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Rewards for Achievements!

Discussion in 'MineCraft' started by Floris, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Floris

    Floris I'm just me :) Hi. Staff Member

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    Hey, this is pretty cool. While you craft, travel, build, mine, break, fish, etc. You can unlock achievements. Not just the default Minecraft ones, but extra ones. We have a special feature that tracks your activity in the game, and rewards you for being an active player.

    So, jump in a boat or a cart, or travel around on a horse or llama. Maybe fish for a little bit, or build something and place a certain amount of stones. And you might get some fireworks.

    Achievements are a plenty, with nearly 45 different activities that you can do. Too many to mention in this post. And to be honest, figuring out what to do to unlock them is part of the fun. #rpg.

    You can get a pretty good impression by typing: /achievements
    A window will open with a bunch of icons. Each being one or more achievements. You can click on some of those icons. If you see a red or green icon it means that you haven't started, or have completed that particular achievement. If it is orange, you've started and it's tracking your progress.

    How do I know I got an achievement?
    In a few ways, if you complete / unlock an achievement, it will say so in the in-game chat. It will also display it on your screen, and a bit of fireworks will go off.
    If you want to get a live update of what you've unlocked / completed so far, type: /aa book.
    This will give you a book with each achievement listed on a page, and a short explanation on what you did to get that.

    Rewards? What?!
    Yep, some achievements come with a reward. This can be a cookie, or another item. Or a bit of money. Over time we might improve, add, or take away these rewards.

    Am I the best or what?
    You could be? It is easy to catch up, so don't feel discouraged if you are just starting.
    To find out your score, type commands like: /aa stats, /aa week, /aa month, /aa top.

    There is a special 'participation' achievement, I can't get it!
    You can! If you are playing to unlock achievements, give me a shout in-game, and I will review your participation. And then I can give you this achievement manually, and yes, I am the only one that can give you this achievement. It comes with a very cool reward item by the way!
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