be eligible you have to have one of the following criteria;
Be either a player in the Team rank or Donator rank, or have the voucher for 'world access', which have only been obtainable through event-reward-boxes.

IP to connect to: 1MoreBlock.com:55555
A private Minecraft 1.13.1 world (Connecting on here is invisible, others on the network won't be able to see you online.)

I should have access, but it tells me to contact mrfloris?
Okay, feel free to contact me one way or another, and I am sure I can look into it.

What can I do there?
Details are limited to those who have access, sorry.

Indeed, there's a (temporary) worldborder, in September this will be below 500, in October it will be over 500. Later this year it will be set to a value below 1,000. Early 2019 it will increase to beyond a 1,000 blocks.

Floris! I have access now, but commands don't work, something's broken, I have a suggestion, or I think I found a bug!
Okay, like I said, we're starting small. Your suggestions and bug reports are very valued, please don't hesitate to contact me. The same goes for missing commands or things not working as expected.

God mode? Team member?
Not impossible.
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